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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 15 – Who's On the Hot Bangers and Mash Train?

This mean the last couple are Melissa and Brandon. He thinks she’s amazing,saying she’s been on fire and he thinks her lines are amazing. She’s excited as well, as he’s done so well, and he’s so strong and has a lot of personality, but they, too, have a height problem with her a little taller. They’ll be taking on Broadway with Tyce Diorio, doing a song from Hair. Brandon says you have to ease into a partnership, but not today with Melissa. She was on top of him just sitting there saying “Hi partner, how are you?” She notes they did get into some interesting positions. The first move, her chin went right into his butt.

Melissa and Brandon dance to Aquarius, and they’re very much dressed the part as flower children. Tyce does a great job mixing Brandon’s lifts and flips with Melissa’s toe spins. I like them together. I don’t think the height difference was ever a problem, and they’re both barefooted. I think both of them are at ease with their bodies and the way they move, and that helped.

Nigel loved the way that Tyce remembers all these styles, and says he’s far too young to do that. He loves the way Tyce used Melissa and Brandon. That was an acutally representative of the the 60s. This was the period when white girls danced with black guys, and it’s the first musical Nigel can remember that happening. However, the guys had much more hair than Brandon did. Nigel loved the way Melissa’s ballet style was used, spaced out-ness and all. The same goes for Brandon’s ballet style.

Mary says she doesn’t mean to blow smoke up their “fill in the blank”, but that was unbelievable and groovy. They’re the stars of the show. Once again Melissa’s husband is holding up a sign in the audience, and Mary and Nigel do a sock it to me thing back and forth.

Debbie tells Brandon and Melissa that they evoked a real harmony. They were both amazingly powerful and technical, yet different, and together; it was seamless. There were big moves that made us say wow and small simple things that let us be a part of it. It was really a joy to watch, and they’re both brilliant.

Janette is up with the final solo of the evening, dancing to This is Miami by Sander Kleinenberg. You just don’t expect a salsa song to be song by a Kleinenberg. This is good, really good, but I still think she’s hanging in there because of partners. I don’t think she could carry a less strong partner if she needed to.

Jeffrey Page is bringing some African dance style to the five male finalists. He says he’s bringing some complicated movement to the table and that it won’t be Hollywood African. He wants something that shows off masculinity. The story is about them seeing a lovely woman, and in the rest of the tme they’re bragging. Evan wonders if we noticed he’s not African. No! Tell me it’s not so. Brandon calls everyhing about this quick and hard, and Kupono says it’s just a bunch of rhythm. Jason thinks everyone is stresssed out like he is, and Ade mentions Jeffrey had to stop rehearsals at one point, as they were not getting it.

Balant Funk by Ayanda Clarke and Shawn Kelly is the backdrop for this African dance. It’s really intresting to watch, but I’m not sure if it shows as much off as the Bollywood routine. There just isn’t much more to say about it. I can see what they did putting two geographical styles together with this and the Bollywood, but I’m not as impressed and I was earlier, and even that was a hard sell.

Nigels points out that everyone that knows him knows how much he loves Afrian dance. As a continent that puts up with so much crap, that when it gets together; it loves its dance. Communities come together, and it shows in the style in the enthusiasm. He welcomes Jeffrey to the choreographer family at So You Think You Can Dance. He notes he could be one of the meanest choreographers he’s met, and the routine was one of the toughest ever on the show. It requires a ot of energy, from the minute they start dancing to when they finish. Evan is called out specifically, as Nigel says he looks like a dancing milkshake. As with the girls, nobody stood out like a sore thumb.

Mary loves the costumes and just enjoyed the dance tonight. It was so much energy and so exiting. She calls out Evan as well and says he held his own. She loves the humor in it with Evan coming out with his stomach sticking out at first.

Debbie tells us we have gone from Bollywood to paso doble and now to Africa. What’s imporant about this style is that it’s the origin of hip hop and jazz. It’s the mother of them all. Jeffrey’s work was so pure and authentic, and that’s what happens on So You Think You Can Dance. You think you can dance until you get a challenge like this, something that’s based on rhythm and stamina. They all are standing, and she was proud of them, as you can’t just get up and do this. You have to train. The technique is as serious as that of ballet, modern, or any other style.

Nigel takes a last crack and says it’s better than Russian folk. What isn’t, NIgel? I don’t care what he says, that’s why we lost Phillip.

Debbie said at the beginning of the show that we should be voting for whoever had the biggeset impression on us even after they left the stage. For me, that’s Travis Wall, but they didn’t give us a number for him. In lieu of that, I think Jeanine and Jason will get the majority of the votes. Kupono and Randi might be in danger, as that really wasn’t good. As far as the others in the bottom, I’m just nots ure, but maybe Evan and Kayla, as that was good, but not as much as the others.

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