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Big Brother 11, July 19 – The Week (Weak) of the Gamer

I think things will get very interesting with Ronnie being HoH this week. As Alex suggested in his weekly strategic overview, it probably wasn’t the best idea for him to win this week. He would have been safe letting someone else from his clique win, and he wouldn’t have then had to show his cards. He’s been floating between the two sides in the house, and this is going to force him to show his cards. I think he’s too anxious to show that he knows a lot about this show.

Ronnie had flipped his vote at the last minute last week, surprising those that were voting to keep Braden. Casey feels like he was punched hard, and Jordan wants to cry, referring to whoever the vote changer was as a rat. Michele isn’t looking forward to Chima realizing that Michele was trying to vote her out. Lydia just warns Braden not to let the BB door hit him in the butt on th way out after the bigoted things he said during the week. Chima is excited to still be in the house, sayng she wasn’t too sure how it was going down until Braden walked out the door. She knows she won’t ever volunteer to be a pawn again. Has she never watched the show before? Why did she do it in the first place? Pay attention. Ronnie, who knows the game well, didn’t offer to be a pawn, and it was his idea. There were red flags all over the place.

Ronnie tells Jordan that he knows it was Michele who flipped the vote, calling it intense, like he couldn’t breathe. He explains in the DR he doesn’t want the others to figure it out, so is throwing Michele under the bus. Russell is happy, knowing his side is remaining in control with Ronnie winning and Braden leaving. As Ronnie explains how he feels about winning the HoH, he goes into another of his sci-fi explanations. For Jessie, the feeling was, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” He feels 100% that Ronnie on his side.

Chima tells Ronnie that it’s like he went form the insane asylum of the Have Not bedroom to a big old bed. Jeff is happy for him as he’s part of his alliance and they’re friends, but he also knows there’s a rat somewhere, making him think Ronnie is a question mark. Laura is nervous and thinks he’s sneaky and playing both sides, but she can’t call him out on it since he has the power now. Casey thinks they got played and that Ronnie has an evil plan and even more evil laugh.

As Chima brings up to the women in the house that it’s apparent somebody should have voted for her, but didn’t, Michele admits to her that she didn’t vote for her, but she wasn’t the only one. Chima is pissed, because they’re on the same team, and Michele brings up Chima and Ronnie always talking behind her back. Chima gets very angry getting in her face and yelling, saying she’s always straightforward, as Michele tells her she creates a lot of drama in the house. And that’s never a good thing here, to leave that impression on your feelow houseguests.

Jeff asks Ronnie if he’s worried who the sneaky person is, and he says no, because they have the power. He tells Jeff to have confidence in the plan, but Jeff points out he can’t have confidence in it as he knows someone changed their vote. Ronnie leaves, and Laura tells the rest of the group she thinks it was Ronnie that changed his vote. She shows them how he was possibly working both sides, but shuts up when Ronnie walks back in the pool room. They talk about not wanting the other side to win, and Jeff still can’t figure out why more people aren’t concerned who flipped. As Michele leaves, Ronnie once again tries to blame it on her. He tells them if they give Michele enough time, she’ll show her true colors. Laura says again when he leaves that she told them it was him.

Ronnie goes to the other side of the house and tells them Jeff is rampaging, Jordan is freaking out, and Laura is :bleep: bricks. Russell says he thought Ronnie was the biggest dork in the house, but it turns out he’s playing eveyrone like a fiddle. He thought he himself was running the house, but Ronnie is secretely running the show. Ronnie says as far as what side he’s on, he’s thinking for himself, and he has some big moves in store for the week. He needs to remember it’s only week 2.

Laura is again saying she knows what Ronnie is up to, and tells Michele, Chima, and Kevin that she knows for sure someone set this whole thing up, as it was pitting one side of the house against the other, and she thinks it’s Ronnie. She thinks he realizes if he keeps pitting them against each other that they’ll just sit there and try to pick each other off, keeping himself safe. Chima goes to Ronnie with this and says theyre playing a game. He’s lying, but that’s Big Brother. He says it’s a huge mistake on Laura’s part, and it only gives him a reason to put her up on the block. If he keeps looking for reaons, I’m sure he’ll find a lot of them.

Ronnie gets his HoH room, and this ought to be interesting. There’s a picture of him on his wedding day looking a little more handsome than usual, a picture of him with his parents, with someone saying his dad with the huge mistache is hot, a picture of him as a little boy in a white tux as he says he was always a geeky kid, and him with his dad looking much different when Ronnie was in college, and a picture of his wife and “Molly kitty”, as he cries. For his CDs, he has Legally Blonde the Musical, which Jeff calls a little weird, sayig whatever puts a smile on your face. He also has a giant bubble wand, which he is very excited about, leaving Casey and the rest of us dumbfounded.

Checking in with the … you know I don’t even know what to call them. They aren’t really split by cliques, because you have Jeff from the Athletes, Michele from the Brains, Casey from the Off Beats, and Jordan and Laura from the Populars. The other clique has three athletes, two brains, two Off Beats and no Populars. Perhaps they should be the Populars and Non-Populars, as that’s the only clique that isn’t broken up, although the term Nerd Herd could easily make a resurgence.

Ronnie checks in with the Populars, and Jordan tells him she’s just mad because somene didn’t stick to the plan creating the rest of the house being against them. Ronnie tells them it’s the game, as Casey asks if he was the one who went against and he says no. They all claim they voted out Chima, and Jeff points out the obvious, saying someone is lying. He just hopes whoever it is has a hard time sleeping. Ronnie accuses Casey of scamming, because he’s pointing the fingers, and usually that person is the one responsible. Casey tells him if he keeps making comments like that, he can’t be espected to uphold promises to him. Casey realizes Ronnie is layng the foundation to evict him or put him up on the block.

It’s time for a Luxury Competition, and Ronnie reads that they’ve all been locked up without television, music, or movies. Today it will change as two of them will get the chance to see an advance screening of The Ugly Truth. After the screener, he says he thinks Heigl is beautiful, and Jordan just wants to win to keep her mind off the craziness in the house.

Walking outside they see it looks like half game show/half morning show, and Ronnie announces a special host for the competition, and it’s Dan the winner of Big Brother season 6. Jessie doesn’t look too happy to see him, knowing Dan is the reason he went home last season. He’d rather see a porcupine walking in than Dan. But Kevin thinks Dan’s looking good. Dan explains the game, saying a lot of them think they know a lot about the opposite sex, and the find out now in this game pitting guys against guys and girls against girls. There will be one female winner and one guy winner.


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