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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 29 – It's a Bird, a Plane, an Arobesque!

We’re back to normal this week after the excitement of last week with Ellen DeGeneres on the judging panel and the special 100th episode celebration. But still it’s going to be awfully exciting. This is the final six, meaning whoever makes it through this week is in the finale next week. Can you stand it? I can’t.

Tonight we have Lil’ C joining us on the judging panel along with Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe who looks absolutely happy as a clam tonight. Lil’ C is asked if he wants to pontificate on the preferences of the nation, and he thinks the decisions have been appropriate by what the public prefers. Mary says it was tough seeing Janette Manrara go, as she didn’t think she took one wrong step, so she does want to give the audience a little advice to not just take tonight into account, but the whole season, and vote with our heart. Nigel’s advice for the dancers is to bring personality out now, as they’ve constantly said it’s their best top 20, but it’s been equal, and no one popped like Twitch, Joshua, Katie or Courtney did last year, or Gev or Benji did in years before. He thinks for right now people are voting for the great choreography, as it’s so hard to decide who we like with such a high standard of dancing.

The three male dancers worked with Sonya Tayeh this week to do a trio dance. She says these three guys have so much potential, and they’ve really progressed, so she’s excited to really indulge them. She calls this piece Willy Wonka-esque, and she’s inspired by the fashion and intention of it. Evan Kasprzak agrees it’s weird, dark, and abstract. Ade Obayomi calls the moves strong with no time to be up in the air. Brandon Bryant tells us we’ll notice if one of them are off, since only three of them will be onstage. The power is surprising when they throw each other, and Brandon notes it sounded easy, but wasn’t. Ade says it’s tough, as it’s like moving pictures, and Sonya knows if they embrace their power, they’ll be unstoppable.

Dancing to True Romance by She Wants Revenge, the three guys are in joker-like patterned clothes with yellow glow-in-the-dark shapes. It’s weird and very Sonya. But … I like it. The song sounds like People Are Strange, and I think they could do this same dance to it. The stop and go movement is fascinating to watch, and the best part is a perfectly in synch three man flip. This is amazing. After, Brandon notes that his mom is in the audience for the very first time. It’s good, but sad, as I’m guessing she couldn’t get the money together to visit before or couldn’t get out of work or something.

Lil’ C says it’s been a low key fantasy of his since the top of the season to get Brandon and Ade in a dance together, so he’s living vicariously through Sonya. Brandon is such a dedicated dancer and Lil’ C loves that about him. He sees that he’s finding himself in each challenge. When Lil’ C was here last time he told everybody to watch out for him, and he’s still proving it to him. He commends Evan for not getting swallowed up by the dominant excellence of Ade and Brandon. He thought it would be bad with him caught in between two powerhouses, but he commends Evan for staying very visible through the whole routine.

Mary just loved it. Yes, she did! What she finds so interesting is that when you get female dancers together, there are certainly things they cannot do together, yet the guys could do things like kick each leg individually the same height. She found that fascinating, as they’re three totally different dancers. And to do a standing back flip all together? It was phenomenal. She commends all of them and thinks it goes to show why the three of them are standing there together.

Nigel thinks a lot has been said that he absolutely agrees with. To him, Evan stood out as he never saw him attempt stuff like this before. They are of such a high standard now, and he thinks working with them must have been inspirational, and he thinks it showed in Sonya’s routine. She was inspired to use them. There were fantastic things going on of a standard he doesn’t think they could have achieved in other years.

Jeanine Mason picks Ade as her partner for the week, and she’s relieved, having wanted to work with him, as he’s so much fun. He thinks she has a loud and energetic quality that he needs to bring out more in himself. She also thinks he’s the strongest partner. They get the samba with Louis Van Amstel for their first dance. The only thing Ade knows about the samba is that you shake your hips really fast, but Louis assures them it won’t be your typical samba. Ade thinks it’s pushing the envelope with the sexiness and he kind of likes it.

The first thing Jeanine does in the routine is whip off a pair of sunglasses, then she and Ade shake their hips to Lady Gaga’s LoveGame. Watching them, all I can say is it’s a shame they hadn’t been paired together earlier. I think they bring out the best in each other, sexiness and all. Of course Melissa brings the sexy out of Ade too, so maybe it’s just him. She just never looked that sexy when she was paired with Phillip.

Mary says the first fifteen seconds of the dance was really incredible, but then when it got right down into the dancing thick of samba, it fell apart for her. Ade was hopping around the floor when they were exchanging sides, and it was supposed to roll. It didn’t happen all the way around and looked so novice. She wants them to do well, and to make it to the next round, they’re going to have to be hot, and not just the way they look, but with the way that they dance.

Lil C tells Jeanine she looks amazing, and he looks quite embarrassed. He was actually excited to hear about them dancing together, and with each two universes they smash together, they’re hoping to get an explosion of excellence, and it really fell short for him, but it could be because his expectations were too high, or that they just faltered. Ade frolicked, but he wanted him to get down. Frolicked?

Nigel reminds them they have to change their style with each new style they’re given, and they’ll be much better for it to use their hips and feet and everything else. Jeanine looks absolutely beautiful and did everything with confidence. She went for it and looked great. Nigel knows it’s probably easier for the girls because they look so good. It’s easy to pick on Ade, because you can see where he is in it staying above it all. He also notes they were working with one of the great Latin-American choreographers in Louis, and he’s sure he told them to get down and feel it, and Ade did at the the end of last week and should have this week as well.

Kayla Radomski is out for the first solo of the night, dancing to You Found Me by The Fray. Great song, by the way. She’s challenging her lines some, they aren’t just out there in our face so pretty and straight; they’re cramped in and moving.


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