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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 16 – Ladies Night!

So You Think You Can Dance made sure last night that we realized how important this decision was this week and that this time it was all in our control. I’m hoping they’re still happy with us after we send a few people home, as they haven’t been shy this season in letting us know who their favorites are. Some fans were earlier calling for Kupono Aweau’s dismissal for a few weeks in a row, yet the judges refused. Now that it’s in the fans’ control, will we finally send him home?

And wow, after Nigel Lythgoe mentioned last week that they had wanted to do a tribute to Michael Jackson, but either the family or Sony wasn’t releasing the rights to his music to be heard on the show. Instead, we get Janet Jackson’s So Much Betta behind the final ten dancing. It’s an Asian-inspired number with the guys all in black and the women in white and red. I’m going to guess Sonya Tayeh for the choreographer.

Cat Deeley, in a very short dress, takes the stage and gives the credit for the dance to Wade and Amanda Robeson. Cat also tells us that the show received four Emmy nominations, one for Mia Michaels and her door routine from last season, one for Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo for the Bleeding Love routine, one for Tyce Diorio for Jessica’s and Will’s barely dressed routine, and one for Dmitry Chapin’s tango routine. The makeup department was also nominated. Congratulations to them!

Debbie Allen, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe are with us again tonight, but oops, Nigel isn’t here, because Cat explains he’s “graduating,” receiving an Honorary Doctorate of Arts back in England. This makes it Ladies night with Cat, Debbie, and Mary. Anone else forced into singing that Kool & the Gang song right now?

The top five ladies are onstage as we’re looking for the bottom two who will be dancing solos later. It won’t save them, however. Just punish them or something. Janette Manrara did the hip hop with no funk, and she’s declared safe. Randi Evans did the paso doble, and I’d be surprised if she wasn’t in the bottom two. Sure enoughs she is. Jeanine Mason did the beautiful contemporary routine, and I’d … I don’t know … scream loudly if she wasn’t safe. Yep, she’s safe. It’s between Kayla Radomski and Melissa Sandvig with the Viennese Waltz and Broadway routines respectively. It could go either way, but it’s Melissa in the bottom two.

Before any more results, Cat shares some of the highlights from the auditions for the upcoming fall season of the show. She tells us brand new dancers that can audition for the first time, because they’re now 18, were somee of the best parts. It’s going to be so fun to only have about a month off and start this all up again.

And now we have the five guys onstage for their results. Jason Glover had done the contemporary routine with Jeanine, and he’s obviously safe, to which he screams about in his gold tennis shoes. Evan Kasprzak is most likelky not safe, as he danced the viennese watlz not really well according to NIgel and Mary, but the audience liked him, and he’s safe. Kupono who danced the paso doble with Randi is not safe again and takes a stool. The other in the bottom two guys will be between Ade Obayomi and the funk hip hop with Janette and Brandon Bryant doing the Broadway routine with Melissa. Wow. It’s Ade in the bottom two, and Brandon is shocked. How was Janette safe, but not him?

Cat informs us next week’s show will be great on Wednesay as not only will we have Mia Michaels on the the panel, but we’ll also have Ellen DeGeneres. Wow again. And on Thursday, it’ll be a celebration of the 100th episode as they celebrate some of the best routines with some past dancers coming back to do routines such as the park bench, hummingbird and flower, and ramma lama. And Katie Holmes will also be dancing.

Here come our solos as we watch Randi dance again to the same song from last night. She looks to be crying already, seeing the writing on the wall up there with Melissa. Mary doens’t know what happened, saying Randi is a heavenly creature upon the dance floor, and she thinks back and tries to think of Randi’s beat moments on the show, but can’t think of any, as she does something really fabulous every week, but is still somehow under the readar. If she makes it through, Mary’s advice is to take more chances.

Debbie thinks the solo last night was very powerful, and she loves the dress tonight, but not the costume last night. She is not a fan of the paso doble, which is nothing personal against Mary, who Debbie reminds her wasn’t a fan of the paso doble last night either, and it’s probably why Randi’s in the bottom four. Debbie tells her sometimes you can be a casualty of style, such as the wig. The paso doble wasn’t her best performance, yet Debbie thinks she’s beautiful, and she loves watching her.

Kupono takes the stage dancing his routine from last night in aother most likely homemade costume. I honeslty think he got a little of this from the men’s group thing last night. Mary doesn’t know why he’s there in the bottom again, but is glad it’s out of her hands. He’s been a great asset to the show and a great dancer. Some of the numers like Vienesse Waltz have been tough, yet the paso doble last night wasn’t his best. He needs to find it inside himself to do more. She wants him to rethink his solos even and bring it on.

Next up is Melissa, on toe of course, dancing amazingly with ease. I love Randi, but I sure hope Melissa donesn’t go home tonight. Debbie thinks America is getting spoiled, becuase this show is giving them so much and it’s going to another level every moment. We’re usued to seeing her legs, her grace, and tehnique, but she needs to give us something more if she gets another opportunity. She needs to give us a little more than what she has so far in her solos. I think it would be fun to see a different style done in toe, or do classical without toe and mix up all the stuf she’s learned.

Ade is up with his Unchained Melody routine, and again, I liked the dancing and like the music, but I don’t think they go together. And that flip! My god. Mary says she can’t hear a word Cat is saying because the crowd is going wild. But she knows one thing, and that’s that Ade is a star. She doen’t know what else she can tell him to do differently, and tells him to just keep doing it.

The Black Eyed Peas are here tonight singing I Gotta Feeling. This brings my duaghter running out of her room, yelling, “I like this song!” I have to say I like it too, when I’m not usually a huge Black Eyed Peas fan. It has my foot tapping. Fergie has one helluva pushup bra. And Taboo is rocking a Michael Jackson look tonight.

Randi and Melissa take the stage to find out their fate, and Randi is leaving, as she holds back tears and hugs Melissa, then Cat. We look at her clip package with her saying dancing is her life and everything she does comes from within. I can see that.

Ade and Kupono are up now, and it just can’t be Ade. Kupono is indeed leaving. That paso doble killed both him and Randi. I think more than that, though, it was the partnernship. He thinks he found a new sense of himself here. I have to agree he’s grown, but not enough.

That’s the thing about the judges having a say in the voting process. Some people argue that American Idol should do it the same way, and let their judges have a say in this process. But as many times as they saved Kupono, we kept sending him back to the bottom, save for a few weeks throughout the process. Eventually this week, when the control was completely in our hands, it was our chance to get rid of him. Randi, on the other hand, had never been in the bottom before while she was dancing with Evan, and once she danced with Kupono, it seemed to be the kiss of death for her.

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