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So You Think You Can Dance 5, Jun 24 – All About the Butt and Split Pants

Dancing to Koop Island Blues by Koop feat. Ane Brun, Randi and Evan start out slow and sexy, then kick into this thing. It’s mesmorizing in a way, and I don’t mean Randi’s booty. They’re like marionettes almost with that bounce to them. This is one of my favorite Mia routines ever, right up there with park bench and the rose petals. Nigel calls this simple choreography from Mia, but … and there is a butt, but it was beautifully danced. There wasn’t any great style, but, and there is a butt, it was followed through from beginning til end, the story. Ther wasn’t a great idea like a doorway or, bed, or father in Heaven, but, and there is a but, and it’s Randi’s butt, who on earth, but Mia Michaels, could come up with an idea like a poodle’s butt that you can make anything up to like south of France, eye candy, older man looking at a young girl, etc. Nigel was making up all sorts of interesting stories. This will be one that will be remembered.

Mary can honestly say she wasn’t hypnotized by just the butt, as “you guys were terrific!’ They kept the whole character going the whole time, and it’s one of the best numbers for her tonight. They brought it to life. She didn’t see Evan as a leading man before, but tonight she does. It just made us all sit and feel something. We went down that path, “YES WE DID.” If Toni was a dancer on this show, she’d be saying, “Please let me pull Mia Michaels’ name out of the hat.” The only danger of that, though, is that her choreography can be come the star, but these guys lived up to it. Toni was just as impressed with a thing that Mia did with Twitch last season, and this seaon she did the same, putting the pieces together as she finds different pieces of each dancer.

Caitlin Kinney has thought about pursuing a career in broadcast journalism, and Jason Glover thinks she’s a nut, so she’d be good at it. If he wasn’t dancing, he would be playing soccer. If not professionally, than for a university. Caitlin thinks soccer players are hot. Last week they did a style out of their comfort zone by Shane Sparks, that landed them in the bottom three. This week they’ll do the paso doble with Jean Marc and France Genereaux. France says she loves this dance, because it’s fighting. Caitlin and Jason struggle with it, even after working on it for awhile.

I would have thought Caitlin and Jason were doing Bollywood with their costumes, but instead, it’s definitely the paso doble, as they dance t O’Fortuna (from Carmina Burana) by Mozareum Orchestra Salzburg & Purt Prestel. It’s seems like it’s from the Roman Empire or something. It makes me want to do the Dick Van Dyke Show line from Millie Helper, “Marc Anthony, I presume, how are things in Rome?” It’s hard to take your eyes off them. Nigel says it was so passionate, but at some point he thought Jason was performing a little too much to the audience instead of his partner, and it has to be about them two. A lot of the things they were doing were exceptionally good. Caitlin’s lines were perfect. She has a beautiful flow of movement that he likes to see. He would stil like to see more between them in their eyes, though.

Mary notes how differnet it was from Bollywood to paso doble. Right, except for the costumes. If she’s going to give Jason a critque, it’s that he watched his posture a bit too much, and into his pivot it went in a little bit. Caitlin’s lines from the first lift , were magnificent. It was fierecless of Jonathan as well, with them getting that timing right. Toni liked that even though it wasn’t their style, and although the upper body wasn’t always right, it didn’t get in the way of their performance. They kept going through it. They still performed and lived through the music.

Our last couple tonight is Jeanine Mason and Phillip Chbeeb. He would be an inventor if he couldn’t be a dancer. He wants to create or invent something to help society. She would be an actress, and he sees her as well-suited for that. Last week the judges were harsh with them after their tango, and they were surprised to not be in the bottom three. They’ll get the chance to redeem themslves with Tyce Diorio and Broadway. They’re going to use a couch, and that ought to bring the actor in Jeanine out. It’s only too bad Phillip can’t invent something with it. Instead, he’ll have to jump it. He’s having a hard time even starting. It’s kind of like Baby doing the jump in Dirty Dancing.

As Jeanine and Phillip dance to Moses from the original soundtrack of Singin’ In the Rain, they’re sitting on the couch, and he’s reading to her. You would think we were watching Evan as right as Phillip seems for this. He gets huge applause when he jumps that couch. It’s so 50s/early 60s, I’m kind of waitng for Dobie Gillis to come out. It turns out Phillip ripped his pants in that jump. Nigel says like so many vadueville dancers that went before Phillip, he now knows what it’s like to dance with his ass hanging out of his trousers. Tyce gave them a routine that was the essence of Singing In the Rain with Donald O’Connor and Gene Kelly. He thinks Jeanine brought the needed personality, but he’d like Phillip to grow even more. They’ve put a lot of pressure on him getting him to do styles he has no idea what he’s doing, and as much as they love him, he has to keep coming up to their standards. The fun in that routine wasn’t as lightweight as it could have been.

Mary is allergic to down feathers, but wasn’t allegic to that routine. It was so much fun and actually she expected it to be a nightmare for Phillip. The characters were right on, but at the end, he didn’t have the exact technique, but bravo on the jump. Jeanine can step out on on any Broadway stage right now and has been stellar the entire time. Toni thought this was adorable, but she’s not sure it’s a great, great word. They want it to be like O’Connor and Kelly. They did well as a couple, and certainly better than last week. It’s the luck of the draw, and they can’t let the feathers upstage them.

Whle I still believe this is the most talented bunch ever this season, it’s starting to take shape. We’re starting to see different dancers we don’t expect to be around, and others that we know will. Karla and Jonathan are definitely not going to last long. They’re just missing something. On the contrary, Melissa and Ade are just here for the long haul. There’s a lot to be said for us seasoned women!

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