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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 9 – And Then There Were 10

I admit; I’m loving this reality TV double whammy. I just watched the first hour of the eleventh season of Big Brother, and now I get to see the results show on So You Think You Can Dance. After this week, it’ll be two elimination shows between the two. And then after that, I can watch Burn Notice and Royal Pains off the DVR. Woo-hoo!

The group dance tonight is to Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. It’s very European military with berets and all. I’m going to guess maybe it was Shane Sparks with this routine. Phillip Chbeeb is doing some weird finger thing at the camera. I totally don’t get what that was all about. Janette Manrara is a little too out there, hamming it up a little too much. Surprisingingly, Cat Deeley tells us this was the work of Napoleon and Tabitha D’umo.

Our judges are back tonight, Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and the “Snappalicious” Tyce Diorio. Cat also tells us it’s NIgel’s 60th birthday, and he notes he hasn’t even had any botox. He jokes he went there, but Mary had been there first, and there was none left. He also clears up the Michael Jackson Tribute. They had wanted to do that, and all the choreographers wanted to do it and had picked out the music, but either Sony or the family wouldn’t clear the music for them. I love that he played hardball and published that so that everyone would know.

We get to decide who leaves after this week, and Mary says she has mixed emotions about it. It’s one of the few competitions shows where the judges have a say, so she’s grateful for that. It’s not easy week in and week out, and if us viewers haven’t been happy with the results, it’s now our turn, and she’s going to be watching us. Tyce talks about the difficulty of doing two dances this week, but says they didn’t sign up for a vacation at Club Med. They need to be like magicians or warriors. It’s just the way it is.

The first two copules are up for judgement. Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover did a lyrical jazz routine and jazzy fox trot. She got compared to Grace Kelly, and Jason was told he was suave. Brandon Bryant and Janette Manrara stole the show with a Wade Robeson jazz routine, and also did the Argentine tango, which Nigel called as close to perfection as he’s seen on this stage ever. As expected from this pairing, Caitlin and Jason are the first couple in the bottom three. Mary thinks they had the magic the first week with Bollywood, but they haven’t had it since. They need to dig deeper and really find that magic now.

Another two couples take the stage. Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak did a slow sizzing samba and started with the pregnant hip hop. Nigel called them one of his favorite couples, and Randi was told she carried the second routine. Phillip Chbeeb and Jeanine Mason ended with a jive, but started with a Russian folk dance, which was a killer for them. If they’re in the bottom two, that’s why. Even Nigel questioned them getting stuck with that. Randi and Evan are safe, and Nigel says now he thinks the Russian folk dance did hurt Phillip and Jeanine, but he explains they’ve known since this morning who the bottom three are. They have made up their minds, but it can be changed by their solos. If they were smart, they started boning up their solos as soon as they pulled the Russian folk dance.

The last two couples are up. Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi finished with a beautiful waltz, but started with a smoking disco. They picked Mary up with it, even though Melissa fell on her ass. There will be a mad stampede, I think, if Melissa and Ade are in the bottom three. Kayla Radomski and Kupono Aweau did Broadway and a Mia Michaels routine about addiction. The first dance was really strong, but the judges didn’t think they caputured the feeling of West Side Story. Here comes the stampede. There is no way the judges will let Melissa or Ade go home. Tyce wants to be honest and says he thought Ade dropped the ball in terms of energy and good is not enough. His body language tells us how important it is. He has to get down and dig down.

We get to see some of the footage of the auditions for the next season that starts already in September, and I have to say it’s hard to get into it when we’re looking at a final 10 after tonight. Yet, there’s one guy that has a self-described whimsical style, and it’s really fun.

Caitlin is up first with her solo dancing to Stand By Me by Playing for Change. It just really isn’t special at all until a great flip at the end. Jason steps it up dancing to Evaline’s Calm Touching. This is a Jason I haven’t seen before.He wants it, tbut that stiff dancing thing is a bit weird.

Jeanine is up dancing to Chris Garneau’s Baby’s Romance, and we’re watiing to see if she’s as impressive this week as she was last week. She is. She just has a great feeling for the music and how to move with it. Up after his partner is Phillip, dancing to The Diva Dance from the soundtrack of The Fifth Element. He brings out the specialness that the jduges thought was missing last week.

Melissa is up, and as we would expect, she’s rocking it in her toe shoes, dancing to Kodo’s Kashira. There is no chance that we’ll say goodbye to her tonight. Absolutely none. Ade is up dancing to WindowDipper by Jib Kidder. Wow, this is really good. He does an awesome flip, seemingly getting down and digging down like Tyce asked. There’s a chance they’ll send Phillip home, but I think it’ll be jason, and I’m reasonably sure it will be Caitlin leaving as well.

As our special msucial guests tonight, we have DJ David Guetta and Kelly Rowland with When Love Takes Over. Simon Cowell would be telling her right now that she’s shouting too much, and Randy Jackson would be telling her she’s a little pitchy.

The three girls take the stage, and Nigel tells them the judges are unanimous this evening. There is no question all six dancers are absolutely brilliant, and they’re very sad to lose two of them. They know whatever they say tonight, it will affect everyone that watches the show. Tonight it’s going from duets to singles, and they want to see everyone hopping.They want to see stars and they don’t feel everyone has achieved that yet.

With the girls, they have done if from the positive point of view by looking at the two they want to stay. They are not doing it from a negative point of view, as the person that is leaving they feel is fantastic. Caitlin is asked to step forward and is told right off the bat tonight is the end of her journey. Wow. Swift, short, and sweet. For the girl that auditioned just because her sister did before her, she did well. She says it’be been everyting she coule hope for and so much more.

The guys take the stage, and Nigel says again they are unanimous, and again they think all three of them are brilliant dancers, and they’re looking to see them in the future. Phillip is asked to step forward and is told without question he is unique in what he does. There’s no question about that. In all the other genres they are a little disappointed. They are not taking into account the Russian folk dancing. It’s the end of the road for him; however, Nigel has secured with the producers that he and Caitlin will go on the tour. Phillip said form the beginning he was just happy to be there. He’ll miss being able to grow the most. It’s clear he’s as far from a trained dancer as possible, and if anything, he hopes it inspired others to see you don’t need a studio and just need passion and creativity to do what you want.

I’m a little surprised that they dropped Phillip, but I completely understand Nigel’s point of view with him. I don’t see what they see in Jason. Sure, he’s a good dancer, but I don’t see any personality in him that says star. Kupono needs to send Mia Michaels a bouquet of flowers. That’s why he’s still there.

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