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Hell's Kitchen, July 21 – I’m Not Your Bitch

Back over in the red kitchen, Chef Ramsey has just asked for the eighth time if he can have scallops, their first appetizer. Nope, this time the capellini for the scallops is wrong. Gordon pulls out about ten pounds of pasta from the trash; Melinda just stands there starring at him. Louie starts cooking spinach even though he is on the meat station. When asked why, he explains thought he was responsible for what went on the dish.

Halfway through dinner service Lovely goes missing. She has planted herself in the back, complaining her body needs water and rest. She drinks four bottles of water and has been sitting there for twenty minutes. There are more problems for the red team when they find out that Amanda has mistakenly put the salmon in the freezer instead of the refrigerator, and they have five salmon on order. Lucky for the ladies the blue team is having the same problems with lamb that they had with pasta. Chef finds a sizzle plate loaded with unused lamb chops; there has to be at least 20 on that plate. He kicks Louie out of the kitchen and tells him to go upstairs and pack his bags. It’s a space for Robert I’m thinking. Chef Ramsey shuts down the kitchen; for me it ends on a high note, though, as Robert accepts his invitation to come back.

Both teams are lined up in the kitchen to hear the winning team. Chef Ramsey points out that neither team excelled, and it was the worst service ever. He calls special attention to Amanda, Lovely and Melinda, warning them that they are running out of time. The women did not manage to get out a single entree which is a new Hell’s Kitchen record. The men were at least able to get out some entrees; they are the winners. The women are asked to come to a consensus and nominate two to go home. Lovely tells the camera she doesn’t know who it should be. When you walk away from the kitchen for at least 20 minutes in the middle of service, maybe you need to be a little worried.

Suzanne wants to send Melinda packing, and the rest of the group agrees. Lovely is the next one the group focuses on; Tennille says she was gone for 45 minutes. Lovely plans to fight the nomination; attention is put on Amanda and the freezer issue.

The ladies return to the dining room where Chef Ramsey asks Tennille who the nominees are and why. The nominee is Melinda because of the struggling appetizer station. The second nominee is Amanda; Chef Ramsey asks her if she agrees. She suggests that it should be Lovely. He makes sure that she knows the difference between a fridge and a freezer and awards her a gold star.

Chef Ramsey calls down Melinda and Amanda. Melinda tells him she has a passion for food and will work her “bleep” off. Amanda tells him that she can do better than that and hasn’t had a chance to cook and show him. His decision is Melinda. He decides to move Robert over to the women. While Chef Ramsey is hooking Melinda’s chef coat, he explains she was lost in space and he is sending her back to whatever planet she came from.

Tonight we are treated to a double episode; looking at the promos this episode looks volatile. The next challenge starts the following day, I don’t know why, but I always thought they had a breather day between services.

The women are looking at Robert to save the day and are very excited to have him on their team; Robert agrees with them. The next challenge involves attention to detail cleaning shrimp to Chef Ramsey’s exacting standards. Joseph lets us know this is an entree level challenge, no problems. The red team needs to have someone sit out; I know who I would choose. Chef Ramsey chooses Lovely to sit out. They have ten minutes to perfectly de-head, de-shell and de-vein as many shrimp as they can. It looks like the red team paid attention to quality, while the blue team focused on quantity. Sabrina is first to go and all seven of her shrimp pass. Amanda scores a perfect nine. Tek brings seven more shrimp in. Ariel has another six shrimp to add. Executive Chef Tennille has never worked with prawns before; she is not doing well. She adds one to the score. Suzanne adds ten more. Robert is last and excited to be back in the kitchen; he brings in the final four shrimp. The red team has 44 acceptable shrimp.

The blue team is up next with Andy who has seven. Van, who is a fish cook, is next, adding nine. Tony continues the winning with another nine shrimp. Joseph disappoints Chef with only five passable shrimp. Dave slows things down more, only adding four. Kevin speeds things back up again with nine. Jim is the last to go, and they only need two passable shrimp to beat the red team. The first one is great, but is followed by unacceptable shrimp; it comes down to the last shrimp. The blue team wins by one shrimp.

Tennille is in tears feeling guilty that she only produced one. The punishment is nasty. They must prepare Shrimp Cocktail for all of the customers this evening. On top of the mountain of shrimp they need to clean, the red team must also seed all the lemon slices. The blue team is going to Newport Beach for a seafood lunch with Chef Ramsey; they will be having dessert on a one hundred foot mega yacht.

The blue team leaves, and the red team starts to disintegrate quickly. Tennille decides she will take the reins and prove herself valuable, this is backfiring as people feel that she is dictating. Robert wants to take a break; Lovely is worried about lunch.

The blue team is having its own issues during lunch. Joseph informs everyone he didn’t come there to relax and eat lunch; he came to win the prize. Dave tells him it is nice to sit and have lunch with Chef Ramsey; Joseph, in front of his host, says it is nice, but he doesn’t care about that. I don’t know if telling someone that in front of your potential boss is a positive on a resume. Chef Ramsey leaves them in the hands of Jean Philippe who arrives on the yacht. As the blue team enjoys their win, the red team continues to implode. The guys return, adding insult to injury, as they walk past the working red team.

Finished with the shrimp, both teams focus on prepping for dinner service. Robert steps up and takes the lead, allowing the red team to solidify. Chef Ramsey always has a way with the nicknames each season. His first assigned nickname is for Tony; Specky. Chef Ramsey gets aggravated with him when it is clear he does not know how to prep the grapefruit; Tony tries to pass the blame on to the grapefruit, but Chef Ramsey isn’t buying it.