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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 11 – The Cuts Only Get Deeper After the 1st One

The judges have returned, and the girls are brought out first. Nigel notes that they’re unanimous with the result for the girls. Karla steps forward, and he tells her they thought she was very good this evening with a strong solo, but she needs to be careful that it isn’t just a series of steps and that she brings her own personalitiy to it. She’s safe. He says they tried to take everything into account, not just what they saw this evening, and here Paris has a big sigh, knowing how much they like Asukah. They also want to have as many genres as possible, and he tells Asuka that they understand that when all she has going for her is Latin and jive, as well as personaity, and she has to try and make something of that. They believe she’s a star when it comes to performing. They didn’t feel Paris brought everything tonight she can bring, and looking at the other contemporary dancers they have, she’ll be leaving.

In her package, Paris is saying that dancing is everything to her, so this has to cut especially hard, although I also have to think if dancing isn’t everythng to someone, they don’t belong anywhere near this stage.

The guys take the stage, and Nigel tells them again they are in total agreement. They ddin’t think any of of the three of them danced particuarly well, and it wasn’t good enough from any of them to stay here very long. Vitolio is told last night and tongith they never saw the personality they know he has in his reotuines. They know it’s there, but it’s not happening for him in this studio. They don’t know what he can do, but they are keeping him. Neither Jonathan or Tony danced well last night, and both were close to their own genre. Tony did a lot of locking and not very well, just moving around the stage, and Jonathan’s dancing wasn’t particuarly good, but his gymnastics were, and after everything they’ve seen in Vegas, they’re keeping Jonathan.

In his package, Tony says it’s been worth all the sweat and tears. I’d forgotten he was the one that danced with Nigel’s picture in Vegas. In his package, every single thing we see is better than what we saw tonight, and there lies the problem. It’s called dance for your lfie for a reason.

Even though Paris and Tony were the lesser of those doing solos tonight, they were still really good dancers, and watching their dances last night, I may not have thought they were the best, but I also didn’t think they deserved to go home. The problem is, it’s only going to get tougher after this. This season has some really high stakes.

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