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Top Chef: Masters Ep. 3 – Once Rick Bayless Slips You Some Tongue

Quickfire – Create a dish based on a color.  This was done in Season 2, won by Michael. A food stylist, author and photographer will grade it.  Bravo has failed to give graphics with their names, so they get no plugs in this article.

Ludo: Red – Steak Tartare With Watermelon, Red Onions and Red Beet Gazpacho.  There are plating issues for Ludo who manages to forget his tomatoes and then has the wait staff forget to include the gazpacho at first.  The judges liked it better without the gazpacho, which gives it the appearance of being covered in blood.  Ludo seems to think he is serving a group of Twilight fans.

Cindy: Yellow – Yellow Vegetable Curry Over Sweet Corn Grits and Fried Corn Tortillas.  She shows some impressive chopping skills and is so laid back as she cooks, she almost seems dead.  The judges like it but really have no idea what it is.  Cindy is pleased it wasn’t spit out.

Rick: Green – Roasted Vegetables, Mole Verde, With Tomatillos, Green Chilies and Pumpkin Seeds.  He tells us how his parents’ Oklahoma BBQ restaurant helped train him for a life of Mexican cuisine thanks to similar cooking techniques.  The judges smile and nod a lot.

Wilo: Orange – Smoked Salmon Tartare With Coconut Milk and Tomato Paste Sauce.  This is the color Michael had when he won.  Wilo wants to make the dish somewhat feminine for the female judges and sagely notes you should always remember your audience.  He then forgets to remove the metal ring from around the salmon, which was keeping it in a round shape. 

However, the ring is not a big deal as Wilo keeps the win streak for Orange alive and gets 4.5 stars to win.  Rick gets 4, Cindy 3.5 and Ludo 3.

Elimination – Create a street food dish for tourists at Universal Studios.  The catch?  They are using bizarre meats.

Rick: Tongue – Chorizo, Bacon and Tongue Tacos With Guacamole and Pickled Onions, With Mexican-Style Cheese.  Gael wants seconds.  Wow, she’s scary.  Move over Simon Cowell.  NotPadma actually appears to be eating, we don’t see her spit out her food when the camera stops rolling.

Wilo: Beef Hearts – Beef Ham and Chicken Tripleta In Pita Bread Caramelized Onion.  He also makes his own cheese sauce – heavy cream, melted cheddar cheese and corn starch. Jay is pleased he didn’t eat like my dad and wear it on his shirt.  My wife is rooting for him because of her somewhat unhealthy love for stadium cheese.

Ludo: Pig Ears – Pork Quesadilla With Chorizo, Pinto Bean Puree, Lime Aioli and Smoked Paprika.  Boy, Ludo is the definition of “all talk.”  First, he isn’t skilled with Mexican cuisine, and yet he is making a quesadilla as he competes against a Mexican food master.  Then he manages to not have his food ready for his customers or judges!  He blames the fact that he normally has five chefs cooking with him.  Shut. Up.  Finn would eat this guy for lunch.

Cindy: Tripe – Hot and Spicy Menudo (Braised Tripe, Hot and Spicy Cilantro, Rich Chili Broth, Limes to Squeeze in.  No, this is not about Ricky Martin.  This is a soup Cindy refers to as the best hangover cure.  I know when I am sick after a night of drinking I really crave Stomach Soup.