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Big Brother 11, July 23 – One Is the Lonliest Number

As Ronnie goes up to his HOH room for a private chat with Julie, she tells us that on the internet, he’s being called the square root of all evil. I missed that somehow, but that’s pretty funny. She asks him about playing both sides, saying he’s seen every season of the show and should know it had a good chance of backfiring. Why did he take the chance? He explains it was beause he actually does have an allegiance to one side, and that’s the athletes. He didn’t put Russell up because it was too early to burn the bridge with Jessie and Natalie. She mentions him spending more time locked away in the HoH room than anyone else in BB history, and he says he’s survived for far longer on less food locked away playing video games. It was to generate sympathy, and he thinks he still has five on his side. That’s not how it looked from our end.

Jordan gets a chance for a last minute plea and says as everyone knows it’s been a crazy three weeks, but thank God they found out who the rat was, as she thought she was going to need a therapist. She wants to clarify that she does want to be here and didn’t fly here from Charlotte to just go back home, as someone put words in her mouth she didn’t say. If she goes home, she wishes them luck, and they’re all Gucci. She tells Casey he knows where she’ll be, in McDonalds drive-thru getting eggs.

Laura says first and foremost she is just as thankful and grateful to be here as the rest of them. Unforuntaely, due to certain circumstances, manipulation, and lies, she wasn’t able to get to know some of the others a little better. She hopes they cast their votes for what’s best for them, and if she does leave, she can’t wait to see the rest of them again. I’m guessing that means all except one person.

Jeff votes first, and we all know he’s voting out Laura. He does. He’s followed by Jessie who has wanted Laura out since the first day. He votes her out as well. This brings in Natalie who it would be a shock if she didn’t vote with Jessie. But woah, she shocks us saying she wants to spice it up some, and she votes to evict Jordan. Casey has a tough decision, but he votes out Laura. Russell rocking a black hat, votes to evict Laura. Kevin, the very quiet Kevin, votes to evict Laura. He and Lydia high five in the hallway, then she votes to evict Laura, as does Chima. Michelle votes out Laura, and it’s offically 8-1.

Julie tells Laura she has been evicted, and she hugs everyone with tears, everyone except Ronnie that is. She tells everyone she has her pizza. She walks out to much applause, and Ronnie cases the house with no one talking to him, but Jeff looks serious, eying him up. Jordan is busy thanking people for keeping her.

Laura tells Julie she was happy to get her sympathy vote. She knew Ronnie was gunning for her, but she wasn’t sure why. She knows she said a lot of things to Jordan in confidence, and she wondered if jordan told some of it to Ronnie. Either way, she knows he knew she was onto her. She is glad to at least expose Ronnie on the way out the door, and says they’re stupid if they keep him longer than this week. She’s a fan of the show, as is Ronnie, and Julie asks her if it was smarter to focus on getting her out instead of Russell. She thinks it was easier to get rid of her because of the lies Ronnie has told to the others about her.

In Laura’s goodbye messages, Ronnie tells her she has the worst case of diahrrea of the mouth, and had she not caused the big scene in the backyard, she’d still be there. I call bullshit, Ronnie. That’s because Ronnie mistakenly thought that after the PoV ceremony, he still had control and could dictate who was going home. Casey thinks Laura was a sheep speaking her mind, and he respects it. Russell will miss her, saying it was fun watching her tan. He also thinks she’s bright and intelligent, and he didn’t want her in the game because of that. Jordan wishes Ronnie were leaving, and Kevin says Laura never asked him not to vote for her. She would like to see Jordan or the Offbeats win the HoH.

A few days back, the housegests were given a chance to practice for tonight’s competition when the house was set up in the backyard with a skeeball type contraption, shooting the balls into buckets. Julie mentions the buzz about who will be the next HoH, as they were all going to throw it to get Ronnie out, at least that was the talk. One by one the players will shoot a ball into a honeycombed target with different buckets being different points. If they miss, they’re out, and the one with the most points at the end wins HoH.

Michelle is up first and does well getting 4. Jessie takes a shot and does even better with 6, eliminating Michelle. Kevin steps up to the contraption and gets 5. He’s out. Natalie is up and gets 2. She’s out. Lydia has a go at it and gets 1. Russell has to wait as we cut to commercial break. Ronnie has to be sweating it more than the others right now. We’re back, and Russell slides his ball down the chute, getting 5. Chima gets a 3, and Jordan needs to beat a 6. She gets a 3. Jeff takes his best shot and ties Jessie with a 6. Casey is up, and gets a 1 that rolls across the honeycomb. It’s a tiebreaker now as Jessie steps up and gets another 6. Jeff needs 6,7, or 10 to stay alive. He gts a 3, meaning Ronnie might not go home still.

As Julie addresses the new HoH, he says it’s not the power that he wanted. He just wanted to eat, as athletes can’t sustain on slop and power shakes. Casey is asked about his son turning 1 and him missing it, and he says it’s going ot make him cry, but it was a once in a lifetime oportunity to do the show, and although his little boy doesn’t know where his dad is, Casey is sure he’s in good hands.

Jessie just put himself as a huge target winning two of three HoHes. They could be gunning for him the following week, especially if he doesn’t follow the house’s wishes and put Ronnie up. He was awfully quiet during RonnieGate. Yet, the house either wants Ronnie out or Russell, and Jessie would do better losing Ronnie than Russell who is a better competition winner for him.

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