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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 29 – It's a Bird, a Plane, an Arobesque!

To be in the finale for Jeanine would be the most unanticipated success of her life, as she auditioned on a whim. For Ade it would mean the world to him, as he’s done so much and can’t believe he’s here. They’re doing hip hop with Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo for their second dance. This routine will be about friends just getting kicked out of their apartment and moving boxes around while mad. Jeanine is struggling a bit, which is understandable, as they’re doing what amounts to a human double dutch. Ade thinks she’s getting a little too close to his “family jewels.” She’s worried about falling tonight.

Dancing to Move (If You Wanna) by MIMS, Ade and Jeanine start the routine from offstage, and there’s more bright yellow geometric shapes on their costumes. Maybe the show had a bunch of yellow fabric they needed to use up by the finale. I have to say Jeanine is a beast on this. It’s not one of those dances that completely knocks me out, but it’s really interesting.

Lil’ C wishes moving was always that fun, as he’d relocate every day. He tells Ade and Jeanine they’d danced way better than he thought they would, the opposite of their first dance. He’s noticed Ade has a real dirty kind of groove about himself, but he feels he doesn’t utilize it much of the time, but this time he sat in it and immersed himself in it. This is the first time Jeanine’s done hip hop with a different partner, and Lil’ C felt Ade pulled her down into the depths of the dirty with him. It was buck.

Mary tells Jeanine that it’s been bugging her that she felt Jeanine was terrific the whole way through in their first dance, even though she got caught up in technique in her critique. Nigel agrees Mary was being mean. He thought she was taking lessons from his wife’s divorce attorney. Mary continues, asking how many people have gotten an eviction notice, and Lil’ C raises his hand, as Mary and Nigel join in. She has a feeling they won’t be getting their eviction notice after that performance. She tells Ade thank goodness he found a way of getting his bum down. She loved the whole idea with the boxes, too.

Nigel says in this routine it could have easily been one that was applauded, as it was such a good idea, and we could have been applauding the routine and not them, but the huge difference was that this evening, as compared to rehearsals today, they got down. He wasn’t expecting it form Jeanine at all. This is the great thing about using this show to do different styles of dancing you’d never dreamt of doing. This is what will separate Jeanine and Ade from so many others. Thank Goodness Ade finally went there for him.

Brandon does his solo to O’Fortuna (from Carmina Burana) and he’s nearly naked, which of course we like. It’s an amazing routine to follow up what he just did with Kayla. This is finale material. And looking at him mostly unclothed, I don’t think he has an ounce of fat on him. He even gets a standing ovation from his mom and the judges. As the audience is going absolutely nuts, Cat asks him what he’s given the audience, and Nigel speaks up and says he’s just given them one of the best solos they’ve ever seen on the show.

Melissa calls this week crazy, as she could be in the finale, and it’s so unbelievable to her. She knew she’d be the oldest person on the show at 29 and a classical ballerina who’d never done another style. Evan believes it’s in his grasp now and with two more leaving, he has to bring it. Louis is back, this time with the quickstep for Melissa and Evan, and it’s worrisome, as it can be a killer. Melissa doesn’t think people appreciate how hard it is. Louis is being tough on Evan, telling him he wants more. Melissa isn’t completely trusting Evan as a partner quite yet, and even Louis thought it would be worrisome with them together, mostly because she is so much taller than him. He helps create that illusion of height in Evan.

Lucky for them, it’s another Broadway type routine as they come running onstage to As Long As I’m Singin’ by The Brian Setzer Orchestra. I don’t know the technical aspects of this dance, but the height thing works, and they seem like they’re having so much fun, I want to jump out and join them. They’re doing some dancing and kicks that reminds me of the dancing in It’s a Wonderful Life. This isn’t just the quickstep, it’s the quickest quickstep. Cat plays along afterward, doing the tricks to make herself look shorter.

Lil’ C commends Evan for dancing bigger than he’s ever danced on the show, but for the tough love, he tells Evan that he was told when he did the jive that he needed to be more swift and powerful, and he can tell he didn’t take heed in that, but Evan still danced big. Melissa looks fabulous and did a fabulous job.

Mary mentions that Louis created an unbelievable routine for the second time tonight. Yes, he has. This was such a tough dance, and they all know that after all these years. In the beginning it did have more life to it, but as it went along, to the last grapevine, everything started to crumble down and just fell apart. There was another highlight in the lift, but that’s not really the quickstep. It just didn’t live up to her expectations tonight.

Nigel talks about Melissa mentioning she was so old at 29, and says she’s making it sound like she’s Chloris Leachman doing Dancing With the Stars. She’s only 29. She’s young and talented as well. It’s routines like he just watched which started Nigel dancing. The only time it went downhill for him was when they went into the lindy hop section. It was cooling down the whole time, and that’s when they need to bring their personality into it. Was it one of the best tonight? No. And he thinks everyone is now wondering who to vote for, as they’re two of the favorites.

Jeanine is out with her solo dancing to Feedback by Janet Jackson. She’s bringing some of the sexiness she learned form Ade, and even a move or two from Melissa. America’s sweetheart gets a little naughty.

We get one more solo, and this time it’s Evan, dancing to Lady Is a Tramp by Sammy Davis, Jr. Wow, there’s the fluidity and giving it his all we may not have seen earlier. This is the point every season where you want to see the progress, and I can honestly say I’ve seen it in all six dancers, even though they were amazing to begin with.


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