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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 17 – Painfully Beautiful

Violento (Up MIx) by Bailango! is the backdrop here, and Phillip and Jeanine make it ultra sexy which is good, as it might help us look past their lack of knowledge here, though I have to admit they’re not doing that badly, athough the frame isn’t the the best. Mary tells Phillip she’s going to give him an A+for attitude because of the way he had his head and carried it off, but in technique it was more of a C-, the way he was stepping around. Jeanine is a hot mama and her technique was a lot better.

Lil C tells Phillip he’s a fan, but he has to understand that a lack of confidence is the heaviest anchor he can put on his art, and the whole routine had no confidence, yet when he dances his own style, he has much confidence. The trick here is to apply that confidence to the other genres. Lil C complains about Phillip’s bent knees, and Mary stops him saying they were supposed to be in this tango, Cat acts as referee asking Tony how it should have been, and he says they should be bent. Nigel cracks, “I love the way your knees wre bent.” He then tells Jeanine and Phillip they were helped by one of the best tango couples in the world, and while Jeanine and Phillip have one of the best followings, this is a really technical thing and really tough. He also wants Philllip to know he shouldn’t show hard it is to lift up his lady in the dance. It wasn’t good technically, but was great entertainment. He feels it was a bit like taking a guy off the street, then saying, “Now, do the tango.” Nigel hopes America gives Phillip the opportunity of learning.

Ashley Valerio wants us to know that Kupono Aweau has a crazy OCD thing, as we see him sraightening things and organizing his clothes and shoes by color, laces, etc. The crazy thing is he likes it. He wants us to know on her first day of first grade she literally spewed all over her classmatess. Well, that’s not something he necessarily learned from being around her. They did the crash test dummies dance last week, and this week will be doing a Shane Sparks hip hop. She’ll be like his shadow and will need to follow him. Shane wants it to be 1000 miles per hour and wants them to kill it. Kupono is making another list and adds on “Find your inner Shane Sparks.”

The Black Eyed Peas’ Imma Be is the backdrop here, and just from the first few minutes, I can say this Shane Sparks routine is definitely better than the first one. They aren’t always right on in time with each other, though, and for hip hop, it has to be much more crisper than this, but it’s so much more of an exctiing routine. Mary tells them it was okay, but she didn’t love it and didn’t hate it. It wasn’t memorable enough to her. It was just there.

Lil C tels Kupono he struggled through the routine, and because of that, we couldn’t follow him. He was the leader, so she had to follow him. He needed to find the serenity of it, but was rushing it, meaning he was cutting things short. Ashley had some nice moments that saved it for him, and in the end when the intensity picked up she matched the song. Nigel loves it it when C goes off on these wild fantasites of life and asks the dancers if they know what he means, and the dancers say yes, but Nigel doesn’t have a clue. He felt this dance stopped just at the part he was going to enjoy it, and he was sort of underwhelmed. He’s pleased to have Shane back, but it wasn’t there for him tonight. None of the four dancers tonight brought out the best of Shane’s work.

I hate to say it, but I think I was right in the beginning. There’s no doubt about it that this was a great night, but it didn’t nearly have the magic of last week. Watching snippets of all the routines at the end, I see a lot of good dances again, but there are definitely ones I can pick out for a bottom three, whereas last week I couldn’t. Both Shane Sparks routines fell a little flat, as did the tango. I’m a little worried about Evan and Randi, too, as I really liked the routine, but going first, I’m not sure if it was enough for people to remember it and vote at the end. However, they’re still FUN and favorites, so I think they might just eek through.

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