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Big Brother 11, July 23 – One Is the Lonliest Number

Of all weeks to be too busy to write up Big Brother, Carrie has to miss tonight’s writeup. There were some big doings going on in that crazy house this week, so I more than happily agreed to fill in for her. Okay, truth be told, I would have filled in for her no matter what, even if it was a crappy show I didn’t like. However, this is quite different, and although the people don’t seem to be altogether likable, the stuff going on in the house is as times fascinating.

After a quick recap of the past week, Julie Chen greets us in more great maternity wear. I don’t know if a pregnant lady has ever looked so good. She talks about Ronnie being a gamer in every sense of the word, then asks if Ronnie has spun one lie too many. Welcome everyone to RonnieGate.

Right after the veto ceremony, Russell mentions being relieved to not go up on the block. Kevin thinks the popular clique is done, saying clearly they aren’t popular here. Ronnie explains putting Jordan up, saying he wanted Laura to go home, as she’s a huge threat to him. He can promise that Russell is still on his hit list, though. Casey wonders what Ronnie was thinking, as this was his big shot to get rid of Russell. Could anyone be anymore laid back than this guy?

Jordan feels betrayed by Ronnie, saying the plan was to backdoor Russell, but Ronnie completely fooled her. Laura knows it would be stupid not to send her home, as she’s better at the game and a little wiser than Jordan. She’s still going to fight, and claims to not be dead yet. Jordan tells Jeff she’s worried, and he assures her she’s staying. She says she thinks Laura is a bigger threat, and while Jeff doesn’t mean any offense, he has to agree. I think everyone has to agree the girl who isn’t sure how much a quarter of an hour is is less of a threat. Jordan tells Jeff she’d be bored if he wasn’t here, and he tells her they can talk about anything, and that’s what he likes. She thinks he has a good heart and is a boy version of her. He even tries to braid her hair.

Laura says survival always comes before friendship with her, so she’s going to tell Ronnie whatever it takes to survive. What she wants him to know, is that if she leaves, he’s leaving two people in the game that are playing together, and they will come after him. She tells Ronnie she can promise him safety and thinks she’s a better ally. She knows it would be easier to persuade Jeff if Jordan was gone and tells Ronnie Jeff would never vote to evict Jordan. Ronnie thinks he could possibly convince Michelle and Chima to switch their votes and would only leave Jeff in the house to come after him. He knows Jessie would be the key, as if he switched, Natalie would, and that would lead to Lydia, then Kevin switching. Ronnie tells Laura Jessie would want assurances that Laura wouldn’t put him up, and she agrees to tell him that.

Ronnie brings Natalie, Chima, Kevin, and Lydia up to his room and tells them he wants to drop a bombshell. He tells them Jeff and Jordan can’t be controlled, and that Jeff could be persuaded by Laura. Lydia refuses to consider it, saying Laura needs to go, and Natalie refuses as well. He tells them Russell is going to try and switch votes to get Laura to stay, saying Laura told him that. He admits in the DR that he’s throwing Russ under the bus. He pretends to be pissed that he didn’t put Russ up. Natalie wants to find out if it’s true about Russ, and Lydia refuses to listen to anymore. Oh, what a tangled web.

Natalie goes out and talks to Jessie and tells him what Ronnie said. Jessie wants to get to the bottom of itand talks to Russell. Russell asks if it looks like he’s trying to rally up votes for Laura. He asks where they heard that, and they tell him from Ronnie himself. Jeff is nearby listening to the whole conversation. Jessie leaves, and Natalie stays out there talking about it with Jordan, Laura, Casey, and Jeff. Laura hotly explains she never said that and wants to get Ronnie and Russ outside to get it all straightened out.

Once Russ and Ronnie come outside, Laura goes over what she just heard, and Ronnie refuses to be put on the spot. Russell backs her up that they weren’t in cahoots. Laura starts crying, saying she “never asked anyone for a f’ing vote.” Russ asks Ronnie who told him that, and he refuses to spill his sources, saying he promised Laura he wouldn’t say anything they talked about. Yeah, but I’m pretty sure she didn’t want you making up lies about you talked about either. Jordan jumps in and starts accusing him, and Russ is beginning to get really pissed. Ronnie walks away and heads back up to his HoH.

The rest of the house continues to sort this out, and Chima starts telling the other side how Ronnie was trying to get their side not to like them. Laura agrees, saying that’s exactly what he’s been doing, pitting the two sides against each other, getting them to turn on each other yet staying in the middle himself. She calls it the “F’ing Ronnie Show.”

Russell goes inside and Ronnie wants to talk to him, but Russ refuses. He says everything Ronnie has said has been a lie, but Ronnie tells him from the loft he hasn’t lied to Russ, Jessie, or Lydia. Russ goes out and tells everyone Russ isn’t lying to anyone, and with everyone else inside, Ronnie repeats he has not lied to Lydia, Chima, Kevin, or Jessie. Laura points out he just lied to her earlier. He tries to throw her under the bus, saying she was up there saying she would be a better ally than Jordan. Laura explains of course she’d say that. She doesn’t want to go home. Russell brings up knowing that Ronnie is a debater, saying he’ll debate with him all night long. (By the way, I read today that Ronnie possibly lied about those credentials. Some that have debated him say he was terrible.) Ronnie walks away into his HoH room, and Russell tells him he’s going home, as Ronnie says to himself, “I should have put his ass up.”

The next day, Russell is barricaded into the HOH room so as not to deal with Russell and the others. He sits eating the snacks from his HoH basket. He’s then called down to the DR, and Russell tears into the house to confront him. Ronnie tries to avoid him by watching where he is first on the spy screen, but Russ is in the kitchen waiting, grilling him, and literally snapping at his heels telling him he’s going home and it must suck to know it. Russ promises to do that every day all day long. Russ tells the DR that Russ is an asshole, or iat least it looks like that’s what he says, and it also seems like Ronnie might be on the verge of tears.

Russell, rocking an awesome ‘stache, by the way, follows him into the ktichen later, leaving his pool game to chase him. He calls him Ratty Rat Rat, Ratty Mc Ratterson, whines at him, etc., every time Ronnie makes an appearance outside the HoH. Natalie and Jessie talks about it not being right that Ronnie has to be locked in his room. Ronnie gets the picture of his wife and Molly kitty and cries, then cries again in the DR, saying he wants to talk to his wife, as she’d have advice for him and would know what to do. What they didn’t show us from the fight, is that Jeff was even asking Ronnie after all his lies if that was really his cat, and if not, whose cat it was. It was more than just Laura and Russell after him. Most of the house was. Jeff seemed to be on the attack just as much as Russ, but backed off after that night, unlike Russ.

We’re back live, as Julie asks Natalie what the mood in the house is like right now. She says it’s pretty tense and crazy, but the one good thing is that they did come together as a house. They have united as one, instead of being split five and five like last week. While there is tension, it’s all directed at the same person. Julie talks about the guys exploring their feminine side last week as we see the guys from the luxury comp in their getups, including that gold bikini on Ronnie that I never wanted to grace my TV screen again. Michelle thinks Jeff wore it best, saying his rack looked nice. Kevin thought Casey was rocking it. Jeff knows his Chicago buddies won’t forget him in the cheerleader outift, or a handful of other things so far.


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