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So You Think You Can Dance 5, June 10 – Good On Us!

They dance to Felt Mountain by Goldfrapp, and have a weird futuristic thing going on. Of course, it’s a Wade Robeson thing. There’s also a robotic dog on the stage that she was walking. I think Kupono does very well with this story, but Ashley might be struggling a little bit with the moves, not looking quite as crisp. It’s odd …. Adam says love it or hate it, there is no other show on the air that would bring this type of diversity, so “good on us.” What he had to look at was watching the dancing and individual performances, and it was weird looking at them like that. Their technique was extraordinary, and they could go far, but Wade is “one sick puppy.”

Sometimes Mary goes on a trip with Wade, and tonight she was there. She thought she really was watching these test dummies and thought they were marvelous She puts the dog on the hot tamale train. Nigel points out we’re talking about a genius in Wade, and you never know what he’s going to create with his wife Amanda, as they come up with routines people remember, whether they like it or not. They’re talking about dance, and that’s the mark of a true genius. He gave Ashley and Kupono characters that they adhered to throughout. Ashley looked beautiful in that ridiculous getup, and Kupono had a fluid type of movement he had to master and nerves to boot. Nigel was in a completely different world dancewise and liked it.

Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi are up next, and she says she is strictly a ballerina, and besides the naughty ballerina, she’s also been called the buff ballerina. She’s the most seasoned dancer at 29. Ade goes to Chapman University and loves music, mixing, editing, and DJing. Dancing comes first, though, when it comes to his passions. They work contemporary with Mandy Moore, who says they’re doing a routine about the moment when you first fall in love She likes a lot of different body parts in different places. Melissa says they’re kind of playing dirty Twister, getting tangled up and having things touched. She hopes to clean it up for the show, but admits to liking the dirty Twister. While dancing, his pick falls out of his hair, and that was a big moment for some reason.

Dancing to Right Here Waiting by Richard Marxx, it’s Ade’s style, and they ought to get some grace with her as well. And there’s the dirty Twister. At least they’re both comfortable with it. They both move beautifully, so much so that it almost brings me to tears. They’re just both so graceful. Adam says they see a lot of good, a lot of great, a lot of okay, but what they get to see every once in awhile … he can’t believe he’s coming to tears, but this is so special. He thinks she is living proof you get better with age. He would bet when she was 21 she was not dancing like this. Ade’s power is so profound and more so because it’s quiet.

Mary just lets out a scream, saying she feels like she was just put through it. It was so totally beautiful, and when Ade ran his hand through Melissa’s hair, she just thought “Oh my goodness.” Everything flowed so amazingly. The lines, the lifts, the movements, the quality of the movement. Adam jumps in giving credit to the ballet training. Mary tells Melissa she is spectacular and is just getting to where she needs to be. Ade is living up to her expectations, a a gentle giant. Nigel thinks what everyone is proving tonight is what a fantastic top 20 they have this season. It’s absolutely delightful to have a ballerina on the show, and he’s happy she made it through. He doesn’t think anyone has seen how good Ade is yet, and he had all the powerful lifts, especially the one on the back of his neck. They were choreographed beautifully by Mandy, but it hasn’t shown everything Ade can do yet.

Kayla Radomski and Max Kapitannikov are the last couple up. Her mom was a single parent, so they lived with her grandparents who helped raise her. The family bond has brought her to where she is today. Max is originally form Moscow, and came here at 13. His younger brother died in a car accident five years ago. They’re doing the samba with Louis Van Amstel who has known Max since he was 14. He’s not going to hold back on the samba. Kayla has never done ballroom before, so she’s learning a lot of terms as well. She thinks they’ll nail it anyway.

Kayla and Max dance to Jum Bah Day by House of Gypsies. I didn’t even write any comments down through some of this as it was just so interesting to watch. It’s stunning in fact. Very hot and quick. Adam covers his face and says that was so good, “Oh My God!” Max must be the luckiest man alive because he got ballroom first, and because he got a person that makes Adam know there is a God. Only God could have created that girl in front of him. He says it looks like Kayla was born in a ballroom. He is assuming Max was in the number and he’s excited for him, yet she could have never looked that great with out him.

Mary asks for an amen, then says she hears it. She hears a train. Nigel puts headphones on, and Mary does her screaming bit. It’s the tamale train, Folks. So much so that’s she’s losing her voice, and Nigel says Thank God for that. He then says more calmly that was a truly sensational routine with everything they could wish for. Everything Kayla has done on the show so far, whenever they said who are we going to put here and there, her name was always at the top of the list. She’s just one of those dancers that appears to be able to do everything. Even though this is Max’s genre, he could have been lost, but was also terrific. Yet, Nigel would like to see him be a little sharper like Pasha Kovaleve or Dmitry Chaplin. They have topped a wonderful night.

Just like with the top 13 of American Idol this past season, this is truly the best I can remember. Normally at this point, there’s a few I’m targeting waiting and hoping for them to leave, but not this time. There is seriously no one that I want to leave tomorrow night. My favorite of the night, though has to go to Melissa and Ade for the emotional moment they were able to bring with the contemporary. I can guarantee Thursday night eviction will be very sad and difficult this season. I think I’m going to need a case of Mary and Cat’s waterproof mascara.

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