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Big Brother 11, July 21 – Don't Count Jeff Out Just Yet

It’s week two, and there is a backstabber as Head of Household. Yes, Ronnie. For his nominations, he has put up Jeff and Laura. Laura, bless her big-boobed soul, has figured out that Ronnie was the rat last week that switched his vote. Jeff has also realized this. Does it only take a nomination to realize this?

Ronnie makes claims to America that he kind of wants Laura gone, but is mainly trying to backdoor Russell. Laura and Jordan talk in the pool room and discuss Laura realizing he was a jerk the whole time. (She wasn’t the only one) Jordan is just a little pissed off about it in the DR. Jeff and Lydia are also talking about Ronnie’s smartness. Lydia claims he’s so smart, it’s scary. Ronnie walks in with them and tries to be all buddy-buddy. Jeff is way too mad and even says in the DR that Ronnie is the only person playing this game 100%. He stops just short of bitching him out.

Later, Ronnie walks out with Laura and Casey and apologizes to Laura, saying he wants her to stay strong. After he leaves, Jordan sits down with Laura and Casey and they all talk about Ronnie’s apparent rat-ness. Russell joins them, wanting to keep his friends close and enemies closer, and brings them drinks, wanting to gain their trust.

Russell then goes back inside and asks Michelle and Natalie if they’re still talking game. Lydia is sitting in the other room with Kevin and Chima talking and misunderstands, thinking he’s talking to them. She fires back at him that they’re just talking personal things, and he enters screaming at her, yelling that he wasn’t talking to her. It leads her to tears, crying in the DR about how bad Russ is. Natalie and Jessie say he needs to go, because he’s a loose cannon and explodes. Jeff figures it just takes more heat off them. Lydia and Ronnie talk in the HoH room about Russell, and of course, she starts crying. She asks him to backdoor him, and keeps talking about this when Kevin joins them.

Jordan and Jeff talk about time, and she says she doesn’t know how to tell time by quarters, such as “it’s quarter til …” Seriously? She thinks a quarter is twenty-five, comparing it to money, instead of a quarter of sixty minutes. Jeff leads her through some simple math to help her figure it out, and she still doesn’t get it.

Casey and Chima get to enjoy a screening of the movie The Ugly Truth courtesy of them being the Luxury Comp winners. These two people really hate each other, with him referring to her as “The Wicked Witch of the West,” as she even seems to give him a witchy laugh. Later, Jeff and Jordan talk about how they want to be up there. As the winners leave, they stock up on extra candy to take to the others.

As we pick veto competition players, Ronnie chooses Russell’s chip, Laura picks Natalie, and Jeff chooses Casey. For a host, Lydia is chosen. They all walk outside to see many coins all over. The players have to calculate the closest to a certain amount and gather that amount in buckets. First they have to measure out $100 in quarters. (Jordan has to be happy to not be chosen for this) After they have their amounts, they put it through a CoinStar machine to count. Jeff is the closest to $100 and gets to choose either one of three bags with a prize and be eliminated or keep on going. On the block, he of course decides to keep going. Ronnie with the largest difference is eliminated, obviously trying to throw the comp.

Next the players are asked to collect $75 in dimes. Again, Jeff wins and keeps going, and Laura is eliminated, with it not looking good for her. Collecting $40 in nickels, Casey is eliminated, but Jeff doesn’t win this round. Natalie does and chooses a bag containing a slop pass. For the final round, they have to collect $10 in pennies. Jeff wins the competition over Casey and is pretty much stoked.

Ronnie says in the DR that this is a perfect chance to backdoor Russell. Lydia, Chima, Kevin, and Ronnie are all in favor. Laura is let in on the plan as well, but Russell tells her he needs to be sure he has the votes to get Russell out and wants her assurance to not nominate him in return. She isn’t surprised, saying he’s trying to make it seem like some master plan, but everything he’s done is “bullcrap,” so she doesn’t have a problem not keeping her promises to him. Natalie is in favor of getting Russell out, but Jessie isn’t, yet he promises to vote the way the house wants him to. Ronnie starts a “poor me” act.

In the Power of Veto ceremony, Jeff takes himself off the block without even making a speech or allowing Laura to. While everyone expects Russ to go up, including himself, Ronnie nominates Jordan. Why is he trying to evict the two hottest girls in the house? Jeff feels guilty now that his friend Jordan is on the block in his place.

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