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Big Brother 11, July 26 – Getting Pardoned

Lydia asks Jesse for a kiss on her cheek, saying he owes her. He kisses his hand and puts it on her face. Natalie and others walk out, and Natalie can’t resist the temptation to get close to Jesse, chasing Lydia away. She lays on Jesse’s lap and Lydia gets pissed, as they tell her to sit somewhere else. Jesse rubs Natalie’s back and Lydia is really, really pissed. Kevin calls Jesse a hot guy, and explains Lydia’s into Jesse, Natalie’s into Jesse, and Jesse’s into Jesse, so Jesse’s sitting pretty right now. Lydia walks away, as do Kevin and Chima, and Natalie tells Jesse she thinks Lydia doesn’t like her and she thinks she’s jealous. Jesse calls it tough being him, saying it’s not always a good thing to be ridiculously good-looking. Sigh.

Michele realizes the Athletes have the power, and goes upstairs to talk to Jesse. She lets him know she’ll be a loyal vote for him and he can count on her. He realizes though that she’s never talked to him before, so she’s only doing it now because he’s in power. You don’t have to hit this guy with a ton of bricks for him to understand. She talks about easier targets in the house such as Jordan who isn’t a strong competitor, and knowing she couldn’t trust her to win HoH for her. Natalie, who is in bed with Jesse, asks if Michele won HOH, if she would not put them up. Michele can only say she appreciates not being up so far and will remember that. Jesse likens her to a used car salesman. Nothing convinced him he should trust her at all. Too bad she’s not a caterpillar too.

Jordan calls being a Have Not awful, because you’re eating slop 24/7 and when you get up in the morning you take a cold shower, and at night you take a cold shower, prompting her to shave her legs outside last week, since it was too cold in the shower and the water is warm outside. In the Have Not bedroom it’s freezing, meaning she has to sleep like an eskimo.

She’ll get her chance to stay off the slop in this week’s Have and Have Not competition. Only one person from each clique will be playing, meaning Jordan has to play, since she’s the only one left in her clique. The Brains decide Chima is playing, and the Offbeats decide Kevin is playing, forcing his hand for a change. The Athletes of course are safe no matter what since Jesse is HoH.

It’s a racing theme for the competition with big steel drums, ice cube things hanging up, and a keg of beer, prompting Casey to say it looks like a college dorm room after you throw a kegger. The kegger is filled with their favorite BB draft, and the players will need to race their BB keg cruisers over to the huge cups, tossing the cubes in. They don’t really want their own draft watered down, though, so they need to put the cubes in others’ cups. Adding to the difficulty is a set for beer goggles for each racer. The one with the most cubes at the end gets their clique placed as the Have Nots for the week.

Kevin calls it a lot of pressure, not wanting to be the person to cause Casey and Lydia to go on slop. They take off on their beer carts, and Jordan keeps throwing it in her own cup, but feels like everyone is targeting her first. Ronnie thinks Jordan is living up to her personality throwing it in her own cup and doesn’t want her to be challenged with long division any time soon. Wait until he hears about her challenges with time. Foam starts pouring out on them as well, but Jordan thinks it feels good. Kevin was targeting the brains, saying Ronnie needed to lose weight anyway, so he thought he was doing them a favor. He also tries to knock cubes out of his own cup while he goes.

With the game over, the Offbeats have twelve ice cubes, the Populars have 11, and the Brains have 13. They’re the Have Nots for the week. Chima knew the Brains were being targeted, and Michele just can’t believe they’re in that position again, calling it not fun. This week in addition to the slop, us fans decided they would also be eating cocktail weenies and cabbage along with their slop. Kevin is excited, saying he loves cocktail weenies. Chima realizes her team is full of dorks, and America sucks. Thanks Chima. We’re extra fond of you as well.

Jordan comes in to talk to Jesse and Natalie, and he asks them why she wants Ronnie gone. She says he’s a snake and he isn’t good for the house because of what happened last week. She doesn’t think Jesse should go against the house. She feels he’s still the target and hopes she won’t be used as the pawn again. She talks to Jeff and they both feel good now, feeling Jesse will make good on the house’s wishes.

This week we get to vote for Have or Have Not Food, and have our choice of A) Squash and Squid, B) Brussels Sprouts and Borscht, and C) Liverwurst and Black Licorice. I wouldn’t mind eating C), but wouldn’t eat any of the four other items, except for possibly Squash.

Lydia talks about constantly changing rooms and beds because of Have Nots changing each week, along with HoH. Natalie is the only person that hasn’t had to switch beds or share with someone else. They realize two people will have to sleep together this week, and to Natalie it’s simple, Jordan and Jeff. Lydia suggests she would then sleep with Natalie who says no way. Lydia says it’s okay she’ll just stay up all night. She’s never had a bed to herself, and Natalie says she understands, but why does it have to be her that gives up her bed when there are other people in the house that haven’t shared either. In other words, Lydia is trying to get Natalie out of the bed she’s shared, Jesse’s, but Natalie isn’t going for it.

BedGate continues as Lydia goes outside and tells Kevin she’s going to stay up all night, which he tells her will make it so much worse. Lydia just wants Natalie to understand when to keep her mouth shut. Kevin tells her to watch herself, as she doesn’t want to become en enemy of Natalie when the Athletes are in power. Kevin thinks Lydia needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Natalie complains to Jesse and says she’s not going to speak to Lydia and tells Jesse to tell her she’s not to talk to her. He asks her to be civil, and she refuses. Natalie knows Lydia wants to tear her and Jesse up, and Natalie promises to put her up if she gets HoH. Jesse says he could still do that now, but she says no, apparently wanting that satisfaction for herself. Lydia is on a cleaning binge working off her anger, and Jesse tries to talk to her to tell her to come up and talk to him and Natalie and work it out, but she refuses. He says he doesn’t know what women want and doesn’t know what women think. He’s just now realizing that? They’re playing a game and the two are doing it completely different ways, which sucks for him.

As Jesse gets his nominations ready, Casey says he’ll be happy if Ronnie is evicted when it’s all said and done, but if Jesse doesn’t make that happen, he’ll have added another target to his back. Two days ago Ronnie knew he was definitely going to be nominated, but right now he feels safer than under any other situation. Michele is worried about nominations as she doesn’t have many friends here and no one would care if she walked out the door. Jesse is happy to have the power to get out who he wants to get out.

At the nomination ceremony, Jesse gives the Athletes their keys first, and the keys are pulled in the order of Chima, Kevin, Casey, Lydia, and Ronnie, leaving Jordan and Michele nominated for eviction. Jesse explains nothing. Michele had a sneaky feeling this would happen, but knows she’s a little closer to the Athletes than Jordan. Jordan is hoping they’re both pawns to backdoor Ronnie, so that he will be bye-bye out the door. Jessie is hoping they won’t win the PoV so that he can backdoor someone out of the house. Ronnie likens Jesse to the governor pardoning him.

That’s right, and there will be a whole community not happy to see this guy released again. It would be like Charlie Manson being pardoned. Is Jesse still planning on backdooring Ronnie or is Ronnie right in feeling safe? We’ll have to wait and see.

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