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Big Brother 11, July 14 – They Spelled What?

As the fifth day in the house is upon us, the players’ tensions are rising. Chima had offered herself as a pawn, but is now worried about her choice. Laura is worried because she has no one watching her back, and she thinks she dodged a bullet. Jeff, an athlete, thinks he is an outsider from his own team.

Lydia and Braden rush away into the pool room, and Lydia starts crying. Jordan barges in to tell her she won’t be eliminated. Lydia, in the DR, thinks Jessie nominated her because of her appearance, despite that those of us with feeds have seen the two of them making out. Back in the pool room, Jeff appears, followed by Kevin, to console her.

Chima, with her clique, voices her concerns, because she has no consolation. She only wants to fight for P.O.V., because that’s all she can do. Ronnie and Chima are worried that Jeff will vote against his team. Ronnie states that he is a national champion for persuasive speaking and thinks that will help them.

In the other bedroom, Laura voices her concerns to Russell and Casey about how she thought she would be eliminated and why. Laura thinks it’s becuase of her big boobs. Laura, your boobs aren’t “that” big. All that silicone is going to your head. Casey even notices her sense of pettiness. He notes how she is worried.

In the HoH room, Russell the Love Muscle talks about how they lost Jeff from their team. Chima has a good chance of leaving. They want to pull Laura into the alliance. Russell brings her up, and Jessie says that she can trust them . She talks about how she knows the game very well. In the DR, Russell says they made a powerhouse now.

Braden is quite the colorful character in the house. Ronnie thinks Braden is from the plant Clocktoo. Casey thinks he is Zoolander-ish. Russell thinks as a good guy, Braden is a very dangerous player. My mom thinks he looks like the Heatmeiser. (It makes you want to sing, doesn’t it?)

Jessie calls everyone into the main living room for the P.O.V. competition. Jessie pulls Russell’s chip to play. Chima ges the Houseguest Choice and chooses Natalie. Michelle thinks this was a dumb choice, not piacking someone from her team. Lydia pulls Jeff’s chip, and Jessie chooses Casey to host.

The contestants walk out to see a hug pimply face on the ground. Inside each zit contains letters. These letters are ones that the contstants must use to spell the longest word. Russell has a simple strategy. Collect all the letters.

At the end, Jessie’s word was “CONTINOUSLY,” meaning continuously. Natalie takes the lead with LAST. Chima has SUPERALITY, trying to get to superficiality. Russell takes over first place with the word SHOTGUN. With “all the letters,” that’s what you spell? Jeff had TECTRONICS, trying to get to technotronics. Russell comments “Have you ever heard of a single technotronic?” No, I haven’t Russ. Lydida had the letters CIILIZATION, trying to get to civilization. Russell wins!

Russell, Jessie, Laura, and Natalie celebrate, stating how Jeff threw it. Speak of the devil. He’s flirting with Jordan as she admires his feet. Later, Russell is working out while Jeff is on the eliptical, saying in the DR that he needs to attack him. He walks through the house and backyard yelling about technotronics. He also attacks Chicago. Jeff tries to fire back, but gets shot down by Russell. Jeff balances it by picking a fight with Natalie. He’s being a total ass and thinks they are isolating him.

Lydia starts flirting with Russell, rubbing his shoulders. Wow. Desperate much? It’s her way out of him wanting her up on the block. Russell even reveals that Natalie wanted Lydia out. Lydia then tries to persuade Jessie to have her stay. Natalie walks in and the bullets start flying. Jessie voices his concers about Lydia’s actions, and she makes amends with the athletes. Thinking of replacements, Lydia brings up Braden, and Jessie seems to like the idea a lot.

Jessie walks up Russell late at night. He tells him everything Lydia has just said. Russell is open to the idea of the switchup. They are all in favor. Russeell talks to Ronnie about the switcheroo. The little backstabber goes to tell Jeff, Braden, and Jordan abot it. That guy makes me mad. Russell sees them all talking, and notes how Braden is acting all tough now.

Russell brings Ronnie into the food room and accuses Ronnie of talking. Hen then blames Ronnie more, and Ronnie swears it isn’t him. He even claims he himself is getting pissed. Him? That’s funny. Russell brings Jessie in and tells him about Ronnie. Russell voices his anger a lot.

Ronnie says in the DR that he’s afraid of the P.O.V. ceremony. Everyone walks into the main living room for the ceremony, and it seems that both Lydia and Braden are afraid as well. Lydia’s speech is all about repsecting the love muscle. Kiss ass much? Chima’s speech is just about asking Russell to please use the veto on her.

Russell uses the power of veto on Lydia, and Jessie puts Braden up in her place. He acts awfully cocky and funny for being nominated. He thinks he was misinterpreted. Chima is worried now, while Lydia is very thankfull. Jeff thinks he is the only good guy.

And here’s the word Chima wast trying to spell, superficiality. She got that right.

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