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Big Brother 11, July 19 – The Week (Weak) of the Gamer

The guys are up first and are asked a question about Lydia, on what tat her hunky boyfriend would get that would sink the relationship, A) one of his ex’s name or B) the logo of his favorite boy band. The answer is no ex’s name, with Jessie and Casey being the only ones to get it right. If ordan was out line dancing which pick up line would work, A) “Are those space pants, because your butt is out of this world?” or B) “Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only 10 I see?” Then answer is Tennessee with Kevin, Casey, and Jessie getting it right. Jeff says he still thinks he himself could pick her up with the space pants line. I think he could pick up any girl with any line.

If Chima were wrriting a story about how her bofriend cheated on her, would she seek revenge by A) egging his new sports car or B) hopping on a plan to Australia with his best friend. Jessie and Russell get it right that she’d egg the car. Laura is picky about personal grooming, but will reject someone for what physical feature A) Bald Head or B) Hairy Back. Russell, Jeff, Ronnie, Casey, and Kevin get it right answering Hairy Back. Michele likes her men smart and sexy, but would she choose a A) firefighter or B) surgeon? She’d choose the firefighter. Russell, Ronnie, Casey, and Jessie get it right. Natalie likes a sensitive man, but if she goes to Hawaii she would not like it if her man packed A) stuffed animals, or B) a picture of his mom. Ronnie and Casey git it right that she wouldn’t want the picture of mom along. Casey wins for the guys.

The girls are up and are reminded Jeff loves football, but if he were dating a football fan, which would he find more attraive A) a super fan or B) a not-so-bright cheerleader. In a cheelreading outfit, Jeff makes his choice, and Natalie is the only one to get it right. Chima tells him she shoud have known he likes stupid girls as he’s not too bright himself. Wow. That’s a burn. Jessie likes his women like his cars A) with junk in their trunks or B) a big pair of high beams. He likes the junk, and Natalie who admits she has junk in her trunk, Lydia, Chima, Laura, Michele, and Jordan all get it right.

If Kevin designed a greeting card for his parter, would it be a A) heartfelt love poem or B) LOL limmerick. Chima and Laura get right right with limmerick. IF Ronnie is going to celebrate his anniversary, is it going to be with A) tickets to Com Con and his wife in a space princess costume or B) a weekend at a 5-star hotel and his wife in sexy lingerie. He chooses Com Con with an image of Ronnie in said costume that I never want on my TV screen again, and Lydia, Natalie, Chima, Michele, and Jordan get it right. If Casey is DJing and a girl in a miniskirt is on the dance floor, what would be the best way to get his atteniton A) retro with the robot or B) rear up with the milkshake? The answer is robot and Michele, Laura, Lydia, and Natalie get it right.

If someone were dating Russell, what would force him to turn off the relationship A) turning off the fight in the final round or B) if you make him watch a DVD of your favorite musical. Musical is right, and Chima, Michele, and Jordan get right right, forcing MIchele, Chima, and Natalie into a tiebreaker. Casey wants Chima to win the least, knowing she would complain and bitch the whole time about the movie. The tie breaker is Dan’s lovelife. If he were on a first date how many mintues would it take for him to move in for the first kiss. The answer is 243 minutes, with Michele saying 55, Chima saying 120, and Natalie guessing 60, meaning Chima has won, Casey’s worst case scenario, and he thinks they’ll be putting on their fake smiles for the event.

One clique has to be the Have Nots for the week, and Casey and Chima get to decide and while he wants the Athletes, she wants Populars. She wants to do paper rock scissors, and after she also complains that the problem with it being the Athletes is that’s the team she’s working with, he lets her have her way, even though it means the team he is working with will now be the Have Nots. Laura says she needs to go on a damn diet anyway.

For the next Have or Have Not Competition, which I’m assuming means for next week’s not the one just starting, we get to vote on what the Have Nots will be eating A) Sauerkraut and Seaweed B) Cabbage and Cocktail Weenies or C) PIckled Eggs and Picled Herring. Eeeww. I sure hope they get slop at the same time. Either way, it’s going to be a gassy week.

Jeff asks the group of Populars what the name of the bully on Diff’rent Strokes was, and Casey laughs at his Chicago accent. Hey, I resent that! Jordan say she likes hearing Northern accents, and tries to affect one, but it’s more New Jersey sounding than anything else.

Laura wants to plea bargain with Ronnie about the nominations this week, and as the group meets with Ronnie, Jordan points out that they need to get the hard players out right now when they’re all tight. Jeff wonders why eveyrone is so scared of them, and Ronnie claims he isn’t. They tell him that Russell says things about him personally, and he talks about backdooring Russell. Jordan is worried that if one of them goes up as a pawn they’ll go home instead of Russell. Jordan asks as Ronnie’s friend to not put any of them up as pawns.

Ronnie then meets with Jessie and Natalie and tells them the others want him to backdoor Russ, and wants them to assure him that Russ isn’t going to target him. Jessie promises him that while he doesn’t trust Russell, he also doesn’t think he’ll put Ronnie up. Ronnie knows this is a huge turning point in the game for him, so he wants to be able to look back and know he made a good move. Jessie tells Russell that everyone is telling Ronnie to put him up. Russell doesn’t really trust Ronnie anyway, knowing that Ronnie knows Russell is a threat.

Laura is nervous about the nominations, as she knows that if she isn’t targeted, two other people from her side will be, and she’s still convinced Ronnie is the rat. Casey thinks the kingpin manipulator could show his cards by nominating him, and he’s neverous about that. Russell hopes that if Ronnie puts him up he brought his gloves, as he’s in for a dogfight. Do dogs fight with gloves? For Ronnie it’s all based on whether he shakes up the house putting himself out on a limb, or wehther he plays it safe for right now.

During the nomination ceremony Ronnie gives Chima and Michele their keys first, as part of his clique. He reminds the rest that they’re all there to win a half million dollars. He made a promise to his wife, family and himself, that although he is a genuine, honest, and passionate person, he’ll pay strategically and not personally. The keys pulled are in the order of Jordan, Casey, Lydia, Natalie, Jessie, Kevin, and Russell, meaning Jeff and Laura are nominated. Ronnie tells the nominees he respects them both as people and competitors, and he’s given them both an opportunity to prove how much they want to stay in the house.

Laura wants to stand up right there and say I told you so. Regardless, she’s ready to fight. Jeff knows one person is playing the game 100%, and that’s Ronnie. He knows Ronnie may be playing the others as well, but he thinks they’re playing him too. Casey thinks some people are onto Ronnie, and says if they aren’t, they have their blinders on like they’re running the Breeders Cup. Ronnie explains in the DR he put Laura up as she’s the oly one that could put 2 and 2 together and realize he was the one who switched his vote. He feels he can trust Jeff, and he’s truly a pawn. If everything happens right, Russ will be out next Thursday talking to Julie.

I think Ronnie should have played it safe for right now instead of stepping out on that limb. It’s okay to do that early, but not when you’re playing both sides. He’s forcing the others to see where he lies, and when he knows Laura is already onto him, by getting rid of her it will just solidify it to the others what he’s doing. He can put Russell up, only if someone from the Populars pulls Laura and Jeff off. Backdooring only works if someone on your side wins the veto. The Non-Populars have control of the vote, so even if Ronnie puts Russell up, his own group probably wouldn’t be voting him out, so this whole backdooring plan is never going to work. They’ll end up getting rid of Laura, reducing the numbers of the Popular group, but exposing Ronnie and making it hard for him to move back and forth.

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