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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 17 – Painfully Beautiful

I honestly don’t know if they can top the magic of last week on So You Think You Can Dance. Everyone was good. We’ll see what tonight brings with the final 18, but either way, it’s bound to be a good show, the question is only to what degree. The downside of all this, though, is that they’ve set the bar, and it could be hard for them to match that every week.

Woah, that’s on big shouldered dress Cat Deeley is wearing tonight. I feel like I’m back in the ’80s. Again, I’m wowed just watching their dancing intros. With the screams Phillip Chbeeb gets, I don’t expect him to be leaving anytime soon. Tonight, Lil C joins Mary Murphy and NIgel Lythgoe on the judging panel. Lil C admits to making his own at-home critique last week and thought it was a very solid beginning of what will be a roller coaster of a season. Cat brings up Mary saying she can’t look surprised anymore after her Botox, and asks if there will be more revelations this week. Mary tells her what happens on the pefomance show stays on the performance show. Nigel’s advice t the dancers is to show strengths and not weaknesses, but that becomes a problem if the choreographers add their weakness, doesn’t it?

The dancers will expose their partners’ secrets tonight. Evan Kasprzak says Randi Evans has a dog that she treats like a child, calling home to check on the dog, and talking to him on speaker phone. He understands it … sort of. She says Evan is a total gearhead and is obsessed with cars to the pont of building his own. They thought last week was amazing, hearing the crowd scream their name, and feeling like a rock star. This week they’ll do jive with Louis von Amstel who asks if they’re ready to shake a tail feather. Randi thinks it’s good to do a dance where she and Evan can show their dorky sides. Evan thinks they’re such a fun couple they need a fun counter on the bottom of the screen, and sure enough, that word comes up often with them, fourteen times in all.

Evan and Randi dance to Shake a Tail Feather by Ray Charles, and boy are they right about fun. I think both of their middle names should be Fun. He even does a jump over her head while she’s standing. Here’s another F word that describes them. Favorites. Lil C calls it out the box with a bang. He tells Evan there’s a certain divinity to his movement that makes it look a little too smooth, and that could be a hindrance to him, where he might need to bust out of it a little more. He calls Randi a firecracker, and he thinks they have a great partnership going on.

Mary agrees it was fun, and the three judges repeat the word fun several times. If there were two contestants she thought were built for the jive, it woudl be these two, as they’re both little powerhouses. It should have been the best number for them, and it wasn’t that bad, but could have been better. Randi was stronger, really capturing the triple step, and Evan didn’t quite capture it with his legs too far open, Yet, she thought they did really good. Nigel congratulates Louis, saying he’s glad to have him onboard from Dancing With the Stars. He agrees they’re built for the jive, and he thought Evan would be better than he was. He’s so into the floor doing it jazz style, that he loses the double bounce feel. Randi did a much better job, but as a couple, theyr’e really tremendous.

Ade Obayomi tells us what we don’t know about Melissa Sandvig is that she’s been married over four years, and her sister is married to her husband’s brother. What we don’t know about him is that his real name is Adetokunbo Isaac Kayode Obayomi, and that’s why he goes by Ade, which he says people still pronounce wrong. They mention Adam Shankman crying after their performance last week, and this week they’ll be doing jazz with Sonya Tayeh. She says the dance is about a girl playing hard to get and a man that hates to lose. All the jumps are hard on Melissa’s body. Sonya feels Melissa has tapped into the bottom of it, but she wants to get her all the way in.

Dancing to 24 Hours (The Ashton Shuffle A-Bomb Remix) by Terry Poison, there’s something really neat and primal about Ade and Melissa here. Between that and their colorful Good ‘n Plenty costumes, it’s hard to take your eyes off them. Cat calls them two naughty rock ‘n roll imps. Lil C says, “That was buck.” He tells Ade that when they chose him to be part of the top 20, he said he thought his competitoin had already been chosen, but Lil C says now he thinks Ade is everybody else’s competitoin. He knows Ade is putting his name on the line with that one. What he has to love about Sonya’s work is that she forces them to search for that hidden person inside, and while Melissa looked timid in rehearsal, he saw her trying to submerge herself onstage.

Mary wants to give them tough love, saying it was really tough to find anything she didn’t love about it. The style, the technique, and the way they’re still able to grab her in the second week, along with the quirky style of Sonya. Ade really got to stand out so much with not just the assisted lifts, but also his movement across the stage. The Gentle Giant is still out there. What Nigel loves about Sonya’s style is it still allows the dancers to show off their technique and what great dancers they are. He liked Ade’s great leap around, and with everything Ade did, Melissa did and equalled his strength. If he didn’t know she was a ballerina, he never would have guessed it tonight.

Caitlin Kinney has found out that her partner Jason Glover had a serious fascination with Michael Jackson when he was younger. He would do the moonwalk and pelvic thrust, then sit in front of a fan with a white shirt on. The thing he’s learned about Caitlin is that she does baby vices, as well as a velociraptor, and it drives him bonkers. Last week was a roller coaster of emotion for them, and this week, they’ll be doing hip hop with Shane Sparks. It’s about characters that met in a bar, and after she leaves, he sees her again and longs to have what he’s missing. Caitlin has to slide down his pants, and keeps pulling Jason’s pants down by accident. Shane thinks they need to dance, have character, and act like they’re in love to make this piece come alive.

Missin You by Trey Songz is the featured song behind Caitlin and Jason, and they do wel., of course. It’s not the best hip hop I’ve seen, and I’m not wowed, but it’s definitely cute and fits their characters. Lil C tells them he did not love that number, because it left him feeling a little perplexed at the end. He thinks the choreographer’s fantasy has to become the dancer’s reality, but it kind of became a nightmare for them. The moves were sharp and clean, but because of that it came off corny, missing nectar.

Mary thought it was like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears, both good dancers, but not coming in sync. The body rolls that were supposed to be in sync weren’t, and the the chemistry didn’t work, which is crazy, because last week the Bollywood routine was magical, and that was so synchronized then. She loves that Shane is back on the show, though. Nigel thinks they expect a certain hard-hitting side to hip hop, yet the program itself has evolved hip hop with the different styles. He thinks Shane looked at the dancers he had and did a routine to make them look really good and that they did look really good on this.

What Brandon Bryant thinks we need to know about Janette Manrara is that when she was younger, she had the world’s worst teeth. He thinks she looked like Jaws, and she explains she had her two front teeth being really long and the other two teeth fighting for attention. She thinks we need to know that Brandon has never worked out a day in his life, despite having that great body. It was rough for them to be doing the fox trot last week, but this week they’ve gotten disco with Doriana Sanchez. She’s excited to be working with them, as she thinks they’re exceptional dancers. Brandon wasn’t too sure about it when the music started, and Doriana admits it’s the fastest dance she’s ever done on the show. Janette has a mini-breakdown over it.


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