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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 21 – Expressing Emotions Without Words

Ade does his solo to Hater, and he’s just fascinating to watch with his dancing matching his music so much better this week. Wow, that spin and flip and jump were amazing. Why couldn’t his cha cha match that?

Janette and Evan have the rumba with Tony and Melanie as their second dance for the night. Melanie calls it a dance of passion and extremely sensual; Evan thinks Janette definitely has the sexy Latin thing down pat. She plans on getting the inner Latino out of Evan as well. He thinks people will question if it’s him, but he assures us it will be.

Yea! I love when they do American Idol crossovers here. Janette and Evan are dancing to Kris Allen’s Heartless. Look at Evan shakes those hips! I don’t get the sexy between them, but I think they’re dancing well. Melissa and Ade on this one would have lit up the stage with their heat. Yet, it’s very well-danced.

Nigel loved the choreography of the dance, but also says it’s an exceptionally hard style to get votes with, because of the dynamics of the routine. It’s just a smooth, very sexy routine, which like was said in the clip, Janette has down pat, as it’s her style. Yet, there’s nothing passionate in Evan’s face. He has heavy eyelids that makes him look drowsy, and he needs to open his eyes and feel it. If he doesn’t perform with his face, he loses the chemistry between them. Nigel apologizes, as it was lacking a little bit for him.

As someone who learned everything from the streets, Ellen loves Evan’s eyes and face. The problem with being in this town is everyone’s face starts looking alike from going to the same doctor. She loves that his eyes are so unique and his face is so charming and charismatic. She loves that he has an essence about him that he knows who Evan is and isn’t just another dancer. He’s a special, special guy. She loves Janette and thinks she’s amazing and incredible.

Mary thought Evan did a very good job, as he was there with all the connections and a lot of very tough choreography. Most people find, especially with a lower rumba, it’s easy to do quicker. Most of them lose their balance, but they didn’t, were on time, and were very connected. She loved the lift where they threaded the needle. It was very clever and some great choreography from Tony and Melanie. Little Miss Fire and Spice and Flavor, as Jeanette is called, just got the patent on that, and Tony and Melanie just added to it for her. Little Hot Tamale just can’t help it out there.

Mia agrees with Ellen as well, saying that not everyone has to be a little sexpot out there, and we’re just all perfect the way God made us. What Evan brings to the stage, there isn’t a lot of people that do that. That’s why he’s here, as they celebrate that and love that. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to see him being sexy, but he did it. He did it with a Zoolander face, so it was awesome. She said enough about Janette before and doesn’t need to say more.

Melissa take on a solo, and is on toe. She was challenged last week to leave her style a bit in these solos, and I think she’s doing that, breaking from the strict classical style, as she dances to Heads will Roll by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

For their second dance, Brandon and Jeanine are doing pop jazz with the show’s newest choreographer, Laurieann Gibson. She tells them there is no story, as they’re the story. She thinks she can help prepare the soldier, as then the victory will be real. She tells Jeanine to not be a girl. She doesn’t want to feel sorry for her, but wants to help her. Jeanine looks a little defeated, saying it’s tough love, that’s for sure.

Taking on Jordin Sparks’ Battlefield, Brandon and Jeanine do their pop jazz, and it seems they took every word of Laurieann’s to heart. I’m surprised we aren’t seeing any hip hop so far tonight, but this routine is pretty much that, as far as the pace and the synchronization, and Jeanine is finding that power that Laurieann wanted, and Brandon is meeting her technique for technique. This is what was lacking in their first dance.

Nigel tells Jeanine and Brandon that’s all he’s asking. For the top eight dancers, that’s what he’s asking for, is performances like that. He tells the crowd that they just showed them that’s what they’re looking for. He thanks Laurieann for bringing such a strong style to the show. It’s finally become this evening for him. Everyone is saying how wonderful everyone is tonight, but this is the flattest night he’s experienced on the show until now. Jeanine stayed with Brandon in a very tough routine, and “My God, Girl, you were fantastic.” They know how strong Brandon is. The choreography was strong and demanded a great deal of them. He even thanks the Heavens above.

Ellen is so happy that Nigel is that happy. She is that happy too. They make it appealing to join that type of armed forces. It might be tough in their uniforms, though, as crawling they’d get all scraped up or something. It was really unbelievable, as there’s dancing, and then there’s da-an-ancing, and then there’s da-an-an-an-an-an-ancing. “That’s what that was.”

Nigel knows we’re in trouble, as he an hear something coming. Mary calls this pop jazz strong. It was a powerful, dynamic use of that stage. Jeanine and Brandon just hit it all the time. She asks Nigel, Mia, and Ellen if they can hear it. She starts to use the whistle, then does possibly the longest scream ever. She thinks these two are going to glide right into the finale. And they’re going to take the train, not fly. Mia is afraid to talk after all this. Laurieann Gibson doesn’t dance a step unless it comes out of her soul first. She doesn’t do anything unless she’s convicted to move, and that’s why she’s Mia’s sister. I think she means that figuratively. Brandon and Jeanine went to a place that was more than a dance. They went into a place that was so believable. Brandon is such a powerhouse, “Damn!” For Jeanine to keep up with him, wow.


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