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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 17 – Painfully Beautiful

Brandon and Janette take the spotlight dancing to Loving Is Really My Game by Brainstorm; I think they do really well with this, and their lifts are fantastic. To me the mark of a good disco routne is that it makes you want to get up and dance with them, and this does that. Lil C believs the primary focus of all obstacles is to induce labor so that progression can be born. Huh? Right now, he thinks he saw the birth of progression in two amaizng dancers. It was extremely amazing, and he thinks Brandon did a phenomenal job, and remember, Lil C was one of his detractors coming into this. He did see a mishap of Janette’s, but that was okay, as she barrelled through it and didn’t break character.

Mary asks Nigel if he put the whole thing on fast forward, and tells Doriana it was like jet-propelled, shot out of a cannon. She has never personally seen a disco done that fast anywhere before. Brandon and Janette just nailed it. She jokes Janette needs to work on her flexibility, and Brandon needs to work on his flexibility. The in-between parts when they were dancing embodied everything that disco really was. If Mary had to pick two people, she did not think they were capable of that, prompting a standing O and Mary scream. If Nigel could stand up and scream like her, he would. He thought it was amazing looking at the derivation in that from the steps, and that was one of the best disco routines they have ever had on the show. He brings up that they did more in that one routine than was done in all of Dirty Dancing that Doriana was in. He also jokes that he knows Mia Michaels is doing the group routine tomorrow, so to Brandon, he says, “Good luck, Mate.”

What Asuka Kondoh wants us to know about Vitolio Jeune is that he’s obsessed with motorcycles, and he admits he likes cruises and always wanted to be a rock star. One thins we don’t know about Asuka is that she likes to make spit bubbles. Great. They felt good onstage last week until the judges didn’t like it, and they landed in the bottom three. Yeah, that’ll kill any great feeling. This week they get the waltz with Louis, and Asuka says she’s been watching him for years and is so excited he’s finally on this show. Asuka tells Vitolio she doesn’t have the motivation for this, as she’s not attracted to him. Wow, that’s honest. Louis decides to make it somewhat lyrical, wanting to show the beauty of where Vitolio came from with his life story, being an orpahan and all.

Vitolio and Asuka dance their lyrical waltz to Dreams are More Precious by Enya, and it definitely has a dreamlike feel to it. The seem much more made for this than the Broadway routine they did last week. We skip Lil C and go straight to Mary, who says that last week she was slightly disappointed, but as she tears up, and Nigel feigns blowing his nose, she goes on to say she didn’t feel Vitolio’s pain, as it was just painfully beautiful. She felt he wasn’t honest last week or in Vegas, but tonight was the most honest his dancing has been since she first laid eyes on him. He showed strength and rise and fall, and some of the footwork wasn’t the best, but there were some unbelievable things he did that blew her away. Asuka is a Latin dancer, over the top, but the passion in her face was so endearing and so believable, and Mary knows it’s because Louis helped take her there.

Lil C tells Vitolio his choppy steps were compensated for by the sincerity and authenticity of his emotion. He has a specific posture that exudes him not being vulnerable. There is a dominant submission that Asuka has going on, and his hat’s off to them. NIgel says sometimes dancers get a bit soppy, but anybody that wasn’t touched by the beauty of that routine is heartless. They both brought a quality to that routine that is rarely seen on the show. He feels like he’s seeing a different copule than he saw last week. Again, Nigel points out that Louis is an asset to this show. Take THAT DWTS.

What Kayla Radomski thinks we don’t know about about Max Kapitannikov is that he’s like a house dad that cooks dinner for his roommates. He admits they call him the housewife here. What he wants us to know about Kayla is that she likes to text a lot, and she admits she can probably do about 100 words per minute. Last week they ended up on the hot tamale train and this week they want to keep that up. They’re working with Brian Friedman who’s making his return to the show as choreographer. He explains the pop jazz routine is about a princess, with a guy coming in who wants to steal her throne. It’s a very strenuous routine for the body, and Max admits he already has a lot of bruises.

Nadia Oh’s Hot Like Wow is the backdrop for this pop jazz routine, and it’s so unusual. It’s almost a little Bollywood-ish. Max is just amazing in his character work. It’s one of those dances that you don’t know what to think and can’t take your eyes off it. Lil C tels them dancing is a a language, and when you’re challenged to work with choreographers on the show, you’re challenged to pick up their vernacular in a short amount of time, and he knows how hard it is to pick up Brian’s vernacular. But Max needs to give himself a hand, and Kayla is just amazing.

Mary tells Maks she doesn’t know about his outfit, but she still saw past that to watch his dancing, and he was quite a surprise tonight. While she doesn’t think he stole the throne, he was a huge surprise. Kayla is just a beast out there dancing, and she nailed it. She’s still on the hot tamale train. Nigel is happy to have Brian back, as he loves choreogprahy that tells a story, and he wants Kayla to know she’s a frontrunner. Everyone to work with her so far has said she’s an incredible dancer. Max’s problem is keeping up with her, but he thinks his character did tonight, reminding Nigel of a young Kevin Spacey. Wow, he nailed it with that comparison.

Jonathan Platero thinks we need to know that Karla Garcia is really a badass hip hop dancer. She’s a member of the Boogie Bots. What she doesn’t think we know about him is that he really loves to sing, but he’s not very good. Doing the cha cha last week was hard, as they’ve never done it before, and that landed them in the bottom three. They’ll be doing contemporary this week with Stacey Tookey, from So You Think You Can Dance Canada who explains it’s about two strangers and an accidental meeting, having to deal with temptation. She recognizes this is not Jonathan’s genre, and Karla thinks it’s about finding that pedestrian qualty. She thinks they just need to clam down and try to be strangers in love.

They dance tonight to Falling Slowly by The Frames, and I’ll be honest. I’d rather hear Kris Allen or the original artists singing it. Jonathan looks like he really struggles to lift her after the strong guys that have been on before him. They do have the passion required for this dance though. I love how they come up inside their arms. He stays in chracter very well. Mary says she has never said this in five seasons, but Jonathan did that style better than his own. It was crazy. When they talk about growth on the show, this is only the second week, but for underdogs, the light is just shining right on the two of them. It’s an Academy Award winning song, and they lived up to it. She’s just spellbound by the two of them.

Nigel admits he couldn’t believe it because Jonathan’s center of gravity was almost based on tai chi with no false moves. He thinks there’s a real lesson to be learned here. In that last week they were so close to leaving the program, but didn’t, and they worked with Stacey who was the best choreographer on So You think You Can Dance in Canada. Lil C thinks they aced it beautifully with a perfect balance, between motion, technique, posture, athetleticsm, and maintaining their posture throughout the movement. He thought it was buck.

What Jeanine Mason tells us about Phillip Chbeeb is that he is a super nerd. When he was little he had to collect reptiles and he ended up collectiing 40 in his room. He admits he’s into sci fi and is an engineering physics major. He wants us to know she has a furry companion, a stuffed animal named Spanky, and she explains he’s always super cute and never talks back. Sounds good to me. They know they have to bring it this week after doing well last week, and will do the tango with Tony Meredith. Tony is very surprised by their lack of ballroom knowledge. Phillip wants us to know he’s not meaning to grope her and that it’s part of the choreography, then she accidentally kicks him in the “no man’s land.”


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