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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 11 – The Cuts Only Get Deeper After the 1st One

I can’t imagine a reality series that I have watched in the early stages where I have not wanted to see anyone go home, but that is the case for me tonight. Looking at other people’s bottom picks of who they thought should go home, I kept thinking, “No! Not them!” But it has to be someone, two someones in fact, and it doesn’t have to be two that are already paired up.

All twenty dancers are onstage for a group number, and from the looks of it, I have to think it’s a Wade Robeson choreographed number. They dance to Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas, and it’s a hip hop routine with dark makeup and lots of wind machine. The girls are wearing gold and blue or black, while the guys are all in black. Whoever the choreographer is they’re smart enough to take advantage of Phillip and Tony’s natural popping abilities.

We’re treated to a montage of the dancing couples getting together for the first time, finding out who their partner is, and many times being really excited. Cat Deeley lays doown the rules they need to folow, such as Respect Boundaries (as Evan is crushed that Randi is married), Communication (as Janette bitches out Brandon in Spanish), Feel Comfortable (as Melissa lets out raunchy burps in Ade’s face), and Shared Interests (as Ashley and Kupono make animal sounds). But mostly they need Hard Work (as Jeanine talks about Phillip’s sweating being out of hand).

The first three couples come out. Kayla Radomski and Max Kapitannikov are first up with their samba, then Randi Evans and Evan Kasprzak with their jazz routine, and Jeanine Mason and Phillip Chbeeb with their hip hop. Honestly, I don’t think any of these couples deserves to be in the bottom three. Wow, this will be a hard night. Kayla and Matt are pronounced safe first, followed by Randi and Evan, making Phillip and Jeanine … safe too! Shee jumps into his arms, and he carries her across the stage, making Cat drop her cards.

We have our next four couples on the stage, Caitlin Kinney and Jason Glover with their Bollywood routine, and they’re also declared safe. Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi are up next with their contemporary number, and they’re also called safe. Pretty soon, someone has to be in the bottom three. Ashley Valerio and Kupono Aweau are sweating it with their jazz routine, and Paris Torres and Tony Bellissimo and their hophop rotuine are up as well. I think Paris and Tony are definitely in the bottom three, and indeed, they are, leaving Ashley and Kupono safe. Adam Shankman says he isn’t surprised, as there was so much love for them on Twitter, but he thinks it’s because they’re charming, not because they hit it hard. I think I need to find him on Twitter now.

Two of the last three couples are in the bottom, and first up is Asuka Kondoh and Vitolio Jeune with their Broadway routine, and sure enough they’re in the bottom three. Mary says she isn’t shocked over this, but notes they did a great job in an exceptional evening. It’s not over til it’s over, though, so she screams at them to bring it tonight. It’s now between Janette Manrara and Brandon Bryant and their fox trot, and Karla Garcia and Jonathan Platero with their cha cha. I think it’ll be Karla and Jonathan, and sure enough it is.

While we wait for them to get ready to dance for their lives, we’re treated to visiting dancers Miriam Laricci and Leonardo Barrio Nuevo (I’m positive I murdered the spelling) dancing to Tanguera from Luis Bravo’s Forever Tango Soundtrack. It’s lovely and all, but I’m honestly not seeing anything I don’t see out of the contestants on the show, or at least nothing that wows me to any larger of a degree.

First up dancing for her life is Paris, dancing to It Doesn’t Hurt by Katie Thompson. She does a lot of leaping and spinning, and I just don’t know if it’s enough to save her. Next up is Tony dancing to The Gap Band’s Early In the Morning, doing a hip hop routine. Now this deserves to stay.

Next up is Asuka dancing to Dia Ya by BoA, and she’s a ballroom dancer, so this should be interesting, but she puts a lot into it, certainly more than Paris did. Vitolio is up dancing to We Belong Together by Gavin DeGraw, and we didn’t see a lot of him dancing before the competition started, but he’s very captivating. His open-armed spins are amazing.

Karla takes the stage dancing to Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin, and she does some great balance, but also a lot of running in the beginning. She even dances to the “So You Think You Can Dance … dance … dance … dance,” But it’s way too cutesy. Jonathan is last up, dancing to Krazy by Pitbull feat. Lil Jon. He does an amazing flip combined with some dancing. For my money, I see Paris and Tony going home.

While Nigel Lythgoe, Mary, and Adam deliberating backstage, we have a live performance of Fire Burning by Sean Kingston. Cat said it was the hit of the summer, but I’ll be honest. I haven’t heard it before. His outfit makes him look like a Run-DMC escapee.


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