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Big Brother 11 Premiere: When Recycling Goes Too Far

Julie explains that the HoH competition is about to begin. It’s called “Wedgie” or “Super Wedgie” or something – I didn’t bother to write the name down. The hamsters climb into a giant pair of underpants (which look, quite frankly, like adult cloth diapers), and then lean forward to hold on to their toiler seats. The whole contraption rises off the floor, resulting in a wedgie that they have to settle into in order to last the longest.

But wait, there’s a catch! Whoever wins this competition keeps his or her clique safe, but will not become the HoH. Everyone mumbles that there must be another houseguest, and Julie confirms that this is correct.

In the studio, we see the four hamsters who could be joining the house, and as we already knew, they are past houseguests. Brian (BB10) is representing the Brains, Cowboy (BB5) wears the Off Beat tag, Jessica (BB9) represents the Populars, and Jessie (BB10) is there for the Dumbasses Athletes.

Let me say right now that the ONLY one of these four people who I’d like to see back in the house is Brian, and that’s because he’s cute. Really, if they were going to recycle a hamster, they should have just let the audience vote. But I digress.

Michele and Ronnie are the first ones out. The recycled hamsters, who are watching the action with Julie in front of the house, are now offered the opportunity to give one group a Super Wedgie. They each pick one of the groups, who is then shaken for 30 seconds for each time they’re chosen. This is pretty much a non-event, so we’ll skip the details.

Lydia is done after the Super Wedgie, followed by Jordan, Kevin, and Jeff. Another Super Wedgie is attempted, which claims Chima. And thus, my eye candy is once again eliminated first. Brian looks disappointed as he says his farewells.

The next one out is Casey, who also flushes Cowboy’s hopes at redemption down the proverbial toilet. Thank you, Casey.

Laura drops out next, saying privately that she could have hung in there much longer, but didn’t want to put a target on her own back. I’m sure Jessica appreciates that. Braden shows off, doing pull-ups and mouthing off, but eventually he drops as well, leaving Russell and Natalie, and the Athletes clique, the winners.

Where’s the Gorilla Costume?

Unfortunately, this means that Jessie, he of the big muscles and even bigger self-appreciation, will be moving back into the Big Brother house. In his intro, he pointed out that he doesn’t think his ego got in the way last season, and oh yeah, he’s added an inch to his “guns.” Ugh. You have to question the reasoning behind bringing back a hamster whose only shining moment came while he was silent and dressed as a gorilla.

The hamsters in the backyard are told that the 13th houseguest is waiting to enter, and that he is a familiar face who knows the game of Big Brother. Immediately, a few people gasp, “Jessie! That guy from last season who was a body builder!” Hee. As they enter the house, we cut back to Julie, who tells Jessie he can go on in. He does, shouting “Where my athletes at?”

Sunday night we’ll get to find out who Jessie nominates (although if you have the feeds, you already know!). And apparently there’s another “shocking” twist coming up soon. (This is probably the whole “Haves” and “Have Nots” thing they’ve been pimping for the last couple of weeks.)

See you next week!

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