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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 29 – It's a Bird, a Plane, an Arobesque!

To be in the top four would finally prove to Brandon he really is a good dancer, although he knows he’s really grown as a person. It would mean everything to Kayla as it would mean all her hard work has paid off. They’ll be doing disco with Doriana Sanchez. She says this is about fun, energy, and if they can top themselves. She makes Brandon do some pushups to warm up, and Kayla calls it more like a circus than a disco. Doriana promises this will challenging, fun, and exciting.

Kayla and Brandon take the stage dancing to Dance (Disco Heat) by Sylvester, and this is definitely challenging, but it seems to be lacking something to me, yet I can’t put my finger on it. I As far as disco routines go, I much prefer the super fast one that was done earlier this season. It was danced well, and was fast and all, but something just wasn’t as exciting to me. It seems too difficult.

Lil’ C mentions that being out of your comfort zone represents unfamiliarity and darkness. Faced with certain challenges, you have to befriend the characteristics of the challenge. You have to go and see the music, meaning you have to see with your ears. There is no darkness, and he saw no darkness with this. A lot of dancers forget there’s a pocket in music, and you have to get within those instruments. He saw Kayla’s groove at the beginning and thought that’s what he’s talking about! Brandon had done disco before, but Kayla hadn’t, and C felt Brandon helped Kayla get to another level. He’d never seen the double deathdrop before either.

Mary starts with “holy smokies”, from Stacey Tookey’s contemporary to this disco, this was a home run tonight. It wasn’t easy this one, from an overhead lift to a big split, one or two more inches more and she’d experience head trauma. The other lift she’d never seen before, that on the shoulder one with matching arms. She agrees with Lil’ C that Kayla got her groove on. If Brandon has a self esteem issue she just wants to get at him. She jumps out of her chair and Nigel and Lil’ C have to restrain her. She’s asks him what his problem is, saying he’s on the hot tamale train. He’s making her crazy. Cat says Mary has gone a little crazy, but we love it. Mmm, usually.

Nigel wants to be sensible about this, as we are asking people to vote. To be frank, it’s easy to hype people with music and screaming and easy to impress people with a high energy routine, so he wants to critique it professionally. He jumps out of his chair and screams like Mary. Cat asks him how many times she’s told him to take the tablets. He feels it’s what it’s all about, to go from an incredible contemporary routine to to the diversity of this; it’s incredible. Apparently I was the only one that wasn’t totally blown away. However, there might be a woman in Georgia I know who is pelting items at her TV screen at yet another Doriana disco routine that falls short.

We have one routine left, and that’s the women’s group routine. The three girls met with Sonya, like the guys did. She has always dreamed of being a super hero and wishes they really existed. Jeanine would also like to jump into a phone booth and fly out. Sonya thinks each one of these girls has aesthetic lines, but their strengths are different. Kayla is Storm, Jeanine is Wonder Woman, and Melissa is Buttercup. Is she smoking something with this one? Kayla calls this like running a marathon. Melissa knows they need to be sharp. It’s about showing America how strong, yet beautiful they are.

The three girls take the stage to Kick It (Stereoheroes Remix) by Nina Martine. This absolutely matches the guys’ routine in uniqueness and strength. Forget what I said about Sonya smoking something. She’s crazy like a fox and brilliant to boot. I like the guys’ routine better as it seems more challenging, but this is nonetheless really good.

Lil C commends Sonya first of all for being in charge of the physical education at Super Hero High for girls. That’s where the training comes in. It’s interesting to him as it comes down to seeing this done in unison and the synchronicity of a routine bringing the movements to life. They still have to shine, but can’t hold back. They still have to eat. He feels like all of them didn’t really go for the gusto right there and were being a little too courteous. They had a great routine, but while they all shined, it was different in the way they utilized the routine. They were amazing, but he wants more than that.

Mary asks what’s more than amazing? She thought the girls were the epitome of strong, versatile, flexible, sexy, talented dancers. She will say Kayla had a few moves that were tougher than the others, so for her she stood out. Mary wishes they had done that for the Comic Con convention, and feels next year they need them.

Nigel asks if it’s a bird, or a plane, it’s an arabesque! He loves the fact they finished the show the same way they started. He found the girls’ strength to be equal and only found their choreography stood out. He loves that Melissa has a little ballet skirt on her super hero outfit, and that Kayla looks wonderfully slim, and Jeanine is just wow. He thinks the routine was terrific and loves the way they were super women, as they’re also super dancers.

I just don’t know how this one is going to go down tomorrow. They only one I think we can guarantee will be in the final four will be Brandon. The other ones I’m just not sure about. And after that solo of his, I think he could easily be the winner. They’re all such fabulous dancers, though. It’s making me already look forward to the finale next week.

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