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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 23 – Favorite Dancers, Favorite Routines …

I had a great time with Ellen DeGeneres on the judging panel last night. Whereas with the people they use in that capacity on American Idol, she may not have been offering constructive criticism either, but at least she was entertaining, and wasn’t just sitting there saying, “Wow, that was great. Good job.” I’m looking forward to seeing what she has in store for us tonight, as well as the rest of the 100 episode celebration.

The final eight start out dancing to One form A Chorus Line, complete with movable mirrors on the stage. They’re so covered up in their hats, which Nigel never likes, as he likes to see the dancers’ eyes, that it’s hard to tell who is who. It’s nonetheless fun. I always loved this song. Cat comes out and announces that Mia Michaels choreographed the routine. So why is she doing Broadway and Tyce was doing contemporary last night?

Mia Michael is of course back, along with Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe, but where is Ellen? I was hoping to see her again up there. Happy Birthday to Nigel, though. Mia has been on the show since the beginning, and the best thing for her has been the little babies coming back to the nest and showing what they learned on the show, and moving from dancer to choreographer, as well as winning Emmys, and dancers coming in green and leaving with stars in their eyes becoming professionals. She couldn’t be more proud of being Mama Mia on a show like this, and look! Here are a bunch of ex-dancers in the audience.

Mary jokes that being 100 means getting more Botox. Seriously, though, she says the show means the world to her and has definitely changed her life. It’s been a lot of laughter, a lot of tears, and some not so good dancing, and the most brilliant dancing she has ever seen in her entire life, and so many performances that touched her. She’s so proud to look at the crowd of past dancers, beautiful faces and gorgeous dancers, and what they did for the show. She’s proud and grateful to be here.

The best part for Nigel has been knowing television at its best can reach out and unite a country with a shared experience. He thinks that happened last night with Tyce’s routine. He received many calls, and mentions one from Olivia Newton-John who herself is a breast cancer survivor. The routine said more than words could and touched her and so many others. He is extremely proud that a program like this can shed light on a difficult subject. He’d like to see a lot more programs do that. He’s grateful to get to 100.

A clip of some of the highlights over the 100 years shows the winners in their auditions, and some of the other favorite finalists, as well as some big falls and surprises. Some of them are great and fantastic memories. And who can forget Sex? It’s Hok, Twitch, and all the others. And even Nigel dancing, and I think even Mary. Cat with Twitch’s bling. Heidi. some of these dancers I can’t remember their names, but it doesn’t make the routines any less fascinating and fun.

We have the four remaining ladies on the stage. Melissa Sandvig is safe for the first time in a couple of weeks, and she is truly shocked. I didn’t think she could be eliminated after that Tyce Diorio routine. Mia called Kayla Radomski the epitome of perfection, and she is in the bottom two. Wow. The other I’m thinking is Janette Manrara. It’s between her and Jeanine Mason. Janette has never been in the bottom two, but is tonight, so it’s going to be either her or Kayla leaving.

Back from season three with the Hummingbird and Flower from Wade Robeson, is Hok and Jamie, dancing to The Chairman’s Waltz from Memories of a Geisha. This is just as good as I remembered it. It’s truly unique. There really isn’t anything to comment about, as we know it’s a stunning performance. It was then and still is.

The four guys are now onstage waiting to hear who the bottom two are. We start with Ade Obayomi who hasn’t been safe in a couple of weeks. He should be safe along with Melissa. But we need to hear Jason Glover’s results at the same time. He was in the bottom often, but hung on every week. Jason is indeed in the bottom two, as Ade and his pick are safe. It’s now between Evan Kasprzak and Brandon Bryant, and I love Evan, but Brandon deserves to stay more. I am totally shocked as Brandon is in the bottom two, to the shock of many, but obvious delight of Evan. I think Evan has a lot of fans.


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