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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 1 – Who's Eating Crow Tonight?

Melissa’s favorite moment was filming the first show, and Ade says it’s more than he thought it would be. Their first week was cotemporary, and they loved it. The second week they had Sonya, and it was very athletic and intricate. He thought it was their go get ’em piece. Last week they had the rumba, which he had no idea what to do, but it ended up really great and sexy. This week they’re doing classical pas de deux with Thordal Christensen, who says they’re doing Romeo and Juliet, which has always been Melissa’s dream. Thordal doesn’t want them to play Romeo and Juliet, but be Romeo and Juliet. For the first time, there will be pointe shoes on the show, and that of course plays to Melissa’s strength. He gets to gaze into her eyes, and she hopes America will get the love story here.

It’s Romeo and Juliet: Prokofiev’s Suite that Melissa and Ade are dancing to, and it’s absolutely beautiful. What I don’t think is fair, though, is that no other couple coupld do this dance, as no one else has the pointe training, ang you can’t put someone in toe shoes without the right training. It can’t be done in a week. But, other than that, I do like that they’re doing it. Cat knows a bunch of little girls are now asking their parents to take ballet lessons because of Melissa. I’ll say that my own daughter that does ballet is mesmerized by Melissa.

Nigel asks who would have believed in five seasons they would now be doing classical ballet on So You Think You Can Dance. He tells Melissa it was beautifully danced and superb. Ade’s feet could be a little better, but his carriage and the way he lifted her was just beautiful. He doens’t know another program in the world where you can watch aliens impregnant dancers, dancers dancing in chains, and Romeo and Juliet. He knows it’s a big first for the program.

Mary just loved it, and the chemistry was just flawless from the moment Melissa and Ade went to put their hands together. It was so great to see Melissa in her style. Her pointe work was phenomenal as she makes it look so easy. With Ade’s strength as he lifted her up, they put wings on her. Mary didn’t want to wake up from this dreamlike state.

Mia is so excited to be celebrating classical dance, saying classical ballet is the main form of dance that celebrates technique and strength and body alignment and everything that makes you a good dancer. She’s so excited it’s on the show now and that it was danced as well as it was danced. She also liked that it was a black and white Romeo and Juliet. It was a fairy tale and was done so beautifully. You can’t fake classical ballet.

Before our last couple, Cat introduces a film piece about the show promoting excellence in dance, and we see some of our favorite people from the realit TV dance world telling us how important dance is to them. That includes Mia, Twitch, Adam Shankman, Carrie Ann Inaba, and Nigel. Nigel introduces the Dizzy Feet Foundation (remember his Twittter ID?). Himself, Carrie Ann, Adam, and Katie Holmes as well, wanted to be sure there was something being done for underprivileged dancers. They want to give them every opportunity to learn from the best. It awards scholarships to young people. Nigel explains after the clip that on the 23rd of July it’s the 100th episode where we’ll see a Tyce Diorio tribute to Judy Garland with Katie Holmes. Aah, we heard murmurs of that before. But what about the planned Michael Jaskon tribute?

We have another couple that has been created after the eliminations last week of Jonathan Platero and Asuka. Karla says the show has been a roller coaster for her. Vitolio says his first routine was Broadway, but the judges and America didn’t like it. Karla had cha cha the first week and got good comments, but ended up in the bottom three. Vitolio had the waltz the next week that made Mary cry, while Karla had contemporary. He doesn’t know what happened to fall into the bottom three the next week with jazz, and Karla knows Jonathan gave it all he got in the hip hop the next week. They hope they can make the magic happen this week and will be working together with Jean Marc and France on the quickstep. The rotuine will be about Vitolio being a statue in a museum, but he doesn’t think he’s doing well with it.

Dancing to Puttin’ On the Ritz by Rufus Wainwright, Kara and Vitolio start out well. There’s a great costume change for Karla in the middle of the routine. They do really well, but for me, the problem with Karla is she just doens’t seem to have enough personality. This is an exciting dance, but I can only thik how much more exciting it would be with other dancers doing it.

Nigel says there are so many things about the dance, especially the choreography. He loves the fact that you can keep a woman quiet by just snapping at her, as he tries to do the same to Mary. He thought Kara and Vitolio’s dance was good, as well as the holding, but at times the lines took away from the style. Overall it was a very entertianing dance.

Mary notes so much for the kiss of death dance, as it brought the whole thing to life. They know it’s difficult, but Karla and Vitolio did a magnificent job, and Vitolio did well keeping the hold. Karla looked beautiful, and she loved the concept.

Mia tells us what we know, that Jean Marc is a genius, and says that was amazing, from the costuming to the concept. She notes the choreographer can make them or break them, and Jean Marc made them. Not to take anything away from Karla and Vitolio, as they really stepped up. He confuses her, because at times he looks like a wild horse that can’t be tamed, but seemed like a different dancer this week. She does warn Karla to keep her face as bright as her dress.

As good as they did on that, I think Vitolio and Karla will end up in the bottom three again. It’s just not as good as the other stuff we saw tonight. Caitlin and Jason might end up there again, just simply because they overplayed a routine once again, and it was weird on top of that. As far as the third couple, I’m really not sure. Evan and Randi didn’t have the best week, but they’re favorites here, so I don’t know if their fans will let them down or not. As we sign off, we see an example of why Karla will end up in the bottom three tomorrow. As all the dancers are having fun with each other, being funny, limboing under Phillip and Jeanine’s chain, and mocking each other, Karla’s just doing her own thing worried about herself and not having that extra bit of fun.

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