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Big Brother 11, July 12 – I'm Your Friend; Knife In the back.

Ronnie and Lydia come in to talk with Jessie and Natalie, and the tae kwon do champ asks what Ronnie and Chima’s thoughts are on possibly being pawns. Ronnie thinks Michele would be the best pawn. Chima isn’t comfortable going up as a pawn, but says she trusts them. Ronnie, knowing this game as well as the rest of us fans, knows that the pawn always goes home, so he is not about to offer up himself.

The houseguests are told competing for only food is a thing of the past, as now there is much more to lose. The clique that loses this first competition will endure a week of the most grueling conditions in Big Brother house history. Those in the Atheltes will be in the “In Crowd” and will be exempt having full privileges all week long. It’s the first Have and Have Not Competion. Kevin doens’t know what this means, only that it’s not good, something he doesn’t want to be part of his Big Brother experience.

Everyone gets done up in neon war paint and heads outside to where the yard is decorated like a rave, making Lydia feel right at home. The Athletes get to chill out in the club atmosphere while the others get ready to mix it up. On the dance floor there’s a a neon color for each clique with neon letters that spells out H-A-V-E. When the neon “juice” starts flowing, they’ll assemble pipes so that the juice flows throughout the word Have, and make a psychedelic wheel spin. If they lose, they’ll be the first Have Nots. Ronnie is fairly confident they can perform well, saying it’s a mental competiton to connect pipes. Casey feels it will suck major suckage and suckarama if they lose. You have to love a man of words.

Jordan is confused about 90 and 180 angles, wishing they would talk in English so she could understand. Apparently mental comps won’t be her thing this season. Lydia thinks Casey is great as he has a teaching and coaching mentality, and she thinks it’s a great fire to lead them. The In Crowd is doing shots of something, as Ronnie talks about the the quickest path between two points is a straight line. Casey is glad to see his team is working well together and the other teams having problems. The Brains are not having an easy time as Michele calls it a mess.

The Offbeats goes on to win the competition, as the other two teams battle it out. Braden calls this a game of lincoln logs and not a lot to do with physics, as the Brains continue to struggle. Michele says Ronnie’s idea was more going around in circles. The popular crowd gets their wheel to spin next as the Brains will be the Have Nots for the week. They will only be eating slop and will have only cold water showers, as well as the Have Not bedroom. Chima says she can’t deal with it, and starts to cry. She’s asked if she wants to be here, and says she’s not sure. Michele tells the DR she’s like the biggest cry baby she’s ever seen. Yeah, that’s not what you want people to see this early in the game, that you can’t handle losing a challenge on week one.

The houseguests see the Have Not bedroom and say it looks like an insane asylum. It’s all in steel gray, with a metal bed with small pillows and just a few blankets, with metal carts for shelving. Jessie just likes how tan the tights make him look. You have to like a guy with his head in the game. Chima is saying that people in strait jackets are always in rooms like this, and she’s way too diva for this. Casey notes that Princess Chima is not happy, as princesses aren’t used to sleeping on cement slabs.

They decide to spark a little fun into the house with a bikini competition, with Casey emceeing. Michele comes out and strips off her sweats to show a rocking body for a Brain, and Jordan is strutting in pink lingerie. From the feeds, I’ll add that Natalie finds this quite amusing, that she brought lingerie to the Big Brother house. Lydia is walking around in it as well, but I’m not sure if it’s hers or Jordan’s. Laura shows off her large assets, and Jessie and everyone else knew that Laura would do that. He adds whatever she’s selling he’s not buying.

Laura tells Jessie after the bikini competition she’s ready to start competing and is ready for people to start going home. She wonders if he is bothered by the people kissing up to him, and he’s non-committal at best. She wonders if he’s doing this on purpose, wanting to play the little schoolboy game of ignoring her, but she sees it as really annoying.

Lydia doesn’t have body image to get close to Jessie so gives him a massage, and he realizes full well she’s kissing his ass. She knows it can’t be summer camp and kumbayah and that the game will change very quickly. She just wants to know where she stands in his eyes, and he says he kbows she’s smart, and they’re obviously both there for the money, but it’s one week at a time.

Natalie says they know a Brain is going to go up as a pawn, so it’s just a matter of choosing the other person. She gets together with Russell and Jessie and they’re deciding between Laura and Lydia. Russell and Natalie see Lydia as the bigger threat, but Jessie says if Laura stays, she hasn’t done anyting yet, but that’s Russell’s point, to take out someone who’s playing the game. Natalie agrees, saying Lydia has been working Jessie like crazy. Jessie understands their point, but he needs to do what’s right for him instead of helping the others with their game.

Before the nominations are announced, Laura calls it upsetting she could be a target the first week, as she doesn’t want to fight extra hard this early, and if Jessie is playing hardball, he’s playing with the wrong girl. Ronnie says once Chima had her diva fit, he saw it as gravy, and he hopes Jessie is seeing he should put up her as a pawn, because he wouldn’t be comfottable doing it. Lydia isn’t worried, as she thinks she’s pretty cool with Jessie. Russell calls these nominations his idea. Braden mentions a greater force out there, then goes on and on, and it’s really not clear what he’s talking about. I think he’s trying to appear smarter than he is. Jessie knows they’ll find out where loyalties are for some people, and this could mean him not being very safe next week.

Jessie hosts the nomination ceremony and gives the Athletes their keys first, then pulls the first key of the rest of the bunch, Michele. The next to be pulled are Braden, Kevin, Ronnie, Jordan, Laura, and the final person safe is Casey. This means the nominees are Lydia and Chima. Jessie tells them there isn’t much to go off of the first week, and he respects them both as competitiors, and they’re both playing the game. It doesn’t matter whether they go out this week or five weeks from now, as only one person can win.

Ronnie feels this is the best thing ever, as Chima is up and not him. Lydia definitely felt picked on, as there was no reason to have her nominated and she doesn’t deserve it, so she’ll be fighting hard to stay. Braden says it’s getting heavy, so let the gods speak. I have to say this god is sporting some serious Heatmeiser hair. Jessie knows the game by now, noting, “I’m your friend, knife in the back, I’m your friend, knife in the back.” You have to run faster than the others if you’re being chased by bears, and trip the others to make it out alive.

I have to say I find it really good game play for Jessie, Russell, and Natalie to nominate Chima and Lydia. This makes the Popular clique look safe, and will seem to the others like the Athletes are working with the Populars. It’s very believable and will give some false hope and possibly target the Populars. Great game play has to also go to Ronnie. It figures one of us, a fan, would play the game well.

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