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Hell's Kitchen, July 28 – Really? Garlic Bread?

All week I have been thinking about tonight’s show. The final moments of the show last week had people running out in darkness, calls for a medic, and fire trucks. The promo looks more suited to an episode of Cops then it did Hells Kitchen. So many questions need answering, and my brain has played out many scenarios.

Does Joseph crack and come back to set Hell’s Kitchen on fire? Was Chef Ramsay dumb enough to go to the parking lot with him? Could Jean Pierre have snapped instead, not being able to bare disrespect in the dining room? Is this all a sham and maybe they actually wake up early to cook the fire department breakfast? Could Joseph’s temper be the reason he is no longer in the Marines? There are so many possibilities; hopefully all my questions will be answered in the next hour! I have my decaf coffee and peach crisp ready to go; let the fireworks begin!

We jump right back into last week’s elimination at the start of this show. With all the craziness of Joseph’s behavior, I completely forgot that no one went home. I think it was the anticipation of Chef Ramsay ripping off his chef’s coat and dueling Joseph in the parking lot that had me a little frazzled. After watching this again, I just have to tell you how much I love Chef Ramsay. He doesn’t even flinch as Joseph approaches him; it’s nice to know he can take it as well as he can dish it out.

Joseph is told that he has no respect and to get out. The poor guy trips on the way out and hears Chef Ramsay call out to watch his step. He appeared to be a contender for the final two and knew his way around the kitchen. He just threw it all away over nothing and made no one proud in the process. The men are now down two chefs, and neither of them left in the typical fashion. Joseph appears outside, “f’ing” every other word, smoking his cigarette. He declares that he will go home and work; any one would be proud to have him in their kitchen. He better hope the employers don’t watch Hell’s Kitchen.

To my surprise they carry on with the elimination. Red has already nominated Lovely and Tennille, (weren’t they a singing group in the 70’s?). Blue nominates Tony and Andy; both contestants had problems handling their stations. Chef Ramsay asks them why they should stay. Lovely believes that she is strong, has passion, and can only get stronger. Is that really a good thing to say? I know a lot of contestants say that when faced with leaving, but aren’t you saying I didn’t give you my all? Tennille knows that she really screwed up with the pregnant lady’s shrimp; she is a phenomenal chef and can prove it.

Andy doesn’t think his performance was true to who he is. There is something about Tony that brings me to Mommy mode; I just want to make everything right for him. He tells Chef that he loves to cook and make things taste good. He wants to learn a lot and wishes for another chance. Tony leaves, but believes he has the palette of a God. In a bit of a twist, Robert is sent back over to the men’s team. We are only one show in and already have lost four contestants; they are dropping like flies (or shrimp, if you watched last week’s show). The chefs head back to the living quarters and are all a buzz about Joseph. I would just be grateful I wasn’t on the receiving end of that nightmare.

At 2:05 am the chefs are awaken by Scott and Heather telling them to get out; there are fire alarms, flashing lights and rescue workers everywhere. Chef Ramsay informs them that there is no fire, as they stand there lined up outside in their pajamas. Some of them appear to still be dressed from dinner service. I wonder; do they sleep in them, or were they still awake?

The challenge is to quickly serve the firefighters a fresh pasta meal. Luckily for some they are given the opportunity to go upstairs and get dressed first. Okay I need to get up and do my “I was right, I figured it out” dance for guessing it was a challenge; however, the other scenarios could have proved interesting. The menu for the challenge includes Chicken Alfredo, Meatball Marinara, and a Garlic Bread appetizer. Those are easy enough; I could cook them in my sleep. Chef Ramsay wants to test their ability to work as a team.

The red team puts Lovely in charge of the appetizer; she is having difficulty getting everything together. The biggest problem with this is that they cannot start on anything else until the tables have the bread. Andy is in charge of bread on the blue team; luckily for red he is having just as many issues as Lovely. Twenty minutes into the challenge and none of the tables have any food yet. I know I am Italian, but seriously, how hard is it to make garlic bread?

Chef Ramsey announces to Lovely that it isn’t lovely anymore, it is irritating, and he is getting pissy. Ariel jumps onto the station and starts getting the orders out. I just noticed the oddest thing. The firefighters are being served dinner in the wee hours, which makes sense; on the tables their glasses are filled with orange juice. Garlic bread and orange juice really does nothing for me.

Finally both teams are pushing pasta out; the red team has one ticket left, the blue has three. It wouldn’t be Hell’s Kitchen if everything ran smoothly, would it? A customer is served a pink meatball from the red kitchen; this will mean a refiring of the ticket. The red team is able to pull it off and win. I hope their prize involves sleep.