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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 2 – Hunger and Thirst

This contest just seems to get tighter and tighter each week. However, I do think if we see any of the people in the bottom three that we’ve already seen a couple times already, it willprobably be the end of the road for them. I mean, the voters are trying to tell you something. If we see someone new there, they probably have a good chance at staying, unless they do horribly on their solos.

The dancers do a tribute of sorts to Michael Jackson, dancing their group dance to Brand New Day from The Wiz. I’d say it’s a pretty fitting tribute. It’s kind of like saying while the news was shocking, life goes on for everyone else. Hopefully the two eliminated tonight will feel this way after the show. A few of the dancers are wearing nude-colored costumes and look absoutely naked. Not surprisingingly, this was choreographed by Tyce Diorio. Not that that comment is connected to them looking naked at all.

Our first two couples are brought out right away. We’re not wasting any time tonight. One couple is safe and one isn’t. Vitolio Jeune and Karla Garcia are here with their quickstep, and while it was good, it needed more personality. Evan Kasprzak and Randi Evans are up next with their Broadway number, which left the judges still asking for more from Evan. The couple staying is not surprisingly Randi and Evan. Vitolio and Karla make another appearance to the bottom three, but the first time as a pair. Nigel explains that Jean Marc’s routine was terrific, but Karla and Vitolio aren’t strangers to this position.

The next thtree couples take the stage. Brandon Bryant and Janette Manrara are up with their cha cha, which Nigel called possibly the best damn cha cha ever on this show. They have to be safe, and they are. Kupono Aweau and Kayla Radomski took on contemporary and did well with great marks from the judges. Ade Obayomi and Melissa Sandvig are up with their clasical pas de deux, as pointe shoes were used for the first time in competition on the show. The toe shoes, their owner, and her partner are staying. Mia is completely and utterly shocked to see Kupono and Kayla in the bottom, saying they were the best performance last night, and she doens’t think they could have done anything better. She doesn’t think they can lose them, meaning Karla and Vitolio probably just began to sweat more.

The final two couples step up to here the verdict. One is staying, and one will have to dance for their lives on the show. Phillip Chbeeb and Jeanine Mason face the music after their chained-up hip hop. They have to stay doing his style. Jason Glover and Caitlin Kinney are also facing the votes after doing a pop jazz routine that was a little out there with an alien impregnating the last man on earth. Shockingly, they’re safe, while Phillip and Jeanine are in the bottom three. Mary thinks it’s ironic that Phillip and Jeanine have avoided being here after doing Broadway and tango, but now they’re in danger with Phillip’s own style, showing it’s the closest competition in show histoiry, and she can’t wait to see Phillip’s solo.

While the six dancers in trouble get ready for their solos, we have a proessional version of the classical pas de deux. I’m enjoying it, but what bothers me is the outfit on the guy. A fishnet sports bra and panties it looks like. It’s different classical dancing than I see in my daughter’s ballet school every year, so it’s interesting to see something a little different.

First up dancing her solo is Karla to Blackbird by Dionne Farris. She’s bringing some better solo work than we’ve seen in the past from her, but still, I don’t see a lot of personality from her, yet it’s creative. Vitolio is up next, dancing to Here Comes Goodbye by Rascal Flatts, and he seems to realize thatt he pressure is on, putting everything he can into this, but against Kupono and Phillip, I’m not sure if it will be enough.


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