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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 15 – Who's On the Hot Bangers and Mash Train?

Nigel holds back on the commetns for the dancers and says the program often shows talent that goes nowhere, but when he sees something like this that brings a choreographer like Travis through from being a dancer on the program, he has to just mention first and foremost, it was fabulous work that was only bettered by the two people that danced it. He assures Jeanine that she’ll carry more hearts than the one on the necklace she wore around her neck. He thinks this is the first time she had a partner that could keep up with her technically. I loved Phillip Chbeeb, but I think he’s right. He thinks they both have become stars tonight.

Mary stares at Jason and Jeanette, and Nigel says it was so brilliant Mary is at a loss for words. He tells them to do this same routine every week. She then eeks out that these two are stars. She is so proud of them and is just beaming. She also has to say when she can see an alumnus like Travis do what he did tonight and just grow, she just loves it. She breaks up a little and tears up. She notes she just wants to pinch Jason’s little puppy dog face, but doesn’t want anyone to underestimate his power, as he’s gone to a new level which Travis will do to you. Jeanine has not missed a step and her light is shining brigher and brighter. She thinks she’ll have an amazing future. Marye hears something, too. She gives a silent scream.

Debbie remembers that Travis came into the dressing room when they were dong their makeup and asked how he did in the dress rehearsal, and she said it was brilliant. She watched him when he was 14 assisting his mom teaching at Debbie’s school. This says to her tonight that this show has gone beyond competition and has become a conversation that is connecting a community of dance around the world and it’s evangelizing dance the way nothing else has. She is just thrilled to be a witness of this route of Travis, as well as Jason and Jeanine.

Melissa is up with a solo, dancing on toe, of course, to Gabriel by Lamb. This is amazing to say the least, what this woman can do on toe. She makes it look like those hard boxes at the end of her feet are extensions of her limbs.

Evan gets a chance to do his solo, dancing to Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart by Rufus Wainwright. He’s often compared to Gene Kelly, and I see it. His body at times is like rubber, and he gets out a great flip at the end.

Kayla dances another solo right away to Rock Your Soul by Elisa. Not that the judges don’t say it enough, but her lines truly are amazing. It’s not just that she has long limbs, but she knows what to do with ’em.

Picking from the hat, Randi gets Kupono for her new partner, and he’s excited, as she’s such a cutie that he thinks he could fit in his pocket. She thinks he has a great energy about him and great presence onstage. She says it’s hard though to find a chemistry in so short of time, but he thinks they’ll work really well together. They’re going to work with Tony and Melanie on the paso doble. Randi is terrified, and Kupono isn’t very clear on what their roles are. Melanie admits they didn’t hold back on the choreogrpahy at all. Kupono admits it was rough, and Tony wants them to work on bringing the power and emotion into the dance. Randi knows it’s going to take a lot of work.

Randi and Kupono do their paso doble to Dies Irae by Karl Jenkins, and she has longer darker hair in the beginning, making me forget she’s bubbly Randi. You could see they weren’t too thrilled to work with each other, and I think it shows here in this routine. They’re not together so much. It’s hard for cute Randi to get that serious quality that this needs, and he looks like he’s going to drop her a few times.

Nigel calls it good choreography, saying it summed up everything that this routine is supposed to be, strong and passtionate, but he’s not sure the dancing was as good as the choreography. He’s sorry he feels that, yet isn’t sure that Kupono carried the strength. It was too light. Randi lost Nigel halfway through. He wasn’t sure about the way Randi was because of the hair, but the chemistry was lost between the pair of them. It didn’t work as a copule or a dance, athough they did do a number of things right. It didn’t feel authentic.

Mary says it’s hard for everyone tonight in these new pairings. Some will rise to the challenge and some will not, and this is falling in the not category. She agrees it’s a fabulous routine, but she didn’t believe the wig, dancing, or chemistry. It needs to be about strength, as it’s about life and death and going for it. It was so cautious and a slight intense look on Kupono’s face that wasn’t believable. Randi was there a little further, but sitll not enough. It they get to stay, they’re going to have to bring it.

Debbie says it’s hard not to agree, and because they’re still very new partners, she thinks the trust isn’t there. There was a bit of awkwardness between Kupono and Randi, and Debbie feels that was becauase of the trust. They really needed more time, and they don’t have more.

Ade does his solo to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers, and it’s good dancing, but doesn’t really seem to fit the song. The flip was amazing, though.

Jeanine takes the stage with her solo, dancing to Violento (Up Mix) by Bailongo! She follows up what she just did with Jason perfectly. You just can’t get any better than this. That’s all there is to say about it.

Jason comes up for his solo dancing to Muddy Waters’ Train Fare Home, a really inventive song to dance to, so let’s see if the solo can match it. Yeah, I have to say it does.


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