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Big Brother 11, July 12 – I'm Your Friend; Knife In the back.

Obviously the quote in the title is spoken by someone that really knows the game well, as that’s what Big Brother is all about. But who said it, Jessie who’s been there before, or Ronnie who knows this game as well as any fan out there. Or was it someone else?

Jessie found a group with mixed emotions about seein him join the cast. Kevin was weirded out, as he hates him and calls him a “meathead.” Ah, he watched the show before as well. He also mentions he himself hasn’t been to the gym in ten years, so it could be hard to find common ground. Lydia started thinking to herself that that kind of person that Jessie is usually doesn’t work well with her. She needs to do some quick thinking, because her fate lies within his hands. Jessie flashes his guns seeming to feel like he is the answer to their prayers. Chima feels he was the nail in the coffin, as the athletes didn’t need another player.

The Athletes Clique are of course feeling good about seein Jessie. Russell think he’s “a pretty neat cat,” and they have a lot in common. He thinks they’ll be formidlable as a team. Natalie was hoping it would be a girl joining them, as then there would be two girls and two guys in their clique. Yet, she also sees him as a strong competitor and an asset. And of course, he’s played the game before and knows how it goes. Ronnie is glad, too, saying no one has wanted to work out so far, and privately he says he knows Jessie’s weaknesses and feels he can definitely outthink Jessie. Some people would say that isn’t difficult, but I always thought Jessie was smarter than he came off last year.

Jessie updates some of the houseguests and lets them know he’s been living out west, as he’s following his dream and wanting to be a WWE Superstar. Lydia asks him how he gets his body that big, as he’s like “epic” and could be Zeus at a toga party. Russell is noting that she’s already kissing up to him.

Meanwhile, Ronnie is working it with his Brains click, and saying he will offer to Jessie that they align with him and create a super alliance. Jessie works it with Jeff and they talk about nominees. He tells Jeff he needs to let him know who’s talking behind his back. Jeff doesn’t want Jesse putting those decsions on him. Not good, as he’s ostracising himself from his own clique far too early.

Jesse gets his HOH room, and it’s a beautiful room, possibly the most ever. Kevin calls it “super Zen,” with the corkboard, fish tank, and water wall. Casey is envious, especially because he didn’t need to do anyting to get it. Jessie says what’s great is that everyone else has to talk downstairs while the HOH chills upstairs. Privately, he says it’s really not all that envious of a place to be in, as everyone hates you.

In the pool room, Ronnie, wearing a “Dork” t-shirt, says high school was hell for him, as he wasn’t one the popular kids and all he did was play video ames and was called gay because he didn’t fit the macho guy stereotype. Michele says everyone at her schol thought she was a lesbian, and she couldn’t get a boyfriend. Jordan say she wasn’t mean to anyone at school for those type of things. Ronnie sees this clique thing as an amazing opportunity to show people that they’re more than what they look like on the outside, and they’ve changed since high school. Truth be told, Gang, this is the clique I was in in school. True confessions. I was a dork.

Privately, Ronnie is saying he knows what he has to do, and he’s comparing himself to the Lambda Lambda Lambdas in Revenge of the Nerds. He goes to Jessie’s HoH, and theu play “Let’s Make a Deal.” Ronnie seems to turn on his clique, saying MIchele has no game play, and neither does Chima. He thinks they like him enough and he can persueade them to vote for whoever he wants to give Jessie three more votes. Ronnie can guarantee that if he’s kept here, he can work with Jessie if he wins HoH. He says in the DR that he never hung around with the jocks and never would have, but this is an opportunity to take both of them longer in the game. Jesse sees it in both of their favors as well, and Ronnie notes no one will expect hey’re in on it together. He says in the DR it’s like the Evil Galactic Empire of the Athletes and the Awesome Rebel Alliance of the Brains lining up. They’l be abl to control the house and take out everyone one by one.

We’re hanging out in the backyard for the first time, as Lydia sits in the hammock with Kevin, saying she hated high school, as she wasn’t popular or class president and people didn’t know who she was. Kevin agrees he doesn’t want to go back there, and says it’s hard to find something in common with Jessie. She suggests what Jessie and Kevin have in common is being judged by their outer exteriors. She gets it and has been judged the same way with her tattoos. She’s going to make an attempt to not judge him for his exterior.

Jessie and Russell bond over a snack, as Russell thinks eveyrone is being too nice right now. Jessie also spills that he is trying ot get Jeff to help him, and he seemed hesitant. Russell suggests they could run this game together, and Jessie says he has a lot of respect for Russell, as he has the same mentality with the killer instict, “never give up, never die.” Russell wants Lydia up on the block, as he sees her as smart. Russell knows if he and Jessie line up togehter, there will be no one that can stop them.

Jessie plays chess against Natalie as a whole crew watches them. Watching them, Laura asks who they thought was the hottest guy in the house, and while Kevin says Jeff, she says Jessie, then Jeff. Jessie tells the DR he thought it was a desperation compliment, and he doesn’t think he can trust someone like that right now. Natalie offers up Kevin as her suggestion. She then argues with Jesse over the rules in chess, and he asks if anyone else wants to pay “the poor sport” as he walks away. She continues, saying he thinks she’s a loser, but who lost last season? Check mate!

Privately, Jessie and Natalie are very much aligned and talking in the HoH, laying in bed with each other. They’re talking alliances and nominations, and he says they need people that can win competitions on their side. He mentions his converation with Ronnie before, and Natalie agrees he could be good for them. She knows he’s not seen as a threat, and does seem very loyal and trustworthy. Ronnie takes the conversation to Chima, telling her it’s the perfect alliance, and he thinks Jessie can be trusted. If it goes down exactly as they’ve been told, they’ll know they can trust Jessie.


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