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Big Brother 11, July 26 – Getting Pardoned

I don’t think there’s any end to Jesse’s ego. It really wasn’t a good idea for him to win HoH again. Number one it puts an even bigger target on himself and the rest of Athletes, and it puts him in a tough spot because of his secret ongoing alliance with Ronnie, almost the same spot as Ronnie last week. Jeff, on the other hand, is in a good spot, as the Populars side won’t nominate him, and the Athletes side can’t, as Alex pointed out in his weekly analysis. Let’s see what Jesse decides to do with the nominations.

Jordan is happy to be there still, but sad to lose Laura, one of her best friends. In addition, it makes her the last poular person in the house. Jeff calls Jordan hands down his best friend in the house. She puts a smile on his face each day, and to him that’s huge. Casey talks about Laura going being tough, as he watched another ally go, but he’s looking forward to the house sending Rat (Ronnie) packing.

Ronnie says he was obsessed to get Laura out, but he realizes the whole house hates him now. He promised his wife he would keep fighting, so that’s what he intends to do, owing it to his wife. Russell knows his plans are moving along quite well, as he was able to skate by week two. Right now no one cares about him, and that’s all he cares about and what he needs.

Jesse wants to do what’s right for him, saying he’s the HoH, and that’s what matters. Casey is hoping Ronnie is still the target, but he realizes you never know in this house. He has advice for Jessie that it’s an easy week, so he needs to stick to the script and backdoor Ronnie. Jeff is glad to have Jesse win as he’s safe in the Athletes clique and none of his allies will probably go home since the goal is to send Ronnie home.

Kevin is becoming a player after all, saying he caught Ronnie mouthing “thank God” when Jesse won. The only person that would hear Ronnie out would be Jesse, and now Jesse has won. Yet Ronnie is dangerous, so he needs to go home. Michele thinks it puts her in a hard place to have Jesse be HoH again. She doesn’t know where she stands with him, and so far she’s been staying low and not making alliances, which she realizes is probably making Jesse uncomfortable. Ronnie does indeed know this was his best case scenario to stay this week.

Casey tells Kevin he tried, and that he just hopes Jesse stays to the plan to backdoor Ronnie. He hopes they can just stay another week, but does realize that the Athletes get really consumed with power, and Natalie will become his co-HoH again. Over the course of the first week or two, Jesse was one of the people Ronnie had influence with, but he’s now proven to be manipulative. Casey just doesn’t want anyone to forget how much pain Ronnie brought to the house.

Russell asks Jesse if he’s still sticking to the plan, and he says he has to do what is good for him. He privately tells the DR that Ronnie didn’t do anything to him, and he’s under no obligation to put him up. He thinks Ronnie is solid. Russell admits he wanted Ronnie out, but what the others don’t know is that he made a secret deal with Ronnie to try and win the HoH. The mean thing to Ronnie is all an act as he tries to win the game. It looks like we might not be getting rid of Ronnie after al.

Natalie tells Russell that Casey was really close to winning, and this is the second time he’s nearly won. They both want Casey up, but realize that Jesse is intent on doing what’s right for him. They plan to tell Jesse that once he takes out Ronnie, Casey will come after them. As Ronnie sits reading the Bible alone, Natalie tells him to come outside and sit down with everybody and just try to be social. She also tells him he’s good this week, no matter what. Ronnie realizes his trust in his main alliance is well-placed, and he’s not 100% feeling safe, but feeling confident. But when Jesse goes against the house, he’ll be unsafe next week, and Ronnie could lose him. It would be devastating, as Jesse is the common bond between him and the others.

Jesse gets his second stint in the HoH room, and it’s filled with pictures, including one of him measuring his muscles. Jordan knows Jesse loves himself and is always trying to show off his big guns. It’s not impressive to her. Jessie has picture of himself with a little cowlick, and Casey calls it the There’s Something About Mary picture. Lydia likes the picture of his motorcycle, as she thinks that’s hot. Natalie thanks BB for the new shirt that Jessie just got, and Lydia rolls her eyes at Natalie putting herself in that spot. I do believe this is the beginnings of a cat fight.

Casey is still talking that he hopes Jesse doesn’t go against thee plan, saying it would be silly not to. He’s mention it so much, that he must be a little worried. Jeff hopes for the same thing and hopes Ronnie doesn’t work himself in there. With Jordan out there as well, Natalie joins the group, as the others tells her they hope Jesse keeps to the plan to take Ronnie out. Casey says one person’s vote isn’t the same as six. Natalie promises to see what Jesse’s thinking, and Casey realizes he shouldn’t have said anything to her. Natalie runs up and tells Jesse that this is putting another target on his back. Russell joins the conversation as well. Natalie know she has great influence here over Jesse and wants Casey up.

Jesse cuddles with Lydia outside, and she says she has a Kindergarten crush on him, getting nervous around him. She talks to him about angels, but he only cares if she has false eyelashes on or not. She continues to try and talk serious, and he asks if she has her tongue pierced. Then he wants her to play with his hair. He calls her a caterpillar inside the cocoon, but thinks unless you give it he time to open up and show she’s a beautiful butterfly, she won’t do that. He too is like a caterpillar, but if you get to know him, he too becomes a beautiful butterfly. I wonder if that’s why when he’s being serious he can only talk about what she looks like.

Ronnie knows most of the house is still upset with him, so he needs to start kissing butt and rebuilding bridges. He talks to Michele about not coming clean sooner, saiyng he realies he should have since she’s his teammate. She realizes he’s just being a sad puppy dog and says it didn’t mean anything to her. She tells him he had a bad week.


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