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Hell's Kitchen, July 21 – I’m Not Your Bitch

Tony, 30, a culinary store manager, is questioned about his experience in the kitchen. We find out that he is self-aught and has never been to culinary school. He cooks from his heart serving Mussels with Chorizo. Chef Ramsey says the dish has potential and is nice; it’s one point for the men.

Melinda, 38, a private chef, prepares Poached Lobster and Savory Portobello Mushrooms and explains herself as being “rich and succulent; luscious and velvety; you can just feel what’s happening in your mouth and the satisfaction that comes.” Chef lifts the dome, and there is no lobster tail there. She explains she had some problems in the kitchen. He throws it in the trash without tasting it and calls it pathetic. I am glad to see after so many seasons he is not tasting things that we later have to watch being thrown up in the trashcan.

Jim, 34, a sous chef has irked Chef Ramsey by leaving on his coat. Seared Ahi Tuna with Soy Ginger Vinaigrette is a welcome surprise and tastes delicious. The scoring is tied with two points each now.

Kevin presents Chef Ramsey with Filet with Coffee, which has the Hell’s Kitchen chef quite upset. Ariel, a sous chef, undercooks Duck with Potatoes, leaving raw fat, ew.

Lovely, 23, an executive chef at a children’s camp, and Andy, an executive chef, are not awarded a point, and their dishes are not even shown.

The last two dishes are presented; the winner will break the tie. Sabrina presents Chipotle Wrapped Pork Tenderloin which blows Chef Ramsey’s mouth away with heat. She mentions the possibility that maybe the dish reflects her, and she is just too spicy. Van, 26, a fish cook, showcases Seared Foie Gras with Minted Caramel. Chef Ramsey thinks the dish is intriguing, and the blue team wins the point and the first challenge.

The women are left to deal with the massive amount of mess in the kitchen from the challenge. Louie informs the diary cam that “Women are the best at cleaning, so it’s right up their alley”. Sigh. The men are awarded a three course dinner on the patio from Gordon Ramsey’s’ London of West Hollywood.

Gordon’s sous chefs are introduced to the competitors. Scott is back for another season working with the blue team. Heather, winner of Season 2, will be working with the red team; this is a nice surprise. The women also are treated to dinner, bologna sandwiches. While the men toast with champagne, there is another comment about women being in their place doing the dishes from someone. Anybody that thinks sexism is dead needs to watch reality TV for a week.

The women finish first and find the menu recipe books waiting on their beds. They’re all studying while the men continue to drink and enjoy their prize. This makes no sense to me having watched every season of Hell’s Kitchen. Anyone that has seen this show before knows that menu memorization is part of the first night.

The next day starts with prepping for dinner service. It appears that some of the men might still have a little alcohol in their systems. The women are running circles around them. This would make sense since a women’s place is in the kitchen, right blue team? The doors haven’t even opened, and Lovely has made a huge mistake that will affect the red team’s service. She has pre-cooked a menu item that is supposed to be cooked to order and now the fondants are little hockey pucks.

The doors are opened to a new dining room and a new, more expansive menu. The first ticket called to the guys drops like a hot potato when no one responds or even looks after he calls it. The women are quick to catch up on errors when Tek plates raw scallops. Lovely makes her second error overcooking pasta. I notice Chef Ramsey has a new catch phrase this season, “hells bells,” which he keeps repeating. I can only imagine what must be going through Heather’s mind being on the other end of the stick; I also wonder why she isn’t at her restaurant?

Jim also makes a mistake with the scallops by shorting the order. Diners are starting to complain about the slow service. Again, have you not watched this show before? A special guest is arriving, and it is Robert, along with his wife, from last year’s season. He was a contestant that had to leave after making final four because of heart problems. They will be asking him to return to Hells Kitchen for another chance, but he hasn’t been let in on that yet. That would be great; I really loved him last season and was sad to see him go.

While the men move on to entrees, the women are still trying to get out their first appetizer. Tek just can’t seem to cook scallops, again, and again, and again. Chef Ramsey loves to see initiative. Why in the world hasn’t anyone from that team jumped onto her station and taken control? I see a Reality for Dummies handbook in my future.

Louie is in charge of the meat station and Gordon sees him put unseasoned, unseared lamb into the oven. Jim explains “you’re a man; there’s a primal instinct inside of you that knows how to cook meat and you need to find it”. How many chefs does it take to sear meat? I’m not sure, but I count 4 or 5.