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Big Brother 11, July 16th – He Called You a Ho, Julie!

It’s hard to launch into the recap of the first live eviction for Big Brother 11 without addressing the past couple of episodes this week. Just so my head doesn’t explode, I need to mention a couple of things:

The PoV comp – some of these people are supposed to be smart, no? Could Jeff not have shortened his word to “tectonics”? And I’m sure Jessie still doesn’t understand how he messed up. (Here’s a clue Jessie – stick with monosyllabic words. Look it up.) Chima and Lydia could both have made great words with the letters they had as well. Oh, and Russell? You had all of those letters and the best you could do was “shotgun” – and then you’re PROUD of yourself for spelling it correctly? Sad. Just plain sad and pathetic.

And there’s one other thing that should be pointed out here. I don’t like any of these houseguests yet. Usually a few stand out as favorites – and more often than not none of them make it to the end for me, with the exception of Evel Dick – but this season, they’re all fairly annoying. I wanted to like lots of them, but meh. Jeff and Jordan come closest to likable hamsters this season, but it’s difficult to care what happens in the house when you’re not really rooting for anyone.

All right, that takes care of that. Let’s get into the first live show and see how it all goes down.

Braden Owes a Thank You to Bad Editing

After the black and white recap of the veto ceremony, we’re following Braden through the house as he tries to reconcile why he’s suddenly on the block. He promises that he’s not going to complain about it, but he’ll fight to stay in the house. Jordan takes the nomination hard, as she knows the Populars will be down to two members if Braden leaves.

Braden figures that Lydia was behind his nomination, which isn’t exactly breaking news around the house. Natalie asks Jeff if he’s surprised by what’s gone on and he says he isn’t, which in turn surprises Natalie. She really has no clue about what’s going on around her, as she’s too far stuck up Jessie’s butt to be of use to anyone. Meanwhile, Lydia is bitching to Casey that Jordan is supposed to be her friend, but now she’s crying because Braden is on the block. Jordan never cried when Lydia was nominated, therefore she must be lying. Or something. It takes a giant leap of logic to understand these people.

In the kitchen, Russell tells Braden that it was indeed Lydia who … wait for it … threw Braden under the bus. Russell says in the DR that he wasn’t positive they’d have the votes to get Braden out, so he figured that firing the guy up and letting him so off on a few people wouldn’t be a bad idea. This is a much better strategy than calling Jeff out for “technotronics” by the way. Score one strategy point for Russell.

Braden takes the bait and goes outside, where Lydia and Kevin are sitting and talking. Braden sarcastically thanks Lydia for stabbing him the back, and they start bickering. It’s not too serious, until Braden makes a comment to Kevin, which gets Lydia’s back up. She tells Braden to leave Kevin out of it, which somehow leads Braden to call her a bitch and a skank. Nice.

Kevin’s had enough and chases Braden across the backyard, yelling at him. Braden, whose response is heavily edited, tells Kevin to “go back home.” What the editors left out (possibly because they’re scared of another Adam/retard backlash), is that Braden called Kevin a “beaner.” It’s actually too bad that they censored the comment, because Kevin’s response (“I’m not even from Mexico! You’d know that if you’d ever made an effort to talk to me!”) was great.

Jeff responds from the pool that the derogatory comments aren’t necessary. This was directed at Braden, but Kevin takes it as being aimed at him, and hence Jeff is once again in the doghouse.

Screaming Time

After commercial, Julie tells us that the house is “about to explode.” A couple of screaming matches ensue, with Lydia yelling at Jordan for siding with Braden (when she wasn’t even present in the backyard). Jordan goes off on Lydia for accusing her of doing things when she hasn’t, and Kevin responds that Jordan hanging out with Braden insinuates that she agrees with his insults and ethnic slurs. Good grief people, grow up.

Jeff comes inside to see what the shouting is all about, and is attacked by Lydia and Kevin, who think that he’s siding with Braden. Ugh. Jeff says in the DR that he must have taken crazy pills, because none of this is making sense. He tries to defend himself, saying that he worked hard to make sure she would have the votes to stay this week and she didn’t need to sell anyone out, but Lydia gets all melodramatic, goes upstairs, and says that she’s “spent.”

Scheming Time

Laura (whose name I keep forgetting, so we’ll just call her Knockers) and Jordan conspire to try and flip the house to keep Braden in the game. This is mostly Jordan’s plan. Knockers has already committed herself to Jessie and his meathead alliance, but she seems to be on board now with the flip. Unfortunately, CBS decided not to show any of the argument that ensued between Knockers and Jessie/Russell/Natalie, but whatever. I’m sure we’ll get clips of that in a different context in the coming weeks.

The plan is taken to Ronnie, who jumps on board and promises to get Michele’s vote as well. Then it’s time to approach Casey, who is non-committal. He thinks he’s the swing vote now, when it’s actually Ronnie. (Again, it’s hard to recap this knowing what actually happened on the feeds. Let’s just say that the vote could go either way at this point, shall we?)