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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 2 – Hunger and Thirst

Kayla is up next, dancing to Stupid by Sarah MacLachlan, and she has those great lines they always like from her. I have to think Karla may have danced her last one on this stage after seeing that. Kupono dances to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole, fitting for the Hawaiian, and he seems to be really expressing himself through this heartfelt rendition of the song.

Jeanine takes the stage dancing to Moonlight Sonata by Smart Sleep With Classical, and this is something we haven’t seen yet from her, and really good. I can’t see her leaving at all. And here we are with the solo everyone has been waiting for, from Phillip, as he dances to You’ll Find a Way (Switch & Sinden Remix) by Santigold. Wow, just watching this guy do a few seconds is amazing. He absolutely doesn’t have anything to worry about, although by his face, he thinks he does.

As the judges are sent backstage to decide the fate of these six, Kelly Clarkson, our first American Idol, sings I Do Not Hook Up from her latest album. I have to say more power to this girl. She finally had enough of trying to keep everyone else happy with her weight, and just gave in and decided to look the way she’s comfortable. Good or her. She’s been battling her weight and others’ comments since her season on American Idol when she was thinner and it still wasn’t good enough.

As the three female dancers are brought out onstage, Nigel says the judges are unanimous in their decision. Jeanine steps forward first and is told it’s often difficult when you dance with a unique partner to come through, as the talk centers around someone that isn’t formally trained instead, but tonight, she was the strongest solo of the evening and brilliant. She’s staying. Katyla is told she is one of the judges’ and choreographers’ favorites. They think she’s a brilliant dancer and a sweet spirit, but she was excptionally static in her solo, and it felt like she was throwing in a lot of stuff to not dance from her heart. Karla is without question a very good dancer, but somehow on this journey she hasn’t quite captured the star quality they felt she had at the beginning.

Consequently, Karla is leaving, but I think Kayla was just put on notice. Karla says in her video package that dance is something that she hungers and thirsts every day. She’s going to remember most the cotemporary dance and the friends she made.

The guys take the stage, and Nigel says the judges are again unanimous. Phillip is asked to step forward and is told he is without question unique and absoutely superb at what he does, although they felt tonight it was a little desperate as he worked it a little too hard. But it’s phenomenal what he does, and they still feel he has hard work to do to manage the other genres of dance week after week. But, he’ll keep trying it, as he’s staying.

Vitolio is asked to step forwad, but Kupono does instead, prompting Nigel to ask if they switched names during the break. Once he gets the right Vitolio, Nigel tells him they always feel like he presents himself brilliantly with a great presence onstage. He looks like he’s going to be a major star, but doesn’t deliver anything at the end of the day. Kupono is told thank God it’s not called “Thank God You Can Choreograph,” as it was such a weak solo. He can’t expect to stand onstage and smile when he should be dancing for his life. They need more passion, more than he presented tonight.

Yet, Kupono is staying. Vitolio hugs Cat pretty tightly, and says in his film package that dance has been his companion and saved his life. Onstage he says he has received a lot of email from peope talking about how he changed their lives and inspired them, and that’s what he’s most grateful for. Asuka Kondoh is in the audience giving him a standing ovation.

The couples that are left have to pull it out next week, as if they don’t, and they’re eliminated next week, they won’t make the final ten and the tour. I think Kayla and Kupono were both served notice tonight. They’re good and favorites of the judges, but they can’t expect to skate by on that if they keep appearing in the bottom three.

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