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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 21 – Expressing Emotions Without Words

I know we have to be in for a special treat tonight with Ellen DeGeneres on the judging panel. I was looking so forward to this all day, I have all my other work done, and I’m ready to watch and enjoy. I’m kind of hoping she comes out and dances in the opener with the contestants.

There was no Ellen in the intros, but seeing just four guys and four girls really left an impression. Wow, we’re so close to the end. And here we have Ellen on the panel, along with Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Mia Michaels. Ellen looks to be sporting a new ‘do. And now, Nigel is being introduced as Dr. Nigel Lythgoe after he was awarded his doctorate last week. He mentions he never dreamed this would be so successful, as he suggested at first that American Idol for dance would never work, but he’s excited it was so hugely successful and that they’re celebrating the 100th episode tomorrow.

Cat Deeley asks Ellen if she’s had any formal training, and she stammers around it, then says everything she learned was on the streets, a gated community with just one street with no name. There were very few children, just herself and Eduardo that didn’t necessarily dance, but no, she hasn’t had formal training. Mary talks about the season being a huge roller coaster and thinks it just keeps getting better and better with this season being off the chain. Nigel asks for an explanation of what that means, and gets “English Muffin, get with it.” Mia talks about being nominated for three Emmys and says it’s getting harder to outdo herself, making it a blessing and a curse. She’s always looking for dance in everything she sees, but once there is no challenge, and is bored and doesn’t get nervous, it’s time to quit. I understand that.

Travis Wall is back again this week, this time to choreograph a group routine, which he says is like a rave or huge party in the year 2300, but nobody seems to be able to remember the year after he says this, even he can’t remember. It’ll be a fusion of styles, with a lot of quick and brisk movement and huge energy. Travis calls it a “huge banana extravaganza.”

The top eight dance to Let It Rock by Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne and are covered in glow sticks or things that look like glow sticks, stuck to their bodies. Ade gets to do one of his famous completely airborne flips. It’s never going to match the magic of last week’s cotemporary routine from Travis, but nonetheless, it’s exciting, and everyone looks good.

Nigel enjoyed the routine and tells Travis it was exciting again and made him feel like a proud father. He loves the look, calling it very Lady Gaga. He doens’t normally like faces covered, as he likes to see the eyes, but with this, the dance styles stood out for themselves, and it was a great openining to the show, with everyone being terrific. Ellen comments “I can do that,” then says when Travis asked her to help with the wardrobe, they worked with regular light bulbs, but she told him they were too big. They moved on to Christmas lights, but they were getting tangled in the extension cords, so they ended up with this, and she thinks it worked very well.

Mary thinks the dancing was great, the costumes were great, and the choreography was great. She wants to pick on a few people, saying it’s time, since they’re almost at the finale, then looks them over and says, nope, nobody to pick on. Mia is beyond proud of Travis that at such a young age he has it going on. Amen, Sister. The dancers did a great job with it. She loves the costumes and wants to wear one, asking Ellen if she’ll wear one with her on Thursday. Ellen agrees. Mia loved the routine and had a blast.

Before we go ay further we have a peak of what is in store for tomorrow night with the 100th show celebration, with clips of dances, dancers, judges, screams, hallelujiahs, and Katie Holmes. Cat assures us this is one party we won’t want to miss. Alright, I’ll show up.

Evan Kasprzak picks first and chooses Janette Manrara. They will be doing jazz with Sonya Tayeh, so he knows he needs to be ready for anything. Sonya wants them to just focus on shutting up. Hmm. There are quite a few people I’d like to focus on shutting up. They’re going to shush each other a lot in the routine, and throughout, their frustration escalates. Evan says there are a few moments that are awkward for his body, as he’s not used to this type of dancing.

Dancing to Move (Metronomony Remix) by CSS, Evan and Janette are covering their own mouths up from the beginning. This is a really fun dance, and I’m amazed that the two of them do as well with it as they do. They make a great pairing, and I wouldn’t have expected it. They just seem to have a similar energy. Cat make them play nice when the song is done.

Nigel tells Evan and Janette that there is no question they are two little stars of this season, and each week their personalities are coming out more and more. He’s picked on Evan every week wanting to see more and more, but he’s finally getting it. Janette is absolutely wonderful. Ellen mentions again that she can do that. This was very hard-hitting, complex, rich, and hard-bodied, but she’s getting it confused with the wine she had before she came out. It was a spritzer of sorts with some vanilla in it. But “y’all were amazing.”

Mary thought this was a a lot of fun to see Evan outside so much of his category. Yet towards the end, he could have been a little gutsier and rougher. He’s getting there, as she thought “Lord have mercy” in the beginning, but the athleticism, synchronization and lifting he did was spot on. Nigel takes the opportunity to cover up Mary’s mouth as she goes on and on, and tells “English Muffin” to pipe down and go sit on his degree or something. As for Janette, she just can’t take a wrong step out there. Mia adds that for Evan, he made a step in the right direction, because emotionally and character-wise, it always stays along the same feel. He’s a great dancer and stylist and has a face that wants people to chew on his cheeks, but because he’s so adorable, he’ll never be the dark, twisted dancer Sonya requires. Janette is Mia’s favorite this season.

Kayla Radomski comes out for her solo with The Moment I Said It by Imogean Heap. It’s a great lyrical dance that shows some great musicality. It’s just beautiful to watch.


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