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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 23 – Favorite Dancers, Favorite Routines …

Here’s a routine we were all waiting to see tonight. It’s the bench routine with Travis Wall and Heidi Schwimmer, dancing to Calling You by Celine Dion. This is wonderful choreography, and I really think routines like this were behind Travis’ inspiration for the wonderful routine he choreographed last week. This is just as stunning as before. I think that’s what we have tonight, dances that stand the test of time, that we not only remember, but cherish seeing again.

It’s the solo dances as Kayla dances the same dance from last night, and she is amazing with the lines. I don’t think it can be said enough. I think Janette has done a lot outside of her own style, but I do think Kayla deserves to stay more.

Jason dances in the same outfit as last night, still disappearing into the blue background. I’m trying to remain focused on watching him tonight, and he’s really good, but I can’t fathom Brandon leaving. I think he should be in the final 2.

Janette comes out with her salsa solo, and it’s really good, but just doesn’t hold up to what Kayla and the others can do.

Brandon is up and dancing amazingly. Jason was really good, but this is just too damned exciting. He has a marvelous energy that just comes out of him and makes you want to jump up and join him.

It’s one of the best ever group routines, and they’re joined by the choreographer, Wade Robeson. They are dancing the Ramalama routine. I’m still not any more of a fan of the zombie dancing, but I have to say if I was going to watch zombies dance, it would be this one that I would watch. I’m wondering who isn’t there tonight that Wade subbed for. I’ll have to research that one later. We have Benji, Heidi, Travis, Dmytri, Donyelle, Ivan, Allison, and Martha dancing tonight. We’re missing Ryan Rankine and Natalie Fotopoulos.

Katie Holmes is finally making her appearance on the show, that we’ve been promised for so long. She is here as part of DizzyFeet Foundation, and she calls it an homage to Judy Garland. She’ll be both singing and dancing, saying she likes it. She performs Get Happy. She’s walking by a short guy at a lamppost, and I couldn’t help but wonder if it was Tom Cruise. She’s now joined by many guys onstage as she’s in a different outfit, from white to black. I have to give her credit for being better than I thought she would be.

It’s time for our results, but first Nigel thanks Katie Holmes for working so hard in the routine and donating her fee to Dizzy Feet Foundation, Tyce who choreographed it, along with everyone else that donated their services to make it happen. Judy Garland’s son Joey Luft is in the audience to see it. I have to say he looks very non-descript, and I’d never think he was the half brother and son to major stars.

The girls are up first to hear their fate; either Janette or Kayla is leaving tonight. It’s Janette leaving. I thought she’d leave a few weeks ago, so this was like borrowed time to me. She was good, but I don’t think she can match the other three. She knows she’ll keep fighting and dancing, as that’s what she does best. Nigel says often his favorites don’t win, but that’s okay, but on this occasion, Janette was his favorite, and he really wanted her to win this year. She brings so much to this as a great performer and a really great dancer. He thinks America got it wrong. How can they be wrong voting for what they like? More than anything this made Janette realize how much she really loves to dance, as she was working in a bank and going to school. She realizes this is what she’s meant to do.

Now we’re down to Jason and Brandon. They tell her they’re not ready for the results, but they’re coming anyway. The one leaving is Jason. I have to say I always thought he was tiny, but he’s actually taller than Brandon. Maybe Brandon dances larger than life? He is at home and at peace on stage he says in his clip. Nigel is up onstage with Janette and Jason, the choreographers and dancers and judges, as he thanks everyone for being there. Cat tells Jason and Janette they’ll always be part of So You Think You Can Dance history and a member of one of the biggest and closest families in history. Confetti falls, toasting to the next 100.

Everyone, dancers, choreographers, judges, is up dancing. And that’s what it’s all about.

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