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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 25 – You Have to Feel

Caitlin takes the stage with her solo dancing to Que Sera Sera by Jennifer Terran. She does some great things here, but I’m not sure if it’s eough. But I know the judges love her. Her partner Jason is up last, dancing to New American Classic by Taking Back Sunday. It’s unusual to say the least. He does more roling around on the floor than anyting else.

The Veronicas are the musical guest, and we’re treated to Take Me On the Floor while the judges deliberate. I’m in the mood for dancing though. Maybe they should make the dancers that are safe come out and dance to the musical guests. Just for … something to do … and for a little additonal entertainment.

As the three girls take the stage, Nigel tells them it’s a unanimous decision. He tells Caitlin there is no doubt in them she is growing in confidence. They thought she had the best solo this week. To each his own. She is safe. Kera was a little desperate tonight and falling in her pirouettes, not finding her center, not being as strong as they know she can be. Asuka is such an exciting performer and so beautiful, giving a little of herself with everything she does, but they do feel she is not growing in the competition. Consequently, it’s her that is leaving. I’m shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! How can they say she’s not growing after last week’s dance and their comments this week bout the learned connection? She says she will remember working with Vitolio the most.

As the guys take the stage, Nigel says they are not unanimous with this decision. Vitoio is asked to come to the front. He always shows promise, but he doesn’t deliver. He cannot hold back in the position he finds himself in week after week. He steps back. Jonathan steps up and is told they continually find him as well in the bottom three. They think he was good last week, but not last night. The gymnastics are good, but they are asking him to be America’s best dancer. Jason really danced well, but his solo this week was full of desperation, and he looks like he was going to deliver seven priouettes, but delivers one. Yet, he’s safe. Neither of the two remaining are strong enough, yet the judges are keeping Vitolio, meaning Jonathan is leaving. Vitolio will now be teamed up with Karla?

Cat has one last suprrise for us, and that’s that In all the years of American Idiol, Fox has never reboadcast an episode, but Monday night, they’ll rebroadcast this year’s top 13 as they took on the music of Michael Jackson. That’s a great move, Fox. I think the msucian that he was was honored a lot that night.

These were results that I wasn’t expecting, after a day of news I wasn’t expecting. Perhaps that’s responsible in some way for the unexpected results. From the way I heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death, I heard it from my husband on my cell phone leaving a movie, then people were talking about it at the checkout at the grocery store. I can only imagine in this business, on this show about dancing, where Nigel said everyone single one of them always includes Jackson as their influence, that people were standing around discussing the news and comparing notes, rather than getting mentally prepared for the show.

In many ways I don’t think this is the end of the coverage. I have to think that Jackson’s influences will come creeping into the dances throughout the season, as surely the choreographers will want to honor him as well. He said tonight in an old interview he doesn’t think when he dances, as it’s the biggest mistake a dancer can make, as you have to feel. I think they’ll be feeling for the rest of the season.

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