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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 8 – The English Muffin and Brooklyn Brownie

Jeanine is taking it a lot harder than she would have thought to be splitting up with Phillip, and she’ll miss his big heart, but they’ll always have Paris. Sorry, couldn’t resist. They’ll always have the dances they did together. He’ll miss her uplifting spirit and goofy personality. They’ll go out on a high note with the jive being choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie. Phillip is supposed to be like a sailor who’s been gone for awhile and comes home and expects her to fall into his arms, but she wants to show him what he’s been missing. There will be booty grabs and chest shimmys. She calls it their second chance at ballroom.

Dancing to Stuff Like that There by Bette Midler, Jeanine and Phillip definitely have the energy they need for this song. I really like it on them, although I have to admit I kept thinking of how fun it would have been to see this routine on Evan and Randi. Nevertheless, I think they made up the ground they needed to after the Russian folk dancing.

Nigel thinks while Tony and Meredith did great with the fox trot, they surpassed themselves with this routine. But on top of that, the dancers need to bring it to life, and Phillip without question was the best he has been out of his own style. Nigel is taking into account Phillip slipped and was very nervous, but he’s now starting to come to life, and why shouldn’t he when he has a partner like Jeanine. She proved why she was in the top 12 last week, and if she isn’t part of the top 10, he’ll be surprised.

Mary can guarantee Jeanine will be here next week, and for her Phillip was a big surprise, especially with all the fast work he had to do. She tells us not to count him out whatsoever. Jeanine was on fire tonight. She was cracking Mary up and she is a hot tamale, as she puts her on the train. It’s about time she took the ride on the train.

Tyce wants to call “1-888-Fan-friggin-tastic.” What Phillip lacks in technique he makes up for in performance. Jeanine is more than a dancer up there; she’s a star. Tony and Melanie did a great job, and together they had a great package deal.

Randi is going to miss this look Evan gives her “when he wants to come get me or something,” and he’s going to miss getting to laugh in rehearsal, as they have a lot of fun together. He knows she’ll have some good times with whoever else she’s partnered with. They’re going to take on the samba with Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis. Evan is nervous about getting his hips going, saying it’s a little foreign to him, and Randi is embarrassed to look stupid. It’s out of her comfort zone to look shaky and sexy.

They have some exciting music with Ritmo De Bom Bom by Jubaba, and start right off with an amazing lift. She has the perfect body to shake like that, so she really needn’t be embarrassed, but you can see a little hesitancy still coming out in her. She just needs to let it go like she did with Mia’s butt dance. This is so animalistic, I just wish she could’ve let go more.

Nigel tells Evan he doesn’t look at him as a hot samba king, although he was very strong and did what was required of him. Randi is hot, as they could put her in a “bin liner” and she’d still look hot. But together doing a hot samba, when he thinks of how Pasha and Anya would do it, that wasn’t as hot as he would have liked it.

Mary says it might not have been hot, but it was a slow sizzle going on on the floor. She thought it was a great routine with Pasha and Anya, and they had a lot of partnering work and lived up to it. But it wasn’t quite as dynamic as it should have been, as they didn’t commit to it and command attention. They did it, but didn’t go that extra mile. They needed to find a little more fire down there.

Tyce tells Evan he needed to be like a detective, because Danny and Lacey did this song, and they needed to go back there and find what they needed to do to be just as good. Randi carried the routine, and Pasha and Anya did a good job. Mary butts in and says Tyce butted into her, and Randi was a hot tamale tonight as well. She was getting into it and had the flavor and spice, and she just couldn’t go without saying that.

Brandon is going to miss how Janette brought him out of his shell with her Cuban side. She’s definitley nervous about losing him, as he’s extremely talented, and she doesn’t think she’d be this far without him and knows no one else can live up to him. They’ll be working on jazz with Wade Robeson. Brandon will be more calculated and she’ll be more crazy, which she thinks is how they are in real life. He loves working with Wade as he brings a story and pulls the personality out of you.

Roisin Murphy’s Ruby Blue is the song behind this jazz routine, and it definitely has a Wade Robeson stamp on it. Brandon and Janette are just so fun to watch that I don’t even take a lot of notes here. I’m just enjoying this routine, which is like them being two sneaking into a place. It was just so fun to watch, and they totally committed.

For some reason Wade and his partner are wearing white sunglasses in the audience. Nigel tells Brandon and Janette that with what they have done tonight there is nothing they could throw at them that they can’t do brilliantly. Brandon started this with tough things happening to him, but he’s changed along the way. Janette shocked him, as everything he looks at her in her bio says salsa, but she’s picked up everything and done it brilliantly, and kept up with a dancer that that has much more training than she has. If they don’t get the biggest vote of the night tonight, he’ll be surprised.

Mary screams “the best for last!” From the very beginning, it was spontaneous combustion from the way they came down the stairs. They left very clear pictures all the time. They stole everyone’s heart and especially hers. Brandon is her champion, and she has been behind him 100%. Janette is a surprise and every single week she just delivers. Mary can’t believe they’re going to be broken up.

Tyce says these two just have that thing, like they come out here and just say tell me what we have to do. They’re not victims, they come out and change. It’s like they’re saying they’re going to get up there and do a Wade Robeson routine. Wade has such a strong voice in their industry, and Tyce is inspired. From Janette’s leg going up to Brandon throughout the rest of the piece, it was technical excellence.

This race has certainly tightened up. I seriously can’t think of anyone I think we should lose. I think the only ones that can call themselves definitely safe are Melissa and Ade and Brandon and Janette. The other four couples all have a good chance of being bottom three in this tight race. I think we have a good chance of seeing Melisa, Ade, and Brandon in the final four, and fear that Janette will fall without someone so strong backing her up after she and Brandon split up.

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