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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 18 – Two Decisions, Zero Unanimous

Caitlin is up first with her solo, dancing to Make You Feel My Love by Adele, and does beautifully, but I don’t know if it’s going to be enough for her to stay, though I know the judges love her. Her partner Jason is up next dancing to Superman by Robin Thicke. He does more leaping around than anything with some spins, and again, it seems to be lacking a little beef.

Ashley takes the stage dancing to By Your Side by Coco Rosie, and it’s not the best I’ve seen, but it shows a tad more creativity than Caitlin’s did. Her partner Kupono is up next dancing to Many Moons by Janelle Monae, and he of course has loads of creativity. It’s not wowing, though, in the least bit.

Kayla dancines to Walking On Air by Kerlie, and again, I’m nonplussed, It’s nice and all, but I’m not wowed. I know the judges love her though. The last solo is Max dancing to Footloose by Kenny Loggins, and he does some great Latin dancing to this. He was perhaps the most wowing, but with the names out here tonight, he could be the one to go.

Kristinia DeBarge takes the stage to sing what Cat cals her hit single, Goodbye. I have to wonder if she’s part of the famous DeBarge family from the 80s. To me, though, this is a classic song tht shouldn’t be redone. I really didn’t need a pop version of Nah Nah Nah Nah, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye.

Nigel addresses the bottom six dancers, telling them the decisions are not unanimous tonight, and that just goes to show the quality of the dancers they will have to lose, as if it was up to them, they wouldn’t lose any of the six. However, these are the rules, and they aren’t going to change then, and will only celebrate the strength of the dancers.

The judges felt Caitlin had great quality of movement and really good control, and it makes the memory of the hip hop routine a distant memory. They felt Ashley had wonderful Hollywood glamour tonight, but found the solo to be lacking substance. They know Kayla is a great dancer, but she’s in a posiiton to prove it, and they felt it was crowded tonight in her solo with too much going on. She needs to concentrate more on that beautiful flow of movement she has. It’s not unanimous, but the person leaving tonight is Ashley, which I kind of fiured, knowing how much they like the other two dancers. In her video package we remember that she was the one that had auditioned four times. She wanted us to see her personality and connect with her as a dancer. I think that’s the problem, as we didn’t really do that.

The guys step forward, and Nigel tells Jason that his solo was exceptionally strong tonight. They think he thought about it, and it was probably the best solo on the show to date. He’s told to sit down. Kupono is told his solo had very little substance, but that he is different and an intelligent dancer and takes on characters like they saw in Mia’s routine tonight or in the Crash Test Dummies dance. No one has impressed them more than Max has with his work ethic. They have never seen anyone work as hard as he does, and they know he’s restricted by a ballroom style. However, their not unanimous decision is that Max leaves tonight. He says in his tape it’s probaby the best experience he’s ever had dancing.

The most interesting thing is this will create a new couple next week between Kayla and Kupono. Sometimes that brings just the needed spark that is needed. It was a hard cut, yes, but it’s going to be like this every week, as the talent this year is just that good.

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