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Hell's Kitchen, July 21 – I’m Not Your Bitch

Chef Ramsey lines everyone up and informs them that each team will be providing Scampi tableside. He chooses Van to represent the blue team, who informs us he has no front of the house experience, but lots of charisma. Tennille is working tableside for the red; she tells us that she isn’t happy, and it is going to be bad. Minutes before the doors open for service, we see Tony still prepping the grapefruit. I must say that the grapefruit is a beautiful ruby red color and looks delicious.

Tennille is on the floor debating what personality she should wear on the floor. She shows us both her sexy personality, and her white boy personality. She is telling the diners that they have celebrity impersonators, and she is supposed to be Whoopi Goldberg. She does look like Whoopi actually; I wonder if that is a third personality?

Looks like we might be having scallop issues again tonight. Note to self: do not order scallops when dining at Hells Kitchen. Tony fires up the scallops as soon as Chef Ramsey calls the ticket. Over on the red team, Lovely is having trouble heating up the pan to cook them. Chef Ramsey goes over to see what happened, and Lovely has broken Bonnie’s rule about starting the stove before you begin cooking. Oops! Tony’s second attempt cooking scallops leaves them raw. Kevin steps in and oversees the station, getting the scallops out to the pass. Robert is having quite a few issues over on the red team.

Jean Philippe is trying to talk to Van in the dining room, but he just doesn’t want to hear it. Van heads over to a table to start their scampi, the only problem is it is a red table. Chef Ramsey has to point it out to him and we hear a new nickname, Bozo. Tennille is having her own issues tableside when she tries to serve a pregnant woman undercooked shrimp. On the other side of the dining room Van is dropping pans of food. Jean Philippe is having huge issues with him; for the first time that I can remember he completely loses control and screams “Listen to me”. Van tells him to get out of his face and takes a step closer. Jean Philippe puts out his hand to push him back. Van tells him the is going to “bleep” you up. Chef Ramsey has to call them to the back room; this season maybe it needs to be a time out area. Jean Philippe explains Van is not respecting the dining room. A truce is called.

Tennille comes back into the kitchen and informs Chef Ramsey she is falling behind. He gathers the red team together; they learn she is ten tables behind. The red kitchen is basically at a stand still; the blue kitchen has moved on to entrees. Andy gets the nickname of Donkey when he undercooks the chicken, then tries to cover up the mistake by cutting it and pan frying it. Contestants should know by now Chef Ramsey has eyes in the back of his head.

Sabrina knowingly sends raw chicken to the pass and argues with teammates when they try to stop her. She is told that the chicken is pinker then her lipstick. The blue team is still having its issues with the fish station. Picture the old skit of who’s on first with Abbott and Costello. Chef Ramsey: I’m waiting on one halibut, one chicken. Tony: Yes Chef. Chef Ramsey: I want one now! Tony: You want the halibut now. Chef Ramsey: Oh my God. Yes, please Chef. Tony: Sorry Chef, I am getting the halibut prepared now. Chef Ramsey: You didn’t season the fish. Tony: I always season it. I didn’t season it though It’s Kevin to the rescue, again.

Lovely is also called on a fish issue, it’s raw. She says it isn’t raw, she sees no pink; it’s opaque. The next one she gives him is burned on the bottom. Lovely thinks Chef Ramsey is old and needs to get his eyes checked. Her teammates say they don’t think she knows how to cook; when given the chance the previous night they did not put her in the bottom two though. Another nickname is given to Lovely, Dumbo. The red kitchen is at a dead stop.

Over in the blue kitchen they are serving raw bass. There are five people cooking fish on the blue side, and nothing is coming up. Sabrina tries to plate burned chicken; when called on it, she acts surprised. At this point, frustrated, Chef Ramsey tells both kitchens to make Shrimp Cocktail. There is no cooking involved in the preparation, and the customers will at least walk out of there having eaten something. After it is served, he tells them they have turned his restaurant into a shrimp stand. Shut down the kitchens.

He tells them tonight was worst than the first night. He asks both teams to come up with two names for elimination. Back upstairs Tennille tells her team she did a fantastic job in the dining room and air quotes that she didn’t know the lady was pregnant. Over with the blue team, Tony “mans up” and tells his team he will go up as he somewhat affected the flow. Andy refuses to put himself up. Andy tries to put it on Van for almost punching JP. The red team is all over the place. Lovely is debating that burnt fish is better then raw shrimp. The chefs return to the dining room.

The Red team is up first. Ariel speaks for the team and nominates Tennille and Lovely. The blue team is represented by Joseph. Chef Ramsey asks to hear the nominations and why. Joseph comes back saying they know who they are; they can tell you themselves. Question, when you are in the Marines, aren’t you taught about following orders and to have respect of superiors? He is asked again, and he sharply says Tony and Andy. Chef Ramsey continues on calling Joseph slightly stupid and repeats himself saying first nominee and why. Joseph responds Tony and he knows why, then continues with the lip and cursing and again is asked first nominee and why?

Joseph is screaming that he is no “bleeping” bitch; I guess he screamed it a second time in case no one heard him. Wait, three times now. People on the red team are trying to calm him down, and he is getting more and more agitated. Now he is threatening Chef Ramsey that they need to go out into the parking lot. Cursing and obviously boiling, he tears off his jacket, throws it on the floor and storms up to Chef Ramsey’s face. Pumped and ready, he asks Chef Ramsey to go step outside. To be continued.

What can I possibly say about the scenes from next week’s teaser? We see fire trucks and hear calls for medics. This may be the quickest snapping of a contestant on a reality show ever.

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