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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 29 – It's a Bird, a Plane, an Arobesque!

Melissa Sandvig picked Evan’s name out of the hat, and she’s excited because he has a great personality and has done really well here. He knows Melissa is a great partner having watched her in all her other dances. Melissa knows Kayla didn’t wear heels when she danced with Evan, but thinks she might, so it could be interesting. They’ll be doing Broadway with Tyce Diorio, right up Evan’s alley. Tyce says this routine is called Get Me To the Church On Time, with Evan being a nervous groom who has overslept, and Melissa is the nervous bride trying to get her groom to the church on time. Evan is not just dancing with a married woman, but is now marrying a married woman. Yet, he calls this his type of Broadway.

The song from My Fair Lady backs up Melissa and Evan and it’s cute from the get-go. She’s not wearing heels. She’s barefoot. It’s a really cute, campy number that we knew Evan could do with his Gene Kelly ways, but Melissa pulls it off really well too. I’m guessing her husband is going to have another big sign in the audience this week. Evan totally belongs in musicals.

Lil’ C was excited for this routine as well; he thought Evan would dominate and with Melissa out of her comfort zone it would let Evan take the helm, but he didn’t. He expected so much, as he knows how amazing Evan is, and if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t expect anything of him And they danced it really good and performed it really good, but they could have aimed for more excellence here, and they don’t have a lot of time to find it. It was an A, but he wants to go for A+s.

Mary says this song could have been called Get Me to the Finale On Time. For her it was really fun and entertaining, and it’s hard to take Evan seriously in his underwear. She doesn’t think she’s ever seen sock suspenders before. It was nice to see him in his style. It could have been more out there, but she enjoyed it. She felt Melissa really came to life this week, Yes she did. She hasn’t seen her take a wrong step. Last week was absolutely phenomenal, and she’s still cooking tonight.

Nigel starts with Melissa saying they’ve been auditioning for the next season, and she must have been inspirational to a lot of ballerinas, as they’ve seen a lot of them auditioning, but can they adapt like her? No. He can only compliment her as she has adapted again tonight. For Evan this routine wasn’t demanding technically, but was demanding on their personalities. Did they bring enough? For him, yes they did.

Here’s Ade with his solo to 18th Floor Balcony by Blue October. Between his strength and his size, he always amazes me. He’s the only one that can go head to head with Cat, too.

Obviously we know who Kayla is going to be partnered with, Brandon. She thinks Brandon is a great partner and he’s a really strong dancer. Brandon thinks it’ll be great to dance with her, as she’s been on that hot tamale train the whole time, while he hasn’t, and she has beautiful lines, making her the whole package. They are working with Stacey Tookey and contemporary. It’s the story of a mistress of a married man who doesn’t have the strength to leave him. Brandon calls it hard to do this relationship with a new partner, but he thinks they need to go for it. Kayla knows they’re being actors too, here, and need to make this story believable. They think it could be amazing.

Kayla and Brandon dance to All I Want by Ahn Trio, and right off the bat, this piece works wonderfully with Kayla’s lines. Here’s the heat people were looking for, but didn’t necessarily find with Jeanine and Ade. He’s not that much taller than Evan, yet he’s strong enough to pull these things off. And Kayla again is barefoot.

Lil C says he’ll keep it short, saying it was really, really, really intense, beyond intense, and it was beyond amazing. He’s drowned out by the crowd, but I think he said it was finale material. Since the beginning, everyone Kayla was paired with didn’t have a chance, as she was such a beast. This is the first time she was equally matched or with a partner that was formidable.

Mary first of all points out Brandon is on the hot tamale train, so she isn’t sure why he thought he wasn’t on it along with Kayla. He’s still staying there and riding in first class. The dancing was portrayed absolutely exquisitely the whole way through, right form the first taking of her hand; it was like he had it all under control. Kayla is as exquisite as anything, and she has never taken a wrong step. That was perfection up on the dance floor, and Mary loved every second watching her tonight.

Nigel says for starters Stacey is a star choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance Canada, and she is now a star choreographer from So You Think You Can Dance America, as it was a beautifully choreographed and constructed routine. The girls on the show have had it really tough this season, as Randi was stalked because of her butt, then found out she was pregnant in a routine, Caitlin wait an alien that was going to impregnate Jason, and Kayla was an addict, strangled by a zombie, and this week an abused mistress. He would have liked to see the pair of them dance together sooner, and isn’t sure they’ve had enough time to cement the chemistry, but he couldn’t have asked for more from the technique.

Melissa is on stage in her toe shoes for her solo dancing to I Put a Spell On You by Nina Simone, and she does a little Broadway, yet does it all on toe. It’s beautiful. And there’s that dirty ballerina she was tagged with the first week.


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