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Big Brother 11, July 28 – The Art of the Backdoor

Tonight we are expecting all PoV, all the time! With no more Laura and Braden, Jordan, who is on the block, is the only one representing the popular clique. Michelle says in the DR that she and Jordan were put up as pawns, but can’t fathom why Jesse would put up two pawns. Jordan doesn’t trust Jesse and thinks he would backstab her. She believes that keeping Ronnie will help him later, hoping that he will return the favor. Jeff tells her that he’s sorry she has to be on the block again, but claims she will be fine. They also discuss the Power of Veto and how screwed they will be if Ronnie wins it.

Right after Jordan leaves, Jeff tells Michele the exact same thing. He seems like he is trying to be caring. She then walks in on Ronnie and apologizes for waking him up. He claims he believes he should have been on the block instead of her, but she doesn’t want to make a big deal of it. He even tries to con her into picking him in the Power of Veto competition. She walks out and tells Jeff, Russell, Chima, and Casey about it. Nobody seems to think it is for real. I just can’t stop laughing at the look on Chima’s face.

Ronnie walks into the Head of Household room automatically asking Jesse and Natalie if he is safe. Jesse tells him about Casey, Jordan, and Jeff trying to get Ronnie out. Natalie brings up how Ronnie never screwed her and Jesse over. As Ronnie leaves, he calls Jesse his brother from another mother, and Natalie his sister from another mister. Wow. I wonder if he uses this hip lingo in his “literature class.”

Later, Chima, Jesse, and Natalie talk in the HoH room, as Jesse tries to get Chima onto the bandwagon with him. She agrees that Casey needs to leave more than Ronnie. Jesse and Natalie bring Kevin in next. Jesse also tries to get him to change his vote. Next Jesse is lying next to Lydia and talks about backdooring Ronnie, saying it won’t benefit her. Jesse tells the DR about his plan to get rid of Casey. Yeah, but Jesse, it’s Big Brother. People lie all the time to get themselves further in the game. Nothing works the way you want it to.

Natalie then brings up the idea of playing Truth or Dare. Kevin is up first. He chooses Dare. He has to cuddle with Jesse, who is sleeping in the HoH, for ten seconds. During this, Natalie, cracking up, wakes Jesse up when they’re observing to make sure Kevin is doing it. Ronnie is dared to hug Casey for twenty seconds. Natalie and Russell are completely cracking up. Casey vents in the DR later on, complaining on being the butt of the joke. He gets very mad about it. He even calls Ronnie a rat.

Jesse calls everyone into the Living Room to pick players for the Power of Veto competition. Jesse picks Jeff, Michele picks Casey, and Jordan picks Chima. Jesse then picks Natalie to host, as Lydia pouts. Casey is excited that Ronnie’s name wasn’t picked at all and tells Michele about how good it is all working out. Natalie complains to Jesse about how Casey’s name was chosen. They aren’t happy about it, as they don’t want him to win.

For the competition, all the players come out in pig unitards and noses and see hay, what looks like manure, and mud. The have to swing into the mud and find truffles with values from one to ten. They can only keep four truffles and lock them in. There are also secret prizes that can be kept instead to tempt them. Jordan points out it could be poop they’re in, but she doesn’t care.

After the time expires and they all have their four chosen truffles, Natalie holds six envelopes that the players can choose to add or subtract to their score, or it may contain a prize. They do not have to take an envelope. Michele picks an envelope, as does Casey. Chima and Jordan don’t want one, while Jeff and Jesse do. Jesse reveals his truffles with 26 points and a $2500 prize, and gets 5 points in the envelope for 31 points. Jordan is eliminated with only 24 points. Jeff gets 27 points and his envelope is -5 points, eliminating him as well. Chima is eliminated with only 25 points. Casey has kept only 22 points, but wins a margarita party for the house. His envelope is a punishment of wearing a banana suit for a week. He’s eliminated. Michele has 28 points and her envelope gives her an additional 7 points for the win. She’s very excited.

Casey starts wearing his banana suit and gets no positive reassurance. It’s very funny. Later, Jesse bring Michele up to the HoH and talks about who can be eliminated. He wants her honest opinion. He reveals how he wants to put Casey up. Kevin brings his concern about Jesse and Natalie to Lydia. She seems very upset. He wants to keep Casey. Lydia and Michele talk about who might be put up, even though she knows it’ll be Casey. Jordan and Jeff talk about it as well, and Jeff then breaks the news to Casey he might be going up.

Pissed, Casey goes to talk to Jesse, confronting him. Jesse tries to avoid saying that it’s him. Casey gets Jesse scared somewhat, talking about people leaving for making stupid mistakes. Michele reflects on who she can pick, but it’s not really her choice. Jordan doesn’t want Casey to go up and neither does Jeff. Casey wants Ronnie to go home, per the original plan.

Michele calls the Power of Veto ceremony. It’s not exactly a big shock when she uses the veto on herself. Jesse talks about how he deserves to be Head of Household. He then chooses to put Casey up. That’s such a dumb move. Jesse reflects on how he hates Casey, and Ronnie acts like he owns the house. Jordan is definitely worried.

Tune in Thursday to see if Jordan eliminates her whole clique, or if Casey is the first to leave from the Offbeats. The cliques will probably be dissolved soon, but the houseguests aren’t operating within the cliques much anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter too much, other than keeping each other safe at elimination.

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