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So You Think You Can Dance 5, Jun 24 – All About the Butt and Split Pants

Here are Melissa and Ade dancing to Emotion by Destiny’s Child. There’s that Dirty Ballerina coming out again. I have to give some credit to him, as I don’t think she could be so sensual if he wasn’t there backing her up. Wow, there’s an amazing turn straight-legged straight up in the air. Nigel calls Melissa’s look Rita Hayworth, and mentions her back gives everything else great perspective, with her legs and hips. Apart from her being the sexiest girl up there, her partner was unbelievable. “What a difference Ade makes,” he jokes. He gives his partner something to undulate against. His work was terrific and he was strong. Tony did great work with them.

Mary tells Melissa and Ade sellng the emotion would be one of the biggest parts of getting this down. What they’re selling right now, she’s buying. Melissa looks phenomenal, but from the second she started to do the rumba walks, the looks were believable, and the arabesque was unbelievable. Ade’s technique in the sliding doors was grooving. He was presenting Melissa the whole time. Toni must say that it was really beautifully done and the sexuality was gorgeous. The ballet training really worked for this. She is a fan ot Tony and Melanie, and she used to see them compete live. Melissa and Ade were hot, because Tony and Melanie were hot.

Brandon Bryant would be a lighting and design person, as he loves seeing sets and how lighting has an effect on things. If Janette Manrar wasn’t daning, she’d be working in a bank as a loan processor. She’s about a year away from getting her finance degree, although it’s not the funnest thing in the world. Last week they did the fastest disco ever, and this week they’ll be doing hip hop with Dave Scott. She’s supposed to be a rock star, and he’s supposed to be a hip hop guy. What happened to I’m a Little Bit Country? In the process, they fuse their styles together. Janette is surprised that Brandon has all these popping and locking skills.

Janette and Brandon dance to What a World by Common tonight, and it’s quite interesting to see the fusing of styles. While he’s doing hip hop, she’d mirroring it, but in more of a rock style. There was one time where they weren’t on, though, where I felt they should have been. Overall, though, it’s so much better than the first hip hop of the night. Nigel thinks it’s great to see how choreographers get inspired by who their dancers are, as he calls this Junior AllStars, 50 Cent, and Cher. He likes the way Dave did this, and Brandon impressed him with his hip hop, consdidering he’s a contemporary dancer, and she impressed as well considering she’s a salsa dancer. This is dancers coming out of their own element, and being put in another and working it.

Mary thinks Janette and Brandon really hit that, Yes she does! What she thinks is great about Dave, is that he found an approach for them even though it wasn’t close to their original styles. What a huge, huge surprise, and they have been hitting it every single week. She’s so proud of them, Yes she is. Scream! Toni feels that the juxtaposition between rock and hip hop that Dave laid on them was strategic on his part and good for them. Street is a really tough thing to do, and if you don’t have the groove, it’s not street. To nail it like they did and to have a connection … she’s interrupted as Nigel asks her if she had a pair of holey tights like Janette’s.

Here’s our newly paired couple. If Kayla Radomski weren’t danicng, she would be modeling and has done a little of it for dancewear, but she’d love to do it for more high fashion. Kupono Aweau loves costume designing, and his creations are always very eleborate. What he wears when doing his solos are his own creations. It seems they’re a good match with the fashion designer and model. They both were in the bottom three last week and watched their partners go home. This week, of all the luck, they’ll do the Viennesse Waltz with Jean Marc and France Devereaux. Kayla calls rehearsal kind of a mess, with Kupono knowing he needs to do some pushups to help with that upper body strength. It’s supposed to be like a dream, but Jean Marc thinks it’s becoming a nightmare.

Kayla and Kupono dance tonight to Sweet Dreams for You by Jewel, and I have to say I really like this, and really like them as a couple. This is very dreamlike, so a huge success to Tony. I know his detractors won’t like it, but I liked it. Nigel thinks sometimes the flow of the movement in this dance is so beautiful that you’re not going to have any tricks you can’t do or a style that any dancer shoudln’t be able to do, but you’ll never get a hundred rounds of appluase. It was beautiful, and they make a beautiful couple, and Jean Marc and his partner are a very beautiful couple together, which helped Kayla and Kupono. It won’t make anybody stand up and cheer, but that’s the thing about the viennese waltz.

Mary knows one thing for sure, that was no nightmare, not even close. It was elegant and flowing, and totally believable from the time it started until he went to pick her up. It had a beautiful flow to it. They should have good lines as contemporary dancers, but they also had such great rise and fall, although Mary does pick at Kupono’s heels a bit. Mary even puts them on the hot tamale train, saying she never does that for the viennese waltz, but they deserve it. Toni is just so subdued compared to Mary. Toni liked Kayla and Kupono, but tells Jean Marc no shoes in a waltz is pushing the envelope. She tells Kayla she is something else, as she does not let her technique get in the way of her reality onstage. She is always alive. The Way Kupono partnered her and lifted her and moved her around was really commendable.

Randi Evans is also pursuing a career in elementary ed, resource to be exact, special ed. She loves teaching kids, and her mom is a teacher as well. Evan Kasprzak is a total gearhead, so would own a custom car shop, but Randi has a hard time believing that. Last week they shook a tailfeather and the judges expected more. This week they’ll do contemporary with Mia Michaels. She tells them it’s all about the booty, and Evan will be hypnotized by Randi’s butt in the dance. Randi’s not so sure how she feels about that. Mia explains she’s supposed to be kind of like a poodle amost, and Evan is supposed to be so about her that he’s lost almost all bodily functions. Randi calls Mia’s movements so unique, and Evan thinks it’s really weird.


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