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Big Brother 11, July 16th – He Called You a Ho, Julie!

Checking In With Julie

Julie, who looks stunning tonight in a bright red dress and cute little baby bump, addresses Russell and Jeff first, mentioning that it’s only been a week and already their clique has crumbled. Russell, who looks like a low-class pimp complete with fedora and unbuttoned shirt, says something dismissive, while Jeff says that his mother taught him not to say anything if he doesn’t have something nice to say. Heh.

Jordan is asked about her fight with Lydia, and blames it on the pressures of the house.

Just when I’m starting to feel relieved that we’re not really seeing much of Jessie in this episode, it’s time to check in with the HoH. Dang. Jessie babbles about trusting Russell, calling him the brains of the alliance before pointing to his own head, as if there’s anything but hot air in there. Fortunately Julie seems about as interested in Jessie as I am, and this is a blessedly short chat.

He Called You a Ho Julie, Yes He Did!

Now we’re at the “nominated hamsters get to make a speech that won’t make a difference anyway” portion of the program. Braden spits out the usual bit about respecting and liking all of them, wanting to stay, blah blah blah.

Chima, who looks like she’s about to explode, stands up and says … well, we don’t really get to hear much of it thanks to the time delay and censoring powers of the editing team. Lots of people who were there in the live audience have confirmed what we all assumed – Chima called Braden out for using the term “beaner,” and added, directly to Julie, that he called her a whore. Love it. We do get to hear her refer to Braden as a bigot and a misogynist, and question whether the others want to keep a guy like that in the house.

Time to vote. They go like this:

Russell – Braden
Natalie – Braden
Jeff – Chima
Jordan – Chima
Commercial break … dun dun dun
Kevin – Braden
Knockers – Chima
Lydia – Braden
Michele – Chima
Casey – Braden

So Ronnie decided to stick with his original alliance, throwing Michele under that darned bus in the process. And, we have a tie.

Jessie gets to stand up and cast his vote to break the tie, which is exactly what he didn’t want to have to do. Hee. He votes to evict Braden, of course, and the misogynist is the first one out the door.

Braden leaves, and outside the house he hugs Julie, telling her that they have a lot to talk about. He then proceeds to talk about exactly nothing. Julie asks him who he thinks was behind his eviction, and he says Ronnie, Casey, or Michele. Julie confirms that it was Ronnie who flipped, and Braden isn’t surprised. The good-bye videos are shown, and that’s all we’ll have to hear from Braden again until the finale, when hopefully he’ll get very little airtime.

Most Likely To …

I had been wondering if only the outgoing HoH would be ineligible to play for current, or whether the entire clique would be sitting out. Looks like this part is still an individual game, as Jessie is the only person who can’t play. The game is called “Most Likely To,” and it’s an elimination style thing where the hamsters have to answer questions based on viewer votes. The answers are all either Brains, Popular, Athletes, or Off Beats, and they’re playing as teams, but come up to the podiums one at a time to buzz in. A wrong answer means immediate elimination, while a right answer means eliminating another hamster.

The questions themselves are all extremely easy to guess the answers to. For example, which clique is most likely to misspell “athlete?” (The athletes themselves, of course.) The interesting part is the order of elimination. That goes a little something like this:

Knockers takes out Chima.
Jeff takes out Kevin (pointing to him without saying his name, which irritates Kevin.)
Knockers takes out Russell.
Casey takes out Natalie.
Knockers eliminates herself (wrong answer).
Casey takes out Jeff.
Lydia takes out Jordan.

Now we’re down to only the Brains and the Off Beats, so if one gets a question right, the person at the podium from the other clique is eliminated. Ronnie beats out Casey, and Michele takes out Lydia. Since Michele and Ronnie are in the same clique, they now have to face off against each other.

Ronnie answers the last question correctly, and becomes the new HoH.

And that’s pretty much that. I’m thinking that Ronnie will try to get everyone else to think they came up with ideas on who to nominate, getting them all worked up against each other in the process. That’s just the way he rolls.

At the close of the episode, Julie tells us that last year’s winner, Dan Gheesling, will be on hand for Sunday’s show. Guess he’ll be hosting the Have/Have Not competition, which is a good thing. At least they’ll have someone who can read, unlike last week when Jessie struggled with his cards.

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