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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 15 – Who's On the Hot Bangers and Mash Train?

Mary notes that the song was about power, pleasure, and pain, and to have two of the three is not bad. What was slightly painful was watching Evan do the turns with no movement and power at the end. Watching his leg action now, in the top 10 with the gloves off, it simply wasn’t good enough, as his feet were just plodding along. It wasn’t happening, yet when Evan lifted Kayla, which was shocking to her, it was like he was 6 feet tall, making every single one look absolutely effortless. He did have a class about him which you need. Kayla didn’t disappint once again. Her movement and quality is much better, and she has tremendous lines. She still feels like Kayla is groowing. Fabulous.

Debbie calls it a wonderful and unexpected surprise. It was a random pairing that no one would have asked for. But “darlin, you handled your big woman.” Kayla was Evan’s woman, and she doesn’t care what kind of waltz it was. It was 3/4 and they were in time. She just has to say to Kayla that from when they were picking the top 20, she was like white lightning, so powrful. They nicknamed Evan Gene Kelly, and he was the dark horse, not knowing if America would catch on to him, but they have. She just enjoyed this tonight.

Brandon Bryant gets his forst opportunity to do a solo, and dances to In Your Eyes by Jeffrey Gaines. We’ve been missing a lot not getting a chanc to see this. He’s just fun to watch.

Janette gets her shot at picking a new partner, and picks Ade Obayami. He’s excited to get the fire/little diva/MIami chick that yells a lot. He knows she’ll bring the energy. They were joking, wondering what it would be like to get paired, as he’s the tallest guy and she’s the shortest girl, the opposite of our last couple. They’re doing the hip hop first with Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo. They are calling Ade the Funk Doctor and tell Janette she has no funk in this routine. They try to hypnotize her to get that funk with Ade’s adorned hair pick. Tabitha wants her to come up to Ade’s level, ortherwise she thinks she’ll “funk it all up.”

HIp hopping to Love Sex Magic by Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake, Ade really does use his hair pick to try and hypnotize Janette. She’s lucky she’s with him, as I still don’t think she has enough personality, and that she lived off Brandon before, and now will do the same with Ade. Their height difference is a lot more obvious here than Evan and Kayla’s was. As they go along, more and more of Janette’s clothing keeps coming off. They aren’t always in time with each other, but that could be a problem with the height difference, as that would make it hard.

Nigel says if that’s what you do with a pick, he’ll be wearing one next week, and he puts two pencils in his hair. He also notes “Nap and Tab” had a little fun again. He thought both Ade and Janette had funk, and he has note again that Ade does have funk. He liked the fact that they used their height difference in the routine, and he likes that Nap and Tab used the dancers to the best of their abilities. Cat and Mary can’t keep a straight face with Nigel having two pencils in his hair. He jokes he’s going to try and talk Mary out of her clothes later.

Mary wants to get serious and cut the crap. She thinks that was funky. It sure was a lot of fun and just pure entertainment. Ade, the gentle giant, got down and got his groove on. She loved the little trick and when he got down with the chicken legs. Janette, the little spice tamale, got funky out there. It was well-synchornized, and she is a powerfhouse and fireball of a dancer.

Debbit tells Ade and Janette they wore her out. She wanted to get out there too and thinks Napoleon and Tabitha are on a roll. She missed the story, but wants Ade to stay away from her daughter, with the way he was stealing Janette’s clothes. She calls it a nice change.

Randi comes out for her solo dancing to Dream by Priscilla Ann. I wonder if she has body issues, as she’s always in one pieces and loose-fitting tonic type things. It doesn’t matter what she’s weairng, though, as this is amazingly good.

We get another solo right away, as Kupono dances to Marina Gasolina by Bonde Do Role. It has a very African spin to it. I have to say it’s much better than the solos he did to save his life before.

Jeanine picked a new guy and ends up with Jason Glover. He’s happy about it as they’re good friends, and he thinks their styles are the same. She agrees, yet feels they’re the same in the feel for the music. She thinks they can make somethng magical togehter, plus, she notes he’s not bad to look at. Travis Wall will be teaching them a contemporary routine, and he admits he’s very nervous about his first time choreographing. Jeanine says they want to make this dance work for Travis, because he deserves it. The story is that they’re longtime friends, and they’re trying to figure out whether they should hook up or not. Jason hasn’t seen anyone do some of the stuff Travis is asking them to do, including a lot of flips and lifts, which is so very Travis, I have to say.

It’s Jason Mraz’ If It Kills Me (The Casa Nova Sessions) that’s behind Jeanine and Jason’s dance. I find it fascnating that I can so see Travis in this dance. What do you want from a guy that danced in the infamous park bench routine? I have to just say, this is amazing and wowing. Travis is an outstanding choreographer. And I have to say I couldn’t figure out why they kept Jason every week, but now I do. Fittingly, the judges give them a standing ovation.


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