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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 8 – The English Muffin and Brooklyn Brownie

Since the partners will be split up next week, before their second dance of the night, Melissa explains she’ll miss working with Ade, and starts to cry. Ade is just as emotional about this beng their last dance together. They’ll do the waltz with Ron Montez. This won’t be all traditional, though, as they’ll break away and be freer. Melissa knows the details will be important here, and Ron thinks there’s a great combination with the ballet of Melissa and Ade as a solid guy.

They start with a great waltz song of (You Make Me Feel Like a) Natural Woman by Mary J. Blige. There’s a fall in this that couldn’t be done more perfectly as she’s eased down to the floor. I thinks this woman is every bit as natural as she can be, naughty ballerina and all.

Nigel thought this was very beautiful and that Ron Montez did a great job at playing to Melissa and Ade’s strengths. Melissa’s classical training gave her some beautiful lines, and Ade’s strength led to some great lifts, although he’d like to see more rise and fal. But overall it was very beautifully danced.

Mary found it beautiful as well. Ade does have a lot of strength, so he does make the dances beautiful. In some of the moves there wasn’t enough power, yet it wasn’t bad, as her eyes just kept going to Melissa. She looked flawless and is mesmerizing. She’s the oldest contestant and is like a fine wine, peaking right at the right time, drawing everybody in. There we go, now we’re having wine as well. She hates to see this partnership break up. Nigel wonder if he’ll get a break from Mary, and she tells him, “No. Pipe down, English Muffin.”

Cat takes the ball and runs with it, calling Tyce her little “Brooklyn Brownie.” Wouldn’t a Brooklyn Bagel be more fitting for Brooklyn? He tells Melissa she looked beautiful and when she dances to a song like that, she really needs to rise to that occasion, and the dancing needs to be just as powerful as the music. He thinks sometimes things are so natural for Ade that it looks like he’s not even working. Tyce would have wanted to see him elongate a litte more. Tyce’s head movements tonight are so Mia MIchaels-ish.

Kayla is going to miss Kupono’s energy. He’s so positive, it makes her feel good and makes everything uplifting. Kupono is going to miss her sweaty hands and feet, as it’s become a comfort in a way. They’re second routine will be a Joey Dowling Broadway number. Joey explains it’ll be love at first sight when they literally bump into each other. Kupono knows it’ll need to show on his face. Kayla thinks when they go step by step and figure everything out, not just the dancing, it’ll be very entertaining.

Dancing to Dance At the Gym from West Side Story, Kayla and Kupono definitely get the whole West Side Story feel here, and are definitely in love here, although I’m not sure if at first site comes off. Regardless, this is some great Broadway dancing.

Nigel calls this his time and says everything then was dangerous and everything was in contraction, and that’s what was lacking there for him. They just danced it and there was no feeling there for that style of music. He doesn’t want them to feel they shouldn’t be in character just because they aren’t given an alien or an addiction. He wants them to feel it in their stomachs. He can always say they danced it well, but he needs more now.

Mary agrees they might not have latched onto the style, but she thinks they did a really great job with it. She can see where Nigel is coming from, as they certainly could have done more, but they are both certainly a force to be reckoned with on the show. So many things were well-synchronized and dynamic. Kupono is still doing a really great job outside of this style.

Tyce, whose style is Broadway, thanks Joey for bringing this to the attention here. She’s given them such a great piece of music, and the original music of West Side Story is so timeless. They needed to get down in it more and make it more part of their world. In watching overall where they use the space they needed to take it with them on the journey. Having said that, they danced really well, although Kupono could have dug in more.

Caitlin calls it sad for it to be the last week with Jason, and she’ll miss his hugs. He’ll miss her quirkiness, personality, and jokes, and it’ll be bittersweet this week. Mandy Moore will help them with a lyrical jazz routine, and they’ll both be in their comfort zones, so she wants to bring out each one of their strengths. Jason feels it the first week they can bring out their lines and other qualities. Caitlin’s happy to have it right before the final ten.

To Maria McKee’s Show Me Heaven, Caitlin and Jason are absolutely beautiful to watch in this style. You can almost see some of their hesitancy to lose each other coming out in the choreography and the emotions they add into it.

Nigel finds it obvious that Caitlin and Jason worked really hard with Mandy and calls it beautiful choreography. He found the work very good and felt they put a lot of time and effort into getting it together, and while he doesn’t always see a lot of chemistry between them, technically he felt it was very good.

Mary sees quite a bit of chemistry between Caitlin and Jason and didn’t see a lot of magic in it, which isn’t to say that she didn’t love the piece. There were a few unique things like the lifts right into his hands and they seemed to be effortless. Jason has a face the world will adore, and he seems to make things look easy, and Caitlin is an outstanding woman in the competition coming up with beautiful lines each week. Yet, Mary isn’t sure if this will be memorable, but it was very good.

Tyce tells Mandy she did a great job, and that the partnering she did with Caitlin and Jason was so challenging. The timing had to be right on to be in synch. Their lines were beautiful because of that. Yet, he doesn’t want to see them take it safe and wants to see them take it further, but he always wants them to know their work was appreciated and they did a great job.


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