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Top Chef: Masters Ep. 3 – Once Rick Bayless Slips You Some Tongue

The judges are finally somewhat critical – especially of Cindy and Ludo, who are annihilated in this competition.
Cindy: QF – 3.5 stars, diners 3, Bert 2.5 (I think this the lowest score so far for anyone), Gael 3.5, Jay 3
Ludo: QF – 3, diners 3.5 (it must have been somewhat worth the wait), Jay 4, Bert and Gael 3 each.
Rick: QF – 4, diners 4, Bert and Gael 5 each and Jay 4.5. Boy, he kicked butt.
Wilo: QF – 4.5, diners, Bert and Gael 4 each, and 3 from Jay. 

Rick wins somewhat handily and moves on, and in the process becomes the first to win despite losing the Quickfire.

Quickfire Hits

* Cindy struggled using the pressure cooker to make her tripe.  My wife points out that the producers are taking it easy on the Masters by even allowing a pressure cooker in the first place.  Regular Top Chef would not have that available and force the chefs to make do.  She also notices the bottomless pantry available to them and rightly concludes the kid gloves.

* Another problem with this show … no apartment scenes.  I noticed during the transition from prep to challenge.  Usually we see the interaction of the chefs in the apartment at that point.  That’s part of the fun of this show, seeing the chefs interact – learning about Finn’s arrogance and watching the attempted Marcel shaving.

* Hey, a rare good judge line!  As Ludo defends his tardiness during the challenge he says, “I’m the chef here,” and Jay responds, “We’re the customers!”  Hey, it’s something.

* Ludo struggles to prepare his food and actually says, “Cooking is all about technique.” Then he burns the quesadilla. 

* Did Cindy think hot soup to warm the hands was a good thing in Southern California?

* I just noticed the smocks with the Masters’ names and restaurant name.  Those are kind of cool.

* Ludo may have been a disappointment, but at least he was interesting.  He is also quite the name-dropper. He’s the Randy Jackson of Top Chef.

* I love the sign outside of Cindy’s restaurant – “Sorry, everything is delicious.”

* NotPadma can’t have Padma’s catchphrase, but they did give her the same wardrobe.

* I think they should have to cook with the colored knife they drew to decide the Quickfire assignments.

* Wilo cooks with love and passion.  Wilo, meet Carla.

Next week – Neil Patrick Harris.  Suit Up!

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