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So You Think You Can Dance 5, July 1 – Who's Eating Crow Tonight?

Randi Evans says being in the top 20 has been a roller coaster for her in all ways, as Evan Kasprzak says his favoite part of being on the show is working with the choreographers. They did Jazz with Tyce Diorio the first week and it was a good way to start the show, and the second week they had the jive, which Randi was really nervous about. Last week was interesting, and working with Mia was amazing. This week they’re doing Broadway with Joey Dowling. It’s not traditonal musical theater, but it has a lot of power to it. They’re going to fight and have a toxic relationship in the rotuine. Evan thinks Joey is intimidating as she tells him not to do things a certain way as it looks prissy. Randi get intimidated as well, as it seems like Joey expects them to get it the first time out, but she thinks she was going easy on them.

Dancing to Rich Man’s Frug from Sweet Charity, we get another park bench routine. This is so up Even and Randi’s aisle. She gets to stick her butt in his face again, and he gets to do his big Broadway moves and the grerat charater work that he does. They reind me of the Baron and Baroness from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, which BTW, is on Retro on Sunday. It’s not my favorite routine of theirs, but they do the most they can with it.

Nigel says for those that don’t know, this was a great homage to Bob Fosse and that style. He remembers a routine he did with Liza Minelli like this. He notes you have to be ever so careful with the wrists, noting they need to be a little more flexible. Randi did really well, but he was disappointed in Evan that he didn’t bring more to the party. Yet they are still in his top ten dancers.

Mary points out when you see dancing this great, it’s easy to go crazy. She notes again that they only get 5-1/2 hours to adopt this new style each week, and she thought they did it well. When Evan did that slow motion cartwheel, she thought he really got the character, as did Randi. It was entertaining.

Mia also talks about the fists, and says knowing Joey, she’s like a 6′ tall dancer that is brilliant, and when she dances, you’d never know she was 6′ tall lugging around all that height. That’s what was missing here, as Randi and Evan need to do the same because of their lack of height. The choreography was there, but she didn’t feel they took it to the level Joey was going to. Evan’s movement waa a little heavy, and she doesn’t want to see him do that again. They’re showing a couple in the audeince I assume is someone’s parents, and the dad looks like Scott Bakula. Maybe it is Scott Bakula. It looks just like him.

Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover have learned a lot about each other while here. They got Bollywood the first week and are glad everyone liked it. The next wek they had hip hop and didn’t really nail it, landing in the bottom three. The next week they had the paso doble with the judges expecting them to step it up, which they didn’t. They know they really have to bring it this week. To do that, they’ll be working with Brian Friedman on a uique jazz dance. He tells Caitlin she’ll be an alien that blew up earth and is coming down to find the last man on earth to procreate with, and that’s Jason, who calls the piece really out there. Yeah. Caitlin has to be dominant to make Jason fear for his life, and that leaves him with some definite mixed emotions.

The aliens take the stage dancing to Creator by Santigold. It’s definitely out there, I’ll give them that. Whether it’s good dancing, I’m not sure. The problem is it gave Jason another character to play too much to the audience with, like last week. They need to just dance and get away from the character work where they take it way too far. Nigel jokes he thinks Brian Friedman comes from another planet. He loves the idea of walking into a rehearsal room and wondering what you’ll get for choreography and you’re told you will be impregnating the last human being on the planet. You just wonder what steps it will include. It was weird, but if you’re given something like that you have to commit 100%, and they did, and it was weird, and he’s not sure about the costumes, saying Caitlin’s was like a dancing condom, which is funny for trying to impregnante Jason.

Mary agrees Brian is out of this world, but she didn’t think it played to Caitlin and Jason’s strengths. They dug in and had a lot of fun with it, but it didn’t sit right with her. She loves them to pieces and hopes they won’t be in trouble this week.

Mia, one known to go there, doesn’t think Brian came into it thinking it would be the most brilliant thing in his career. She thinks he was just trying to do something that was fun and out there. The only thng she doesn’t like about it is the tin foil on Caitlin, as it makes it seem cartoonish. It was fun and enjoyable, and she went there. She says when you’re told to dance alient you need to go for that ride, and she has.

Jeanine Mason thinks this whole experience has been unreal, and Phillip Chbeeb calls it enlightening. The first week they pulled hip hop, she was petrified, until she found out Phillip was her partner. Her favorite part is just the response they’re getting. The second week they had the tango that the judges didn’t like, and last week they had Broadway. HIs favorite moment would have to be his pants ripping onstage. Every time he turned around he knew what it looked like. This week they’re working with Napoleon and Tabitho D’umo on hip hop. This dance is about what the kids go through on the show, as they’re locked down into these partnerships. Phillip and Jeanine will be chained together. The concept is how they can worrk together, and we see that hppening in rehearsal as they’re tripping each other and falling. Napoleon is now starting to second-guess that great idea.

Kanye West’s Love Lockdown is what Jeanine and Phillip are hip hopping to, and it works a lot to Phillip’s strengths, which is good for a change. It’s amazing that they don’t have mishaps with this chain while they dance. I think they deserve a lot of credit just for doing something so dangerous.

Nigel tells Jeanine and Phillip if they keep dancing like that, they should be chained together for life. He thought it was tremendous, and he knows there are a lot of husbands and wives out there sitting there relating it to their own life. He loved at the end how Phillip offered Jeanine the key, but she didn’t want to take it. He knows Jeanine is a cotemporary dancer, but he hasn’t seen her do it yet. She makes every style look like her own. This was a great style for Phillip, and his style was working really well. He likes that the choreographyers keep coming up with interesting ideas like this.

Mary thought it was so interestingly incredibly creative. When you get a prop like that, it can be a doubled-edged sword, either going extremely well or go to pieces and be a disaster, and they could have fallen any number of places. The chest pops of Phillip’s were terrific, and Jeanine was just crazy good tonight in this rotuine, taking Mary’s breath away. Of course it’s not her style, but she’s keeping up with him. The day they don’t have each other as a partner, it’s going to be a sad day. And with that, Phillip throws away the key.

Mia is a big fan of “Nap and Tab’s” as they’re a cut above with this routine, so congrats on that. The concept was there, but she became caught up in chainography, and Jeanine and Phillip can’t control it as much as they like, as it becomes sloppy, taking way from the way they’re dancing so well. But, they did a great job.

Jeanine tries to explain how dificult the chain work was, saying Phillips’s knees were all torn up, and they have chains all over their apartment right now, tripping over them. Nigel claims that’s TMI. I don’t care if they have chains all over, I’m just trying to figure out if these two are really sharing an apartment.


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