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Hell's Kitchen, July 28 – Really? Garlic Bread?

The red team is going, by helicopter, to the Pacific Water Spa for a full day of treatments and pampering. The punishment is awful; they have to clean and polish the fire equipment and the dining room. In the process, Dave does something to his wrist, and Kevin twists his ankle. They call the medic for Kevin whose ankle is just huge. Dave decides it is time to say something when he can no longer feel the tips of his finger; both of the guys are taken to the hospital. Dave’s wrist has a torn ligament and fracture. Kevin has a boot on his stretched ligament and an air cast on the other ankle which is sprained. This is bad news for the blue team; they are both very strong cooks.

The next day Chef Ramsay wants one from each team to be in the dining room. Dave volunteers to serve; I am guessing he has never carried a tray, shoulder high, with four entrees on it. If he makes it through the service without further injury I will be surprised. Chef chooses Lovely to represent the red team.

Van is working the appetizer station for the blue team; he is annoyingly loud, but spot on with the food preparation. Tennille is arguing with Suzanne about the amount of oil in the scallop pan; she is basically told to butt out because it is under control. Chef Ramsay happens to look over and tells her to stop everything; there is too much oil in the pan. Contestants would be smart to recognize who is the strongest in the kitchen and listen to them.

Robert is having is own scallop issues when he asks Andy for help. He is lucky that Tennille is having more issues then he is. She is again told that there is too much oil in the pan, so much so that it actually spills out of the pan and catches on fire.

Finally both teams are pushing out food and have all of their appetizers out. Lovely unfortunately has spent forty-two minutes getting one ticket in. The men, even with all of their injuries, are pulling ahead in service. The last ticket called is for salmon which Robert forgot to fire. With the salmon needing twelve minutes to cook, the ladies are trying to fill their last two tickets. Even with all the issues that have arisen so early in the season, it appears both kitchens will complete service tonight. I wonder if that is a record.

There couldn’t have been more than a two minute difference in the teams completing service; red pulls it out. Chef Ramsey, reading the comment cards, tells the red kitchen their diners rated them at 81%, but the blue was rated an 83%. With the blue kitchen winning, Robert and Andy are very lucky. Chef tells Ariel she is the best of the worst and asks her to choose the two going up for elimination.

Tennille and Amanda both plead their cases to Ariel. Tennille points out that although she screwed up, she was able to pull out of it. Amanda asks Ariel if she thinks that she is a lesser chef then Lovely. Both are valid points that Ariel feels need to be addressed in her decision. Ariel’s fist nominee is Lovely because of her lack of experience. Her second nominee is Tennille; she sees her as a weakness in building a strong team.

Tennille believes that she is one of the strongest members of the team, but that her team doesn’t believe in her. She tells Chef Ramsay that he knows that she can do this. Lovely needs to explain why it took forty-five minutes to get a ticket in, but doesn’t. What she does say though is that her customers were very satisfied with her, and while lacking experience, she has the passion to be there. Chef Ramsay tells them in all honesty that he doesn’t think either is going to win, and sends Lovely back in line. He calls Tennille over and tells her to wake up and get back in line.

Tonight was a freebie because Joseph took himself out of the competition. It’s interesting; I wonder why Tony’s elimination was not the freebie. He has one last thing to tell everyone, “I’m nobody’s bitch!” When the chefs are all heading upstairs, Chef Ramsay says to us that Lovely and Tennille might think they received a gift, but after what he has in store for them tomorrow they may be running for the door.

What the heck could be worse than thinking you are in a burning building at 2am?

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